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It would be good to collect coins and it would be fun also I have collected many coins some of different countries too.
If you just collect the coins you get as a change you'll never lose money.
Because you can always respend them at stores.
Also there is also a large variation of Coins.
And another thing.
There are many other people who collect them.
Because I actually do collect coins
[Newest]Coins are popular as collectible items.. Being an amateur numismatist.. It's been a very fulfilling hobby for me

Even you now that stuffed animals are not a choice I still think people should collect stuffed animals cause they keep me company and there fun to pretend they are real and talk to them. I have 25 stuffed animals.
well, that is one of my biggest hobby's, cinema will never die


Movies are great and you can review them with a different perspective in the future.

Wow collecting stamps are awesome! I have stamps from over 20 different countries
I even have one from a country that doesn't excist anymore!
I think it would be so cool to collect stamps I see people collecting them all the time
Stamps are highly collectible.. My current collection stands at 435 different stamps from all over the world.

4Video Games
I collect Mario stuff! I have a poster on my wall, and then all of my prized figures, like Toad (whose arm fell off), Mario (One of them is mario flying like he does in super Mario Galexy), Yoshi, and luigi. I also have a bunch of mini figures!


I love collecting video games. Might not have a big collection, but The legend of Zelda is amazing
I love video games some darn much

I'm just getting started, I dream with an entire room full of CDs...


The only thing I buy is CDs, it's my life so yes I'm quite the collector.
I collect them and I love them. if you want to collect something more rare and harder to get, collect records!
[Newest]I have like 15-20, but I'm planning to get a lot more

they take you to a whole new world
Yes, I wish I had read more books


The joy of having your own library at home is a magical experience.. No matter how many books you have, be it 10 or a million.. Its worth every penny and every moment.
[Newest]Books are good to collect because you will never run out of things to read.

Dolls just bring happiness to little girls and big girls because they understand you when your sad cause there always there for you.
Dolls are good and people should collect them
There fun and you can dress and play with them
[Newest]I absolutely LOVE dolls!

There cheap and easy to find and you can find many funny and interesting cards
Cards are awesome to collect. I love collecting cards
I would love to collect cards and I will starting now
[Newest]They are easy to find

Keychains are fun to collect they come in many shapes and sizes and they have different designs
I have a box full of keychains, and my mum basically wants to kill me because I spend so much on them.
I love key chains there so fun because you can fiddle and fiddle and fiddle and its so fun thanks awesomepersonout
[Newest]Its cool I do it to


The Contenders

I have only just started collecting rocks and I bought myself a polishing machine, SO WORTH IT!
I have 200 cool rocks
I think it is good but I have no idea to identify which rock is which. ):

Marbles are really fun and interesting to collect because there are loads of different styles too, I have collected marbles over many years as well. You can find them anywhere!
Their Is A Lot Of Use For Marbles you Can Play Games make tracks For Them And Much More And Their Pretty Cheap Plus you Can find Them Almost At Any Store! :)))
Love marbles I have collected more than 600 kinds of marbles you can almost find them everywhere

13Comic Books
Comic books are the greatest things ever! You get to go to a whole nother world and you get to see action adventure and excitement! Plus they'd be worth a ton in a few years.
Old military ww2 silver age comics are thru the roof. Price golden age comics on ebay. Golden and silver age comics will never lose value because there are less and less in quality condition available year after year. Preserve your paper people!
It's the thrill of the hunt in tracking down old issues.
[Newest]The silver age ones are great and the new ones are cool too.

Fossils are great because they show a time of the
Past, they also bring back maybe a fight, or a mating
Dance so I recommend collecting fossils
Fossils are great. they are good decoration and fun to collect. and there also hard to find. there quite interesting

15Trading Cards
I think collecting trading cards are awesome, remembering some memorial from athlete that I love.
! I love collecting cards footy cards are the best that I know
I collect basketball card and you can cash out on them

Perfume smells nice and they all have different smells that's why I like perfumes
I like to collect because the bottle
Perfume is good for different scents for your daily basis

Stickers come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and themes. They are a very fun thing that kids or anyone can collect. Stickers can also be a wonderful thing to collect because they are easy to find. So basically they can be found at family dollar, schools can award your child with them?! And etc. So yea! "
I love stickers! They decorate all sorts of stuff.

18Antique Automobiles

Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Jackson, ESP, because Rich, Dean, Charvel, Martin, Ovation, Yamaha, Peavey, Tayler, Rickenbacker


Gibson SG, Gibson Les Paul,
i'm waiting to get these beautiful things


Older things are always fun to look and and appreciate. The craftsmanship and detail that was put in to them is amazing and should be remembered.
As a lover of everything vintage.. Collecting antiques are an addiction to me.

21WW2 related stuff

Really pretty to collect them, thanks for reminding me!
Crystals are cool I know someone that has a lot of them

23NES games

As a audiophile, I ♡♡♡♡♡♡ music


26Bottle Caps
Bottle caps are THE easiest to find and I collected 21 bottle caps in a day in a month I'll have more than 200!
I have one vintage bottlecap... The heart of my collection. My grandmother was drink Coca-Cola one day as a young girl in the 1940's and put the cap in her pocket. She recently just found it and gave it to me!
SHINY! I like bottle caps

27Disney Movies

28Yugioh Cards
I like yugioh cards they have ninjas and everything there so much of them to

29Political Items
I have over 7000 pieces


31Baseball Caps

The best thing to show you are better than someone else. Also, you can show you are intelligent, but the best thing about it is that you can remember your techniques that you used to achieve does goals. You could make a wall in your room or in the library full of these awards.
Go get off of your but and make something of yourself. Maybe if you got up you could get some awards and collect those.

33Hello Kitty Merchandise
I really love hello kitty it because it is so very cute

, my mom said I am note a baby anymore to collect any of them

Really easy to find, cheap and can be really good quality. If collecting toys from famous T.V. shows, movies etc. They can become worth a lot of money as soon as they become around 10-20 years old.
Bring back your inner child. You can buy any kind you want, doesn't matter.
Small and may have value... Lots of fu.

I collect animals and they are so funand come in wide variety

36Pokemon Cards
I am the worlds most number one Pokemon fan and I have probably collected, with my brothers help, over a thousand!

Too many to count
I already have a bunch of these :/


My brother has tons of it over 500 we counted

I like using them on girls and watching them squ%rt, so please pick these! And ladys, the best ones to use are the 9 inch laugh out loud squirt on!
I love my very own GOD given dido that swings tween my legs!
Wow! What can I say...
I Love my 4 Dildo's! One of them is Indian (Priya Rai signature - 6 Inches) & all the others are Genuine Sri Lankan (Anusha Damayanthi signature - 6 Inches, Nadeesha Hemamali signature - 6 Inches & Rosy Senanayake signature - 7 Inches). These days I'm collecting money to buy my Dream Dildo: Sumana Gomas signature - 8 Inches!

(Priya Rai signature 6 Inches)

Got 13 of them old and new

What laugh out loud

43Bras & Panties
What's more satisfying for a collector than collecting Bra's & Panties!?

I'm a 16 year old Boy & I have a collection of 248 Bra's & 291 Panties of so many different shapes, sizes, colours, textures, models & brands from all over the World & I Love them All!
I'm an Indian and apart from the Sri Lankans, we have the 2nd largest Bras & Panties collector community in the world! An individual should be proud to have a Collection of Bras & Panties. They are soft & smooth so you can touch & feel them all the time. They are so fragrant that you can smell them all the time. My neighbour Aunty has a big collection of numerous Bras & Panties and whenever I go to see her when she is alone, she allows me to touch, feel & smell them and even allows me to Dress her with them!
My Bra & Panty collection is now getting bigger & Bigger than ever before! Now I have 387 Bra's & 518 Panties! I LOVE THEM FOREVER!

I request from all of you to collect Bra's & Panties and to have a collection of your own. Believe me, you'll be the Happiest person in the World! M/
[Newest]I have 287 thongs


I can't believe you spelled "here" wrong.
This is lame I can't believe you read all the way down to hear

I've got one from almost every state

47Vinyl Records
The nostalgia of vinyl records is buried within every one of us if you live through that time era. Even if you didn't it is still awesome to look back at the culture and art of the past.
I'm a new and upcoming vinyl collector, so far I love it, can't beat that vintage sound!


49Soft Toys

If this hobby was a bit less expensive it would probably be at the very top of my list. Because of the fact that most cars that are even worth collecting will run you twenty to thirty grand, it isn't very practical unless you are a millionaire. If you are, more power to you and I hope maybe one day I can get my hands on your collection.
Cars are an amazing link to our past and a form of art as well. Many cars show the artistic quality of the maker and can really say lot about the person who owns it. Even if you don't have the money to collect life sized cars, there is always the possibility to collect model cars. This hobby is both rewarding and cheap
Real cars Tony Stark have one O=


51Beer Bottle Caps
Buy a bit recipient in glass and put them inside, it make a good decoration

52Disney Merchandise
They are awesome I have at least 50 of them

53Models of Superheroes
Yes like marvel and dc



I love pictures I have 300 pics

57Music Video, Concert, Documentary DVD

Shells are really interesting and pretty and you can collect them from the beach and is free unless it's in a shop

59Chewed Gum

60Pencil Cases


62Star Wars Figures

Really its good dude I am collecting too
The plastic gens were more fun to collect.

Seriously, who hasn't picked up a feather before and admired it? Feathers are colorful, spectacular, and other-worldly.
I only have one feather so I wouldn't call that a collection. Lol.


65Holy Items

66Gogo's Crazy Bones
I LOVE these I have over 100 at least

67Band Tees
I work at hot topic and have a nice collection

68People's Heads
Our family have one from my grandfather they say. its secured in an air tight container and in a freezer separate from food ones. in the future I want to cllect too so I can scare someone visiting my house its nice to play a prank if your house is scary you know
I've got a few heads around my house it makes me feel like I still have friends
You will never feel alone if there's always a head around

They are a lot of fun and are all different shapes sizes some are funny others are from places like Sydney
Why not condoms don't take up a whole lot of room

It's a bit scary for the others, but it's something that have been use for centuries by humans
I collect knives and its really fun too, but kinda expensive for exotic knives, but totally worth it

Ancient scripts are rare and interesting collection


I collect lots of badges and all of them have a story behind them for every time that I have achieved them

My cousin has tons of pins. He pins them on lanyards. He has 7 lanyards with pins on them now. I just started collecting these awesome pins.

75Antique Clocks

76War Memorabilia
War memorabilia is a great way to learn history and have fun while doing it, There is a large market out there for these things and you can learn a lot from people who might have even served.

77Chocolate Wrappers
You can get them from loads of country's
Pretty good if you ask me
That's just like a souvenir

I already have about 30 pillows

79Hot Wheels
This is a cheap hobby that will last a lifetime. These model cars are fun to play with, cheap and really quite cool to look at. They are just like their life sized counterparts, they just are smaller and don't run.

It's everywhere which can make your collection giant


82Hot Sauce

There are tons of lighters out ther for you to collect

I collect glass birds... Fenton, Mirano art glass

85Michael Jackson Memorabilia

I have over 1000 cheese sticks in my fridge

They're all fluffy and cuddly

I collected headbands on March 24, 2014... I'm only beginning, but I like them I use it everyday I have 4 headbands...

89Coat Hangers
I have about 50 of them

90Pizza Boxes
Collecting pizza boxes will bring back the memories of pizza night.


Don't go naked... Please

No don't do this one laugh out loud

93Mermaid Fingers


95Wine Bottles


97Sweaty Socks
Cheesy socks are great


I have 2000 sticks of butter in my fridge

Shoes are amazing they can be different styles

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