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Garfield is a hilarious comic strip because the strips are random, sarcastic, they give me a good feeling when I read them which makes me read them all day.
I agree with the person who said it is better than calvin and hobbes. Garfield is hilarious. Garfield is easily my favorite comic strip.
Garfield is always being mean to Odie. Garfield is cruel to spiders, doesn't know Arlene loves him, and loves lasagna.
Calvin and Hobbes and Garfield at the top. All is as it should be. Both of these strips are universal, and in my opinion the two funniest strips out there.
Always a treat to be amused at the antics, satire and witt.
I've loved Garfield since I was younger
Yes yes yes fat sleep eat that is it
Garfield, Big Nate, Archie Comics & Asterix are all overrated!
The best ever calvin and hobbes sucks eggs compared to garfield, well calvin and hobbes sucks eggs compared to anything really.
Garfield was s cute in his movie design.
they made a movie it wins hands down
calvin and hobbes is for kiddies, garfield is world wide known
Gardfield is way better than Calvin and Hobbs

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