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41Jamie Bell

This young Brit won a BAFTA for his performance in Billy Elliot beating out Hollywood hitters Ton Hanks, Geoffrey Rush AND Russell Crowe.

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42Bailee MadisonV1 Comment
43Jodie FosterAlicia Christian "Jodie" Foster is an American actress, director and producer who has worked in films and on television. She has often been cited as one of the best actresses of her generation.
44Mara Wilson

She was great in Mr. Doubtfire and Matilda, should at least be in top ten. - aldwych94

45Millie Bobby Brown

Amazing in Stranger Things. Showed so much depth and made Eleven one of the favorite characters of the series. Has natural talent you just don't see in very many 12 year old actresses.

46Corey Haim

Love lost boys and silver bullet. Too bad he died in 2010. - Stitch013

47Elijah Wood

Come on, who would probably forget about Mr. Frodo in The Lord of the Rings. Or when he played in The War. He is awesome, awesome, in every movie :D!

I love The Lord of the Rings. I've even read the books. You have to love Frodo Baggins

Ummm... Although I'm a Lord of the Rings fan, Elijah was a GROWNUP when he did these movies. He was a good actor in his youth though.

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48Jodie Sweetin

When she was little

49Will Poulter
50Asa ButterfieldV2 Comments
51Jack Wild

An Academy Award nominee at the age of 15

52Wil Wheaton
53Peyton ListPeyton Roi List is an American actress and model. List is best known for playing Emma Ross on the Disney Channel comedy series Jessie and Holly Hills in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid film series.

She was brilliant as Holly Hills in Diary of a Wimpy kid Rodrick Rules!

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54Corey Feldman

The fox and the hound, The goonies, stand by me (Coolest movie ever) and much more!

55Leonardo DiCaprio
56Henry Thomas
57Dana Plato

Child actor who went downhill after her childhood. She died from a drug overdose! Does she deserve to be on a " ALL TIME " list? People who can't handle their succes are in the wrong business. So?

58Peter Billingsley
59Mark Lester
60Kirsten DunstKirsten Caroline Dunst is an American actress, singer and model. She made her film debut in Woody Allen's short film Oedipus Wrecks for the anthology film New York Stories.
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