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1Body Wraps by Purity

At home kits that are normally sold in spas now sold for men and women to do body wraps in their own home.

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2Chardan Body Wraps

Body wraps that including skin firming, weight loss appearance, cellulite reduction and dead spa wraps.

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3Wrap Your Self Slim

A prgram that shows you how to make your own body wraps.

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4Simply Slender Body Wraps
5Body Wraps Plus
6Purity Body Wraps

The Purity Body Wraps are free from parabens and are made from only the finest 100% natural ingredients. I lost 8 inches on my first wrap. - lbaade

I lost 5 inches on my first wrap and I'm 5 foot 7 and only 128 pounds. I'm trying to target my waist as it is thick

7Formostar InfraRed Body Wrap
8From Nature With Love Ingredients

Buy the ingredients to manufacture your very own body wraps in your own home and not have to visit a spa.

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9Sea Mud Body Wraps
10Contour Body Wraps

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