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The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Ellen's sense of humour is just perfect for me. Watching her show makes me happy!
Ellen is HILARIOUS! She does fun stuff as well as the usual questions:P I LOVE HER! :P:P:P
Ellen is so much casual, she really connects with her guests, she listens to them! She's not like any other talk show hosters.
[Newest]Ellen makes me smile every single time! I love her!
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2Late Night with Conan O'Brien
Every episode of Conan is different and hilarious from the starting title. Conan always has his genius ways of kicking off the show with the ridiculous news of this country and making it funny. He also has really funny skits and unpredictable interviews. And don't forget the worlds best co-host the incredibly witty Andy Rictor. His endings are great with either new bands or starting comedians but it is amazing of him to give those young stars a chance to shine like he has.
Conan is an extremely talented individual, he has really good writers, and was a writer for the simpsons for 4 years. My favourite talk show host by far, the guy can really jam at guitar. Plus andy is probably the best and wittiest side kick. Again, everything he does reflect his hard work, he made 'Conan' work on tbs after the whole late night fiasco, and is probably the most patient and content Talk show host. His shows are always hilarious.
No only is conan funny, he's an awesome guy with an awesome personality! He even has his own blimp, that should make him number 1 straight away!
[Newest]I watch this every night before I go to bed and it never disappoints me

3The Oprah Winfrey Show
Oprah is the best talk show...
She have 25 of experience to become a host...
The show is so good! She help so many people...
Love oprah..
Oprah is the best ever host in the world.. She is on the list of influential people in the world!...
I'm from Malaysia and I'm male but I love Oprah like no body business. She is awesome may God bless her for ever...
Oprah is the best that's why she is number one
She has a topic that is heart touching
And useful
[Newest]I love talk shows, but Oprah Winfrey to me is the most respected and gifted. She's beautiful, fair, hard working and dedicated to what she does. I will always have the upmost respect for her. Love you Oprah!

4The Late Show with David Letterman
I'm from the UK but I love to try to find this on YouTube etc, I watch all the people I know, he gets a lot out of the person being interviewed and he has a great sense of humour, he makes any other talk show look like a joke! David letterman for the world!
Its the perfect potion to cure my depression after along day at work with boring stupid people
he is the best. the show's format and david's charm makes this show #1


[Newest]When you're the longest there has to be a reason why?

5The Colbert Report
Its just great its the funniest talk show there is
Its brilliant in every way and is the best there is television has to offer
Its average rating is 9.0 way better than all the others
This show is always hilarious and interesting. Colbert always delivers the most amusing of information with a straight face and eloquent composure. Truly a great show.
You get more news here most news station and with humor.

6Jimmy Kimmel Live
Very funny, always make guets feel comfortable. Not like letterman which is a lot more bitter.
Funniest show on T.V.. Especially the pedestrian interviews those crack me up
Jimmy is the funniest of all the current late night talk show hosts.
[Newest]I think it's a good show

7The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Is funny but here you get the news you get no where else. Is a shame that we have to watch comedy central to get the news. Our news are picked to benefit the rich. For example, the biggest climate protest in history wasn't mentioned by some news stations and the stations that aired the protest didn't cover much. Hong Kong, is getting more attention than our protest.
Hilarious and brains! Love this show!
Jon Stewart is a hilarious genius. Keep it up Jon!

8Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
This dude gots way more comedic skillz than all the others.
Charlie Rose and Craig are without a doubt better than David Letterman, Conan, Jay, or Oprah. Who made this foolish list? Foolishness. And who dares put Johnny Carson below number one.
craig is the future of late night; everyone else gained popularity over time... plus, he's WAY funnier has NO SCRIPT! Ferguson ROX, man!
[Newest]The late late show with Craig Ferguson is the best.

9The Graham Norton Show
Most talk shows are full of fluff: 10 min. Monologue, 2 min. Introductions and it all seems rehearsed and predictable. "Graham" is full from start to finish with anecdotal conversation and spontaneity one can't experience on any other show of its kind.
The guests are much more relaxed on his show and they interact with each other, making them much funnier than other talk shows.
This show is unique, it always has the best guests and it's so relaxed. Always hilarious and celebs seem to be more down to earth and comfortable. Graham doesn't kiss ass his guest all the time like the US Shows.
[Newest]I think lately it is the best talk show ever

10The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Leno is without a doubt the funniest talk show host in america. Jimmy kimmel is a close second
By all means. He's better than that white socks moron who seeks to make you laugh with those idiotic facial expressions. How those audiances laugh and applaud is beyond me. Has to be light-up signs that prompt the audiance as to how and when to respond.
Jay Leno has taken Talk Show Hosting to a whole 'nother level.
[Newest]Best comedian on late night.

The Contenders

11The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
Not even close! By the way, Letterman's facial expressions are really annoying.
Not even Oprah. Johnny Carson is the KING.


The best no one could replace him
[Newest]He is the King and Always will be!

12Real Time with Bill Maher
I really dislike republicans
Great show, great host. Keep up the good work Bill.
[Newest]Always a pleasure to watch Bill in action.

13The Jerry Springer Show
Best show I have ever seen, especially the fights its really entertaining
Haha it a crack up love the weave pulling matches

14The Wendy Williams Show
I love Wendy Williams. She's fair and informative. She really makes me laugh. I thinks she's classy, intelligent and definitely an entertainer.
I love the Wendy Williams Show. She's so honest and REAL. She's fair and honest. I really enjoy watching her show daily.
Wendy is a down to earth person I love her show
[Newest]She is real with what she says plus funny!

15Live with Regis and Kelly
I miss Regis. I liked his stories about the things that happened to him and his night on the town.
You guys changed my life
Love them they should be #2

16Dr. Phil
Dr Phil is one of the most professional, Talk Show Hosts I've ever seen. He's fair and He helps a lot of people. I respect him and love the way he and his wife work together. It's simply beautiful they way he loves her and so inspiring.
Dr phil is the best he saved a lot of peoples life and changed them to the better
Dr. Phil taught me to stick up for myself and treat people as I am treated. He has changed my life forever and lifted my self esteem.

Lore williams

17The Jonathan Ross Show

18Inside the Actors Studio

19Alan Carr: Chatty Man

20Piers Morgan's Life Stories

21Larry King Live

22Lopez Tonight
This is a hilarious show and can always make me smile and not only that but the guest on the show are always funny... LOVE THE SHOW!

23Trisha Goddard Show

24The Tyra Banks Show
Very entertaining she's very open and not afraid to reveal who she is. She has a very good personality and every single episode is interesting and never gets boring
Her show is my favorite

I really respect Maury and what he does. If it wasn't for watching him and the dna test, I would've never thought about testing one of my grandchildren. Yes, confirm, new addition to the family. Knowing beats guessing. He gives relief and answers to a lot of families.

26Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Late night with jimmy fallon is a really great show!
He's a really funny guy and I watch him all the time
He has a lot of popular celebrity guests on his show every night he is really hilarious and so is his guests and he always plays amazing games with his guests best sense of style
He really is the best. His sense of humor and also his games and sketches can't be compared.
Really talented funny guy. Best late night show

27Charlie Rose
Really the most interesting for me. Wonderful interviews thanks to C Rose's knowledge, and attitude. I now recommend it to my clients, non-native English speakers, who want more than the usual apps available.

28Late Show with David Letterman

29Chelsea Lately
The humor in this show is like no other. It's hilarious. There's a segment in which she discusses with her coworkers pop culture events. And that, I guarantee, will have you in stitches. It's a comfortable show, good for relaxing after a rigorous day of work.
It's Chelsea! She takes both a smart and funny approach to the stories.

30The Steve Wilkos Show
I think Steve is awesome! He's so funny and he helps everybody. And the people that have done wrong he does he doesn't let them sit down. I really think that really let's them think about what they've done wrong. And he really makes sure all parties go home being more at ease. He really goes above and beyond.
You champion for violence against women and children. You are a hero! You might laugh at this Steve, but you should run for president! You have a good heart and head. You call out the bull and lies. I know you won't be president, but hey, the thought always makes me feel better. Thanks Steve, you are the moral compass for a generation.
I love Steve Wilkos. He's fair to his guest and hard on the one that deserve it. I believe he does this to help them learn that you can't just go around doing whatever you want without consequences. His show has taught me what to look out for... Laugh out loud.

31Koffee With Karan
Finally an original Indian reality show.. ! Hats off karan johar

32Jeremy Kyle

33Rove Live

Awesome show! He is a very laid back down to earth guy!

35The Merv Griffin Show

36The Dick Cavett Show

37Dinah's Place

38The Mike Douglas Show

39The Rosie O'Donnell Show

40Tonight Starring Joan Rivers


42Tonight Starring Steve Allen

43The Will Edwards Show

44Corey's Talk Show

45Jô Soares

46Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

47The Mike Verdrengh Show

48Tonight Starring Jack Paar

49Late Show Starring Joan Rivers
A talk show that you don't feel the host with or against just like news with entertainment as Dave. bless m

50Joan Rivers Show

51Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray makes me want to get in the kitchen and whip up that meal that keeps em talking for a while. Love her show. And everything she cooks looks delicious.

52Da Ali G Show

53Corey's Talk Show

54Agora é Tarde

55Aِl Bernameg
Fist Arabic Talk show with Dr. Basim yousif, gain tremendous popularity on the so called Arab spring of Egypt, and still criticize and speculate what ever the host consider odd in a smart professional way. his motto is jon Stewart.

56Good Mythical Morning
It's the best morning show ever

57The Front Row With Anupama Chopra

58The Hour (2005)

59The Eric Andre show

60The Tonight Show Hosted by Jimmy Fallon
The pros and cons are funny.


Best talkshow on T.V. , along with graham norton

61The Talk

62The Real
This is a new talk show. They're actually stealing the audience from The View.

63The View
Joy Behar is not only unprofessional but a total moron. I find them to be poorly informed about most topics. Had to stop watching not mentally stimulating.
The hosts are a good mix with often diverse views. Joy is the very intelligent one with plenty funny hits. Sherry is the real one to whom many women can relate. Elizabeth is the pretty one with strong Republican links and view. Whoopie and Barbarba are the anchors. I love this show mostly for their hot topic discussions.
Love this show. Only gets better with time.

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