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August 3, 2015 - A list of the top backgammon sites online. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Backgammon Shop
Loads of backgammon books, more than anywhere else. The books are graded according to the level which is a great help. There are also descriptions of what the books are about. They are quick to ship and have very reasonable shipping prices.
Best selection of precision dice anywhere, and they don't charge for shipping. They also have really cheap backgammon boards, and some very nice expensive ones - which I will have to save up for. I will be back!
Great service. Bought an XL Tournament Backgammon Set that they had on special offer - fantastic value. They kept me updated with the day of the item arrival as I need it ASAP. Would definitely use them again.
[Newest]My board arrived safely. What a fantastic service and great product! I will be sending my backgammon mates your way. Hope to do more business with you.

2Play 65
Just tried this site. Lots of bug issues. Could not make moves as pieces would not respond and once move complete would not provide "DONE" button so timer kept running out. Frustrating and not worth the time. Everything in delay. I want FAST play.
Have been playing this site for over a year and it has now turned to crap - used to be really good but don't even bother with it
one of the largest backgammon room online. free backgammon download.

3Backgammon Galore
all the backgammon information you have ever wanted or needed.

4First Internet Backgammon Server
It seems you need to have some sort of plug in to play on a mac. I"ve no idea what's required. The instructions on page one aren't too clear so I guess I'll pass on this site.
the first internet backgammon server - since 1992!
Played on this for years. Used to love it... Always had tons of people on it. Now, there are never more than a dozen available players and none of, them ever want to play! They are just waiting for a specific player to join. I have a very high rating. It sucks!

5Backgammon Federation
valuable source of information about the online backgammon game.

6GNU Backgammon
Free program that analyses your play, makes suggestions, estimates FIBS rating, and luck rating.

7Party Gammon
popular partygammon is now offering also a backgammon platform!

8Backgammon Tournaments
How can I play in this site?
info on the "World Championship of Backgammon" in Monte Carlo.

9Gammon Village
recommended for anyone who looks for backgammon boards (backgammon sets), backgammon tables, backgammon software and also accessories.

10Board Game Central
Lots of valuable info on board game Backgammon: Softwares, information, rules and links.

The Contenders

Free internet backgammon, online trivia, cribbage, and more. Backgammon includes human or computer opponents. Play right in your browser with other people around the world.

Works in IE, Firefox, and Chrome


12The Nevada Backgammon Association
Organizers of backgammon tournaments in the United States.

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