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1Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is not only the best black actor but also the best actor in Hollywood. Take a look at his resume-The Shawshank Redemption, Bruce Almighty, Million Dollar Baby, The Dark Knight etc..

First let me start by asking how the hell did Cuba Gooding Jr. Get in the top ten of this list? And also Morgan Freeman is the #1 reason why I can believe God is black.

Morgan Freeman is by far the greatest person on earth, hands down.

The best actor ever.

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2Denzel Washington

The Great Debaters, American Gangster, Deja Vu, Inside Man, The Manchurian Candidate, Man on Fire, Out of Time, Antwone Fisher, John Q, Training Day, Remember the Titans, The Hurricane, The Bone Collector, The Siege, He Got Game, Fallen, The Preacher's Wife, Courage Under Fire, Devil in a Blue Dress, Crimson Tide, Philadelphia, The Pelican Brief, even Much Ado About Nothing, the best I think - Malcolm X, Ricochet, Mo' Better Blues, Glory, The Mighty Quinn... plus some others which I haven't watched, each performance just as awesome I would expect.

Dig this, the man is on a whole different level from these guys or any other actor hands down! - Dania0671

Mr. Washington's body of work speaks for itself, has paved the way for the next generation as did Mr. Poitier. The quality of product that he puts out. The countless times he was passed over for an Oscar. Jeffery Wright, James Earl Jones, Eddie Murphy, why are these name not mentioned when we are speaking of talent?

Will Smith is great, but I'm not sure he's the best yet. Hard to top Denzel. Here's my list:
1. Denzel Washington
2. Sidney Poitier
3. Morgan Freeman/Will Smith
5. Samuel L. Jackson
6. Cuba Gooding Jr. (who got snubbed on this list)
7. Don Cheadle (great actor, but needs to do more)
8. Forest Whitaker
9. Laurenece Fishburne
10. Terrence Howard - ryguys9

Denzel Washington is awesome and should be #1

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3Will Smith

Will Smith is my man. so sexy and I like him in the movie "Pursuit to happiness" and "ALI".. Denzel Washington is my Idol when it comes to acting he deserve his oscars. I like him in Philadelphia. Morgan Freeman is a good example for"No small rule to a Great Actor"; Samuel L. Jackson is the perfect guy for either drama or action very versatile; Sidney Poitier- this is the man that started all. an Oscar the first African -American who won the Oscar my respect to him 100%. Forest Whitaker- of course Forest is fine actor of his time really good when it comes to acting. ; Cuba Gooding Jr. who forgot Cuba the guy who will take everything in the name of Arts. ; Jamie Foxx of course the oscar earner best example of great and fine acting... this are my best actors at no ranking they are all number to me...

"The best actor alive, he has the best success on the box office and people love watching him. BEST ACTOR ALIVE PERIOD... "

Will Smith is not just the best black actor he is the best actor. He has been my favorite since he came out. I'd have to say his best movies would be I Am Legend, Independence day, The Pursuit of Happyness, and Wild Wild West. The only movie that I didn't find absolutely amazing was his newest one, seven pounds. Will Smith is incredible.

He is the best for me

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4Samuel L. Jackson

His acting ability is brilliant and when he speaks seems poetry. Watch meany of his movies.. Snakes on the plane, Pulp Fiction, The Negotiator, etc...

He's a versatile actor, he can portray many different characters. Don't believe me? Watch him in a Quinton Tarantino movie.

Sam is in pretty much the best movies. Like Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Avengers, and acts so well

I love his goatee

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5Laurence Fishburne

After seing Mr. fishburne in the play of Thourgood Marshall I don't know if Denzel or anyone in this top 10 can do better!

Incredible actor my favorite actor than anyone I think he should be number 1 great actor

Please watch "Hoodlum" and you'll agree he's such a great actor.

Liked everything he has done.

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6Eddie Murphy


For god's sake this is ridiculous, eddie murphy is amazing, he should be in the top 5!

Eddie Murphy is a top character and far more talented than 11

Samuel Jackson was barely noticeable in Eddie's "Coming to America" movie. Eddie's been a top star longer then most top five actors in the list.

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7Danny Glover

Awesome and underrated, Strong actor

Should have had more roles over the years

This actor has GREAT range, glad to see him near the top. Loved him in Grand Canyon, a gem of a movie.

Predator 2, lethal weapon series and saw proved that he is the best. - tawhabinnasir

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8Forest Whitaker

He's just an amazing actor - after Vantage Point, Last King of Scotland, the Colour of Money... he is undoubtedly one of the best actors out there!

This is one of the most under rated actors in the world. He can really get into a role. I would like to see him picked to play a top role in a movie. He can bring it.

He really is UNDER RATED. I can't think of one bad movie that he stared in. One of my FAVORITES!

He is truly an amazing actor.

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9Don Cheadle

Great actor. Love him in Devil in a Blue dress and he should have won and award for his roll in Rawanda.

Great actor. He plays diverse roles. He is one of those actors that one would watch a movie just because he's in it.

Don Cheadle is the most underestimated actor in Hollywood. His naturalness, versatility, intimacy, and power make him unforgettable! I hope he goes on the make many more movies.

I think Don Cheadle is a very under rated actor, he' s in a class by himself. Put him in any role and becomes his own. Great actor.

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10Sidney Poitier

Without a doubt one of the greatest actor ever to be on the silver screen, what he did for black actor is amazing, the younger people will vote for the will smith's and other actor, but if they knew what this great man injured to make life, easier for all black actor today, they need to watch this man and be amazed by his ability

I love his morals and values. He is a man's man... Or should be in my opinion.

His book, "Measure of a man"... Was a wonderful read. I would read another book by Sidney Poitier anytime.

I believe all men should aspire to have the same morals and values as Sidney Poitier himself.

I assume you mean comment quantity not quality. since I can type any old rubbish in here and as long as there's enough of it you're happy

Morgan Freeman and Sidney Poitier are tied for my favorites.

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11Cuba Gooding Jr.

He not only plays diverse parts but, he also makes you believe them. I wish there were more clean cut, wonderful actors as he. Thank him for giving me so many happy hours. When can we see more of his acting ability? He is in the top percentage of all actors.

Great guy, I hope he continues to be blessed and successful in all his endeavors. I love everything about this man.

Everybody should know that he is a very good actor, he deserves stay in this list

Enjoyed all his movies.

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12Jamie Foxx

Largely under rated anybody who has seen the soloist or django knows he is the best out of last couple of years!

HE is an amazing actor! Just watch Collateral or Django unchained and you will share my opinion... He should be at least tenth in my opinion...

Jamie Foxx is a rabid racist and should be drummed out of acting for his vitriolic, foaming at the mouth, anti-White racism.

Jamie Foxx is truly a great actor. I would like to see more of him. Make a role for him. He is truly amazing.

Should be #1. Ray, Soloist, Django, Collateral.

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13Chris Rock

Chris Rock plays the role in every movie just like he named one of them, which was,"DOWN TO EARTH". He's a really cool actor, not to mention; loving father, and a really handsome guy. Keep up the good work, Chris... Love ya!

14Mario Van Peebles

Greatest actor of all time

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15Wesley Snipes

I love Wesley Snipes. Great and beautiful actor. My favorite black actor. Loved him in The Fugitive. Great smile and great body.

Presently am watching his movie, the expendables 3 and he is a legend.

Damn he has excelent acting skills and I like his attitude. He has a body to die for and ooh did I mention his super bass?

16James Earl Jones

Between James Earl Jones & Morgan Freeman there will never be any actors that can come close to compare

Thank you so much for all of your dedicated work

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17Kevin Hart

Kevin is truly an amazing comedian. And good actor.

He should be number one, and deserves an award for his acting and movies.

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18Martin Lawrence

great funny actor, all the movies he did are funny and serious at the same time I like him so much but he better play again with will smith

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19Michael Clarke Duncan

R.I.P. michael Clarke Duncan. He was exceptional in The Green Mile

20Clarence Williams III

Highly underrated in my opinion. He has been around such a long time, and he should really be up there with all the greats.

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