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I voted for the dogs because the are awesome and loyal great fo kids and play time
they are he most awesome and loving little animals a person can have


I LOVE dogs! They are cute and affectionate. I used to keep a dog too. My favorite breed is the golden retriever.
[Newest]I have a dog and he is just the best friend anyone could every have
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Cats simply rule. Hunt mice and eat spiders. (As long as they don't eat Steve. He's our tarantula. =3)


Wow you have a tarantula. I wish I had one but my cat would have eaten it lol.
I absolutely love cats they are such playful creatures! They will curl up on your lap and will make you laugh with the funny things that they do though I'm a kid and super hyper I dot need a hyper dog I can still have fun with my cats! Besides I could never hate cats I have read every single warriors book through into the forest through the last hope! I'm looking forwards to dawn of the clans : the sun trail and tallstar's revenge. I am a proud warrior! If you are a warrior lover please vote for this comment! ~Blizzardstar proud leader of Blizzardclan
The only animal who can live in a house with you and is still free and wild inside it's heart... Cats are the best definitely!
I once made a long list with the advantages and disadvantages of cats and dogs; and the cats' advantages were by far more than the dogs'!
Get lost, yourself. I'm not a 'dog person', I'm a 'dog and cat person'. Surely you can come up with something more original and intelligent than 'cats rule dogs drool'.
[Newest]Cats are just pure awesomeness!
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Aw rabbits with floppy ears are the best


RAbbits are so cute like amethyst anadon garcia and knarl vincent tiongson
I like the up-eared variety of bunnies.


[Newest]Voting for "Bunnies" for my dear Friend who is not presently able to be with us. Best to you Lily.

I have a hamster and he is so cute and really friendly
Moreover he is adorable and they love playing
I had an amazing hamster, he's the best thing in the world, I love him so much and I really miss him :( if you're thinking of getting a pet, buy a hamster, by giving them plenty of cuddles, love and attention and healthy food with nice, safe toys, you can easily change an average hamster into an amazing one, they're so adorable and if you look after them properly, they are absolutely amazing animals
I had a hamster once... He was awesome and so cute


[Newest]I have a hamster

You may not be able to interact with fish like dogs or cats (I also have 2 cats) but there is such a variety! Comment to random guy who commented that fish are edible THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH KEEPING A FISH AS A PET IDIOT! but really there is a great variety, you can get the simple lovable goldfish, giant 6 foot long fish in arowanas, a very colorful bunch in african cichlids and so on. And you can't be allergic to fish (well as a pet anyway) but fish can make a beautiful edition to a household. And amaze all of your house guests if you're good enough, all in all. Fish are one of the greatest non interactive pets to have
How the heck is this on 12? It should at least be at 3. Fish are easy to take care of. I have a betta and he seems happy. They don't make any noise and their much easier to take care of than a dog and cat.
This is barely a pet really. Fish in my opinion are the worst pet. They just sit in their tank doing nothing all day. All you can do is look at them and feed them. There is basically no point of having a fish. You should just let it free into the ocean so it can swim around in big spaces and be happy, instead of a small tank.


[Newest]There really cool and you can teach them all sorts of cool tricks I love mine! Xxx

6Guinea Pigs
I love guinea pigs! I have 1 and his name is ferb. He doesn't squeak much but he is so cute. I couldn't live without him.
How can a monkey be above a guinea pig? They just sit their and squeak, eat whatever you give them and are chubby and cute and you don't need a license
I had one and he was the best, super smart animals. Mine was grate with dogs. They don't cost a lot. Mine was only ten dollars. Wish they were number 1! They are so cute
[Newest]I have 2 Guinea pigs named fidget and nibbles, they are so cute! They squeak a lot.

Birds are so cool, I have a new cockatiel, and he a lot of fun.
Birds are amazing. They are sociable, easy to take care of, live a decently long life, cheap (most of them), and very beautiful. You also have to consider their superior intelligence to other animals. Whgen you take a ratio of work put into an animal to the output you get, birds are best.
By birds I like parrots you could spend lots of time chatting with parrots.


[Newest]I have a fake pet bird that sings and eats fake food and acts like a real bird. Its cool🐦

Rats are the smartest animals on this list. They bond to their owners so fast and well and I have NEVER been bitten by my rats. They are like smaller versions of dogs. only cuter.
they are so cute and are so small! I have got a rat nameed biscuit and she is my best friend!
I have two and whenever you walk into the room, they are always up at the front of the cage begging to come out and play. They are potty trained and they don't pee or poop when you hold them and are playing with them. If you are looking for a pet that will make you laugh and give you lots of love, the are the best! I have the sweetest dog and I think that my girls are much better.
[Newest]Rats are pest you would not want them they suck they bite and chew EVERYTHING don't get them Get them at your own RISK
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I have three turtles, and they are amazing! Just like dogs, cats and any other animal, these little guys have AWESOME personalities! I absolutely love my turtles, and plan to get a tortoise in the near future!
They are wayy cute. I love turtles. Turtles are the best pets on earth. How could they possibly only be number 9 ont he list
Turtles are awesome I have 4 and they didn't bite (once I trained them). The one and only negative thing about turtles is if you use gravel the tank gets filthy. But they are pretty cool because they hunt fish when I put feeder goldfish in with them.
[Newest]I really want a turtle I think they are the best animal to have.

They should be ranked a little higher in my opinion because they are easy to take care of and are extremely great with other animals and also are great with younger children and older too! They don't have teeth so they can't bite like dogs, cats, rats, etc. They are one of the fluffiest animals in the world and they pick up cool tricks very easily its really fun and when you have to go somewhere the most of the day they will be sleeping so you don't have to worry about them getting lonely!
This is most reasonable cute and easy to take care of
Chinchillas rule the world! They're so cute! (And fluffy of course :) ) They're the only ones that don't have water baths!... They have Dust baths! I think you should vote for this pet! They're easy, I MEAN REALLY EASY to take care of. They make great pets for kids! Have a merry Christmas! 11-21-13
[Newest]We need more Chinchilla lovers on earth!

The Contenders

LizardZ ARE AWSOME! Keep bugs out of the house and love to Explore. LIZARDS ROCK!
Lizards can make a great companion for any kid when you start with a Bearded Dragon or a gecko making them the nicest and non aggressive pets and loveable best buddies to have around.
Lizards are awesome! I have a bearded dragon. It is pretty easy to take care of her and she is in no way destructive or annoying. She doesn't bite or harm people unless you are being very harmful to her, and she is ADORABLE. Sure you can't play fetch with one or cuddle with it, but overall they are the best.


[Newest]I have a super cute leopard gecko name lightning and putting lizards on this list will make her very happy. Thanks! Plus lightning is a baby.

People think horses are expensive but their not really. I have a horse and all you really have to pay for is their feed and a bag can last almost a month. What money you do pay is definitely worth it horses are so lovable! My pony follows me around when I go in the field and snuffles me as well which is so nice and tickly. I have such a great bond with my pony and I would NEVER dream of selling her. I can't believe horses are only 12th they are definitely the gbest pets, along with cats and dogs!
I'm surprised this wasn't added until now! Horses are quite common on farms. :) Anyway, I don't live at a farm, but I'm getting a horse. They don't cost as much as people think. Only about as much as a cellphone monthly.


There so cool because they are loyal and loving to people who care for them and love them and there are so many activities it is great:)I know because I live on a farm we have loads of horses and cows loads more laugh out loud ;)
[Newest]I love horses and ponies there cute and friendly.

Easy to look after and incredibly cute as well. They are good with children and adults and eat cheap food as well!

I think they have insuring personalities and are personally for me at least No.3!

Mice are so awesome! I love it when they squeak. I never actually had a pet mouse, but I know of people who have. Mice are another one of my favorite animals. Along with cats, ants, frogs, rabbits, and Guinea pigs.


I had a little mouse and she was adorable always kissing me and playing, I miss her, will get another one.
I would come back home and call her...she would come straight away!
I hate mice. Why? Why do I hate Baby mouse? Why do I always hate of mice and men? Why do I hate Geronimo Stilton? Why do I hate Jerry mouse? Why do I always hate Thea Stilton? Why? I do NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT like mice. The only mice I like are Mickey and Minnie.

Gerbils are awesome pets. They're like hamsters but easier to care for, more fun to play with and they poop way less ;)
Gerbils are fun to watch and they are almost exactly like hamsters!
Seriously, I think it should be at top 10

I have dogs and cats and am happy with them, but if I could, I would also have a snake or two with me. I tend to think of them as legless cats; calm, comforting (believe me) and not hard to look after. I just love corn snakes and milk snakes in particular. Snakes are so underrated.


Snakes are awesome. They have no legs or arms, but they can still go very fast. Snakes aren't mean, they just look weird. You can put one over your shoulder and it won't even bother you!


Snakes are curious and calm they are great pets all you need to do is clean feces carry he/she once in a while and feed it and have clean water... NOT a lot OF WORK IF YOU THINK OF IT. I have one
[Newest]Snakes have awesome patterns I have a ball python best snake I ever had hoping to add to my collection.

I think that they are very sweet animals and I would love to own one someday! I've went to a pet store and got to hold one, and it acted like a cat and looked like one too. If you like a playful yet gentle animal, I recommend you get a Ferret!
I am surprised no one has added this yet. They are so adorable and fun to be around. They always love playing games with you. I want one super bad and they are my favorite animal
I have a ferret and she is playful and humorous. To all those people without ferrets there are the best pet and offers hours of excitement.

18Sugar Glider
I 100 percent agree with you! As a matter of fact, I'm trying to get my parents to let me have one! So far its not working to well. I love Sugar Gliders
Amazing is the only word I can possibly think of to describe sugar gliders. They are relatively cheaper than a dog or a cat and don't need to be taken to the veterinarian as often.
I have a sugar glider she is the sweetest thing the only thing that is bad about having her is that I have 6 other curious much larger pets that could eat her
[Newest]I had one but it died but it was great to have one at the time

Hedgehogs are adorable and easy fun pets to have I want to get one so badly but I just got some new pets so I need to wait until they are settled in
Yes! I am 10, but when I am older I want to move to Portland, Oregon and own a pet hedgie! They are so cute, friendly, lightweight, (unlike dogs and cats) don't bite, cute, low-maintenance, mobile and so much more! NYC should allow hedgies... I want one. Anyways, this should be like, 4th or 3rd or something!
The most cutest pet in the whole world very affectionate! I love Them because they funny and intelligent!
[Newest]They are so cute! 😆

I have a passion for monkeys, especially finger monkeys, but you need to understand and read up on them before you take one home.
I love monkeys but I wish I had 1
Because... I have a monkey... All my family... One big monkey...

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