Top Ten Best Entertainers

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The Top Ten

Michael Jackson
MJ is actually supposed to be first he has the world record for it.


King of. Pop deserves the first position for ever in the entertainers list.
He deserves this more than anyone else!

2Robbie Williams
Best live performer of our times. Wonderful voice!
He is born entertainer like he says. He is created for stage
Best entertainer of all the time

3K.S. Chithra
For the past 30 years concert goers have been mesmerized by both this lady's one-in-a-million voice and her stage presence. K. S. Chithra can put on an amazing show without all the extra techno lights & sounds and dance routines that so many performers rely on.
Chithra deserves 2 be d greatest singer of all time bcoz she has the GOD given talent and has the voice that stands out and can best other contemporaries

Singer, songwriter, fashion icon, author, dancer, director, actress, producer, editor, social activist, critic, icon - need I say more? The ones above are good singers or dancers, but none of them are as multi-talented as Madonna.


She is definitely #1!
She is Queen of music


5Elton John

6Billy Joel
Why because he did start the fire.



8Jennifer Lopez

9Elvis Presley
The greatest by a mile he had it all

10Britney Spears

The Contenders

11Geri Halliwell


13Lindsay Lohan

14Barry White

15Beach Boys

16Tina Turner
Tina is way better entertainer than Michael Jackson


17Bruce Springstien

What eminem on 12 just doesn't seem right! He is the greatest entertainer of all time he gives his best in every performance and he isn't just merely a rapper he is the GOD of RAP and he is the greatest entertainer to ever grace the stage SHADY 4 LIFE! """""""

19Jimmy Buffet

20Mariah Carey

21Lady Gaga

22Russell Peters
you want to laugh then listen to this comedians jokes(you can do that on youtube

23Bernadette Peters
Love her voice. It's like velvet and unique.

24Jackie Wilson
Just who do people think influenced Michael Jackson... Jackie. Saw him once on stage truly ahead of his time. if he could have had a real agent/promoter, he would be top 10, no doubt.


26Phill Collins

27James Brown
If you gave me tickets to a Michael jackson concert, I'd immediately sell them for tickets to a james brown Concert.

28Whitney Houston
A women with a great voice.


29Gene Chandler

He is like another Michael Jackson.



32MC Hammer

33Amy Winehouse

34Jeff Dunham

35Gwen Stefani

36Janet Jackson
The great Michael Jackson's sister.


37Miley Cyrus

38Bruce Lee
He was the one responsible for bringing martial arts movies to the rest of the world. He made fighting entertainment, he made it fun, he made it dramatic he made it emotional and he not only brought martial arts movies to the rest of the world but also recreated it. He made people fond of action and has been the biggest role model of the 70s and 80s. The greatest martial artist if not of all time then I guess undoubtedly of the last 10000 yrs! His footprints on pop culture icon are still unmatched by anyone and has been referenced in countless films, televisions, books and video games. Credited and dubbed as the father of Mixed martial arts which is currently the fastest growing sport in the world. His influen can be felt to music, art, philosophy and pop culutre. OH god! He's simply the beststst so guyss VOTE FOR THE MASTER!

39Neil Diamond

40Jackie Evancho
Just a young lady with a marvelous voice who gives 100% to her audience. No flashy lights, explosions, twerking, or other distractions. With a piano and strings, or a full symphony orchestra backing, you'll know you've seen and heard something extraordinary when you leave.


41Bill Bojangles Robinson

42Sammy Davis Jr

43Frankie Lymon

44Richard Pryor

45Stevie Wonder
He may be blind, but he is great.


46Paul McCartney
The singer of the greatest band The Beatles.


47Lionel Richie

48Bruno Mars

49John Lennon
His music will live forever like MJ's.


50Hannah Montana

51Beyonce Knowles
You guys place hannah montana in top 10 leaving beyonce mariah carey lady gaga britney spears pink shakira j lo janet jackson... May god give you guys a little bit of conscience
Queen Bey is the Michael Jackson of our time! How is Hannah Montana above Beyonce? Like, come on now!
What? None of the people above except Michael are as talented when it comes to combining singing, dancing, and stage presence. !

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