Top Ten Best Cinematographers

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The Top Ten

Vittorio Storaro
He is the best cinematographer in the world, because he is the God of chiaroscuro!

2Roger Deakins
His work in many movies amazes me
The man has 11 oscar nominations and no win what is going on Hollywood!?

3Conrad Hall

4Christopher Doyle

5Gordon Willis

6Sven Nykvist

7Sergei Urusevsky

8Janusz Kaminski

9Emmanuel Lubezki

10Vilmos Zsigmond

The Contenders

11Kazuo Miyagawa

12Santhosh Sivan
Eye catching.. Stunning... Unbelievable work of... Santhosh sivan is a gifted person in the field of cinematography.. We can see it in his works. There is no doubt
Amazing... Tremendous.. Extra ordinary work of cinematography... He reveals the beauty of indian culture... And creates the vastness of art...
This indian cinematographer makes movie look much bigger than it's original budget, what a tremendous beauty and graceful style they are!
[Newest]He is just #awesome...

13John Toll

14Nestor Almendros

15Ed Lachman

16Wally Pfister
Why isn't he at the top? Haven't you people seen The Dark Knight?

17Robert Richardson
Robert richardson maintains his own style of cinemotography making the powerful impact on the visuals...

18Matthew Libatique

19Carlo Di Palma

20Willy Hameister
The cinematographer for the 191 "Cabinet of Dr. Caligary." I think he did some Nazi olympics stuff too. Genious! but messed up.

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