Top Ten Best Entertainers

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The Top Ten

Michael Jackson
MJ is actually supposed to be first he has the world record for it.


King of. Pop deserves the first position for ever in the entertainers list.
He deserves this more than anyone else!

2K.S. Chithra
For the past 30 years concert goers have been mesmerized by both this lady's one-in-a-million voice and her stage presence. K. S. Chithra can put on an amazing show without all the extra techno lights & sounds and dance routines that so many performers rely on.
Chithra deserves 2 be d greatest singer of all time bcoz she has the GOD given talent and has the voice that stands out and can best other contemporaries

3Robbie Williams
Best live performer of our times. Wonderful voice!
He is born entertainer like he says. He is created for stage
Best entertainer of all the time
[Newest]Commands the stage like no other

Singer, songwriter, fashion icon, author, dancer, director, actress, producer, editor, social activist, critic, icon - need I say more? The ones above are good singers or dancers, but none of them are as multi-talented as Madonna.


She is definitely #1!
She is Queen of music



6Jennifer Lopez

7Elvis Presley
The greatest by a mile he had it all

8Billy Joel
Why because he did start the fire.


9Elton John


The Contenders

11Lindsay Lohan

12Britney Spears

13Geri Halliwell

14Hannah Montana

15Beach Boys

16Barry White

17Bruce Springstien

What eminem on 12 just doesn't seem right! He is the greatest entertainer of all time he gives his best in every performance and he isn't just merely a rapper he is the GOD of RAP and he is the greatest entertainer to ever grace the stage SHADY 4 LIFE! """""""

19Jimmy Buffet

20Mariah Carey

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