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The lead track off the album of the same name. Yes, I know that is already enough for someone to want to listen to it, but fortunately, it is also such a nice song.

62We Take Care of Our Own

Great song combined with the new elements of music with classic springsteen quality. Doubtfully the best song ever

This song is the most catchy song of his and surely doesn't deserve to be 21st in the rankings. Definitely in the top 10.

The most modern of the most modern instances with classic mellodious tunes, first song I heard of bruce springstee!

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64Lucky Town

I love Bruce, and for the most part I can agree with most of the spots of songs on this list, but how is Luck Town outside the top 20? I know all of his songs and can say with confidence that Lucky Town is better than Thundercrack, although I love Tracks, and Human Touch. Other songs should be moved up, too, including The Rising and Prove It All Night, and Lost in the Flood. In my opinion, Lost in the Flood should by top ten.

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65Point Blank

Probably one of his most under-rated songs. Powerful, desperate, heartbreaking. It's a bad day when I need this song, but it's there to comfort me.

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66Into the Fire

A tribute to the 9/11 lives that were sacrificed trying to save others. - rogertfeeback

67American Skin

Haunting music, tragic story, beautifully of the best

68One Step Up

If James Taylor wrote this, people would be going crazy for it.

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69Out In the Street

Alright, maybe some people aren't crazy about the lyrics in this one, but come on. This is classic Bruce. Seriously, "Out In the Street" should be top 30. If you haven't heard this one and you're lonely some Friday night, put this on and crank it. He's still waiting for you, patiently, "Out In the Street".

70Land of Hope and Dreams

Just the fact that this song is based on a legendary song as People Get Ready makes it top 10 material - BeeBlue

Masterpiece. Nobody writes stuff like this.

Hope that everyone will catch that train...

71No Surrender

It's just so beautiful, full of raw emotion. It makes me cry. I considered "the river" my favourite song of all time for years, till I heard this one. Now it might as well be a tie...

In my opinion this should be in the top 10, a moving classic! 'Like soldiers on a winters night with a vow to defend, no retreat baby no surrender.'

It's a song about freedom, love, and rebellion. It's the ultimate song for anyone young or anyone trying to break away.

Surely has to be one of his better track "No retreat, no surrender"

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72Secret Garden

Great song, smooth, calm and soothing to listen. With the background of Jerry Maguire. Top notch

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73Jersey Girl

Great cover of a Tom Waits classic - live this is a showstopper

74Sad Eyes
75Loose Ends

The intro is more than archetypical Springsteen: it is the mother of all Springsteen intro's.
Great song, great lyrics. And still just a leftover untill Tracks...

YES - I understand why "Born to run" and "Thunder Road" are up there. They are my favorites too. Along with "Point Blank" and "Lost in the flood" (heavy lyrics). But my vote for "Loose Ends" is because it's the most Springsteenesque song I've ever heard. It's almost as a pastische of himself and the soundscape, which should bring tears to anyone's eyes.

My god...can't stand, " You can look, but..."

76For You
77Reason To Believe

A simple song of faith, hope, and love in the midst of depression, fatalism, and loss. - rogertfeeback

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Beautifully written song. You can tell it's written by someone in their 50's thinking about their life, and how someday it wil end.

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80You'll Be Comin' Down
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