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It would be good to collect coins and it would be fun also I have collected many coins some of different countries too.

It is so fun to collect coins from different countries and states, you will also have money when you want something

Because I actually do collect coins

Cool I like this

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I collect stuffed animals and they are really fun to play with. I play a game with them. I pretend my stuffed animals are in a kingdom and Bad things happen that they have to fix. It's really fun. Make sure to collect stuffed animals. And my favorite one is my Lego man stuffed animal. I also have a panda Pillow Pet and road runner. I have 39 stuffed animals. I like the Webkins brand of stuffed animals.

Even you now that stuffed animals are not a choice I still think people should collect stuffed animals cause they keep me company and there fun to pretend they are real and talk to them. I have 25 stuffed animals.

well, that is one of my biggest hobby's, cinema will never die - MatrixGuy

I like collecting movies because when you are sad you can watch a movie and it might make you happy and there is a lot of movies that you can collect!

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3Video Games

I collect Mario stuff! I have a poster on my wall, and then all of my prized figures, like Toad (whose arm fell off), Mario (One of them is mario flying like he does in super Mario Galexy), Yoshi, and luigi. I also have a bunch of mini figures! - Flowerwave

I love collecting video games. Might not have a big collection, but The legend of Zelda is amazing

Video Games are fun and tell a story themselves!

1000's of games, good for all ages/ prices

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they take you to a whole new world

Books are magical things, by reading you build your vocabulary and you increase your imagination. Books can change you bad mood to a great mood. I encourage everyone in the world to read and to never stop completely because you will not know what your missing out.

So far so good I'm slowly building up my small library with every thing from massive series like Harry Potter to single issue comic books so far my favorite story in the collection though is my Naruto manga

I love novels like Ted Dekker and books from gospel rappers such as Trip Lee.

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I'm just getting started, I dream with an entire room full of CDs... - mattlol

Oh Yes. I do collect a lot of CDs. Anime CDs. Movie CDs and Music CDs. Current fly holding 1000+ such CDs. Still going. - LightningBlade

The only thing I buy is CDs, it's my life so yes I'm quite the collector.

I'm collecting cds mostly punk pop nu metal and yer its doing good

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I have recently started collected rocks, gemstones and crystals. At the moment I am finding it really fun, there is just so much to collect. I like collecting things you don't see everywhere so when you do see it there is always a sense of relief and excitement.

I have only just started collecting rocks and I bought myself a polishing machine, SO WORTH IT!

Yes my brother collected rocks but now he gave me his rocks so now I collect them also my nana collects rock so now I'm another lying in the chain

I like collecting fossils

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Wow collecting stamps are awesome! I have stamps from over 20 different countries
I even have one from a country that doesn't excist anymore!

Stamps are highly collectible.. My current collection stands at 435 different stamps from all over the world.

I've just started collecting mail stamps and I am already learning! There are so many different kinds!

I love to collect stamps I have more than 800 stamps

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Keychains are fun to collect they come in many shapes and sizes and they have different designs

The fact I can get it right now is a good time waster but I don't think that I'm a good day for the next chocolate bar

I have a box full of keychains, and my mum basically wants to kill me because I spend so much on them.

More clatter in our rooms

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Sometimes I would play with dolls when I was younger and I kept all of them and now I have little cousin or just family that loves to play with them and it makes me happy every time they ask for them

I always thought dolls were cool! When I was a little boy I had them, and then got rid of them when I was called names, but now I started collecting again!

Dolls just bring happiness to little girls and big girls because they understand you when your sad cause there always there for you.

I just like dolls lol they make me happy and they are fun to play with

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There cheap and easy to find and you can find many funny and interesting cards

I wanna start collecting cards because they're free if you're the receiver. Cards are awesome because they hold memories like birthdays and graduation.

Practical for entertaining, and like someone said early, some decks are more than worthy of being called art.

Cards are like little pieces of art!

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Marbles are really fun and interesting to collect because there are loads of different styles too, I have collected marbles over many years as well. You can find them anywhere!

Their Is A Lot Of Use For Marbles you Can Play Games make tracks For Them And Much More And Their Pretty Cheap Plus you Can find Them Almost At Any Store! :)))

Love marbles I have collected more than 600 kinds of marbles you can almost find them everywhere

I would collect marbles but u see I have a life.

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I collect statues from the places I have been, they are only small but are a great reminder of the beautiful things you have seen in that country.

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Older things are always fun to look and and appreciate. The craftsmanship and detail that was put in to them is amazing and should be remembered.

As a lover of everything vintage.. Collecting antiques are an addiction to me.

So unique in many different ways!

Gummy bears are awesome

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14Trading Cards

Trading cards like Magic the Gathering make for excellent collecting. The art in the cards are now considered a kind of folk art. Also, they are incredibly easy to store because they are nearly the same size as a baseball card so you won't we wanting for ways to store them. Like baseball cards, they can range in price from a few cents to the low thousands.

I think collecting trading cards are awesome, remembering some memorial from athlete that I love.

Trading cards are also a great place to start I love my Pokemon cards and etc.

Baseball cards can roll in the money

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15Antique AutomobilesV2 Comments

Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Jackson, ESP, because Rich, Dean, Charvel, Martin, Ovation, Yamaha, Peavey, Tayler, Rickenbacker - Nirmal1991USA

Guitars are too much money. How in the heck are you supposed to get a lot of guitars?

1559gibson sold for 40000 new was 399 do the math

I might start this soon

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If you didn't take a shower the night before perfume is always a good way to smell good, and you can were perfume that matches the holiday

Perfume smells nice and they all have different smells that's why I like perfumes

I like to collect because the bottle

Even I collect perfume for there bottles and also there smell is awesome

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Yes lets just collect some animals why not own a zoo for a hobby yes what a reasonable idea

As long as you can pay the vet bills when it comes to it, I have no problem with that.

Please don't collect animals you will be on the next episode of hoarders.

You shouldn't hoard animal's

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I can't believe you spelled "here" wrong.

Art collection is amazing! You can have such amazing stuff!

I love art! You could collect famous paintings and art work also you do some of your own art work and look back at it in a couple of years x

This is lame I can't believe you read all the way down to hear


I always put a sticker over the flap of cards when I mail them!

I love stickers! They decorate all sorts of stuff.

Great Idea! It would be fun to have stickers around!

They are cool

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