The Longest Survey Ever!


Haha this is such an entertaining survey EVER. I sent it to two of my other friends and they got to number 100 and QUIT! I went all the way and now I feel so porud of myself.

I don't see where I can take this I have been trying to take this and I can not find it at all, please someone help me out here, and thank you! I would very much appreciate it. - Ciaoobelllaxo1400206

If you like doing Surveys, and want everyone to know Lots about you, give this one a shot.. - heather

haa i only did one and looked at the rest and thought WTF THIS IS GONNA TAKE TWO WEEKS!

OMFG!! that survey freakin took me 5 hours to do.. it can be completed!!! i even posted it haha.. i know no ONE will ever read it all!! haha i know that haha

this is the longest survey ever! I feel bad for the creator. it'll take my FOREVER to do it. one day when I'm REALLY bored ill try it lol. have fun ppl! lol.

yea yea...i agree...i tried and it was way too long! its a cool survey and the person who mad it is now a hero to me but im not the most patient person


Crazy-long, but very entertaining the whole way through. By the way, it took me two sittings because there are 1000 questions.

this survey is CRAZY! but also fun to see what people say after they've realized that you actually answered the whole thing

this is crazy! i got bored after the first 20 questions lol it would have taken me about 3 years to complete!!!


oh jeez, this took me an hour and 20 minutes...i'm so glad my computer didn't freeze or somthing i would've cried

Omg...i got to like 190 and s*** is madddddddddd loonnnnnnng! I'll do it another time.

Loved It And It Only Took Me 1.5 hours And I Posted It On My Myspace. lol fun you should take it when your bored!!!

dude it took me like 4 hours to do this stupid thing omg 1000 questions that should be in the world record book.

I did 20 q's and scrolled down and was like "oh, hell no. This is going to take me all day". Longest survey EVAH

holy cow i got to like 100 and something and i stoped to see how long it was and i was like oh heck

Blimey that took ages, one hour and 15 minutes... I thought it would neve r end, I wanted to give up!!

i got to like 20 and thoguht they were stalking me im scared what someone could do with all that info

it took me f***in 3 weeks 2 finish typin honestly... (i had my computer on 4 thos 3 weeks) >:] lol

i couldnt believe how long it was..but if ur bored its a good took me 1 nd a 1/2 hours!!

It is not that bad I actually thought it quite fun.....I finished it in an hour and a half

I finished that easy!
I was getting kind of bored around question 600-700 though ><

that quiz took me 2 1/2 hours and it had some of thee dumbest questions, but it was cool!

i finished this in a little over an hour! it's not so bad, good when you are uber bored