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I love Friends show. It is like my best friend! I have it all loaded in my pc and I need to watch one episode daily at the end of my day. Its hilarious and you can totally connect to it. Even though it has been many years since it went off, it still feels like its so new and contemporary. Its simply wow..! A real fun treat for 21 minutes..! It has got everything in it..! Makes you laugh and forget everything else you carry in your head.

True! And it's hard to watch just 1 episode. You will always be wanting to watch one more.

The best comedy of all time. Is friends. My Favorited character. Is Ross he is so funny. And Every time. I see him he just makes me laugh

I was not even born when Friends came out in 1994 and in 2004 when it ends I was a little kid.. But then a started seeing it and.. Waoh now I really love it, I enjoy every time I see it!

Its 3 in the morning... I just watched the last episode and the episode before that. I don't think I cried that much in years... You would be surprised but, I found the episode before the Last One sadder than any episode I've ever watched in my life...

I get a lot of you love Seinfeld and always say how much better it is because it's a classic, but Friends is special. You realize that having just a group of close friends gets you through any tough times and they will always be there for you. I mean, I was crying so hard that when Chandler cracked a joke while Rachel was saying goodbye I didn't know if I was laughing or crying. The connection between the audience and the actors and writers and directors and everyone that made this show happen, is very strong.

It's not even about which is #1 or which is funnier or sadder, it's a combination of all categories and put them together and friends is the best there is.

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For a show about nothing, it sure was funny. Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine are the greatest comedy quartet of all time, each an iconic T.V. character. I could go on, but in the interest of being succinct... Yada yada yada, greatest T.V. comedy ever. - LukeDaDuke2

I can literally not believe that Seinfeld was not number one on the list. There wasn't any of these other shows that could have existed without Seinfeld blazing the trails of comedy.

There is something truly unique about the way Seinfeld approaches comedy. And notice that it's main characters are all rather "bad" people. I see numerous comedies today that emulate the Seinfeld formula well, for instance "Sunny in Philly" and "The League" both seem to owe quite a bit to Seinfeld.

Seinfeld was the second best comedy show ever made, only Friends is better, it was funny and so was Seinfeld, both were extremely funny.

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3How I Met Your Mother

That should be after Friends. It is LEGENDARY.
Its Far too good
I am in love with it "
Can't compare it with any other show. It has always began with Laughter and ends with laughter

Too funny to miss!
Barney is one character that the show can't do without!

Better then Friends? That is a question most people ask me, and it is hands down better, the humour and the extremely clever writing just make it too good, how it also tackles some serious issues make your attachment with the characters grow, something which wasn't really forthcoming in the other comedies.

Just a remix of. Friends

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4The Simpsons

There's a reason why it will have 25 seasons and over 550 episodes, because it's the best comedy show ever. No other show can compete with the amount of talent this show brings to ever episode.

Seriously? South Park better than Simpsons? The Simpsons are America's most loved family. They've got the most number of characters. Homer Simpson is the funniest guy on earth... I think Two and a half men, The Outdoor man, Home Improvement, Arrested Development and Everybody loves Raymond must be on the top ten too - shp021196

You can't beat the Simpsons. They have done everything possible and continue to do more even if quality has dropped a bit.

The Simpsons wouldn't be funny without Homer & Bart. - lizard302

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5Family Guy

the office?... friends?...


The Inbetweeners, Malcolm In The Middle and Family Guy, my favorite series of all time.

family guy I have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 there class gettin 8 should be number 1

How Is This Higher Than South Park?

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6The Big Bang Theory

The sheltered lives of four friends, who combined know more than you could ever hope to learn in a 100 lifetimes... Assuming you had an additional 99 lifetimes, which you don't, rendering this conversation pointless. Bazinga! - LukeDaDuke2

One of the most intelligent shows on T.V.. And extremely hilarious no doubt. Timeless and unmissable.

Though they are supposed to be called nerds, but this show portrays the hidden truth of the lives of them, and it really turns out to be hilarious. I can't think of any one reason why this show is 8th on this list ( as of now) may be it can get its much deserved #1 place.

Sheldon's attitude really kept me watching this show, without him essentially, this show isn't much. I just love this show. It's my fave.

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7The Office (U.S.)

Who knew how funny a mockumentary about the workaday lives of employees for a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania could be. Always leaves me smiling and satisfied... That's what she said. - LukeDaDuke2

greatest show ever? yes! I only wish it wasn't approaching its final season! - dez

Seen every episode and I think of the older seasons as the good old days. Quote from the office:
Andy: I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them.

So funny and clever. Best array of characters ever. JAM is great as well

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8South Park

Unlike Family Guy, this show is actually funny and the quality of the storyline and gags are outstanding for a cartoon, or for a comedy show in general.

The offensive, racist and sexist humor is by far the funniest kind of humor you can expect from a T.V. show. If I had to compare it to another show, all I can think of is "the Ali G Show", by the makers of Borat, BrĂ¼no and The Dictator.

Family guy is not even funny its just immature rubbish. I can't belive people actually enjoy that crap. I've seen many family guy episodes and I have laughed ONCE. I've seen every South Park episode past season 2 cause 1 and 2 are old laugh out loud but I'll watch them at some stage. South Park is so funny an actually has a proper story line unlike that family guy crap

Who doesn't like it? Thanks to the show's crude and simple animation style, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are often able to produce new installments in a matter of days, allowing them to spoof current events as they unfold. - Mandy1995

Used to love Family Guy until I started watching South Park. It is so much funnier than Family Guy.

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9Saturday Night Live

SNL is straight up one of the best T.V. show comedies,it deserves at least a place in number 3 or 4.

10Arrested Development

I'm sorry, but this show isn't just a contender. There are so many jokes in this show you'll have to watch each individual episode thousands of times to get each joke and all of them are hilarious! There is no unfunny character on this show and no unfunny episode. If anyone wanted to try this show out, I would suggest watching the first 3 seasons first. The new season was ok but for me didn't quite cut it (i wish it did). There are so many great things about this show. Give it a try if you haven't!

The funniest show ever made... EVER MADE... EVERRRRR

i also enjoy the office... how I met your mother... scrubs...


Puts nearly every other comedy program to shame. No show will ever top the quality of this show. It's nothing but joke after joke after joke. My favorite part is that they will use jokes from the 3 episodes ago in a new episode. I can't wait for the new episodes and the movie!

Brilliantly clever comedy and way too underrated

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?The Big Lez Show
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Revolutionary - From Perry's rants to Dr Jan Itor, it's simply awesome...the laughs aren't cheap and over-used, their witty and original
JD-"I just saved this fish from drowning
Kelso-~"Who's got 2 thumbs and still doesn't give a crap-Bob Kelso"
Janitor-"Knife-Wrench...practical and safe (followed by stabbing himself in leg)/for kids/die thief..steak? "
Cox-"things I'd rather my daughter be called than JD...J-Lo, Jenny with the fake cans, herpey slurpy, foxy coxy, jenny jenny oh jenny, jenny jenny bo benny, jenny jenny jenny fo fenny, and even miss Hugh Jackman, reaheheheheheheheheheally"
Guy love-enough said
This isn't even 1% of the laughs, it's the ultimate T.V. show (along with Fresh Prince)

I love this show. I don't watch much T.V. Because I usually find it repetitive and boring, but I have seen every episode of Scrubs. It always holds my attention, as as crazy as it usually is, it even has serious moments that really make you think. My husband and I usually make a face something like O_O several times throughout an episode.

I just love this show. Probably the only show that made me cry. You should definitely give it a shot, trust me, you won't regret it. I couldn't write a better ending even if I tried.


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12It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Nothing to learn, nothing to love. All you got to do is keep your brain in the refrigerator and watch this show, because the more you try to make sense of what the characters do, the more like them you will be. Classic comedy, great plots!

Guys this show is amazing, funny as hell

Did you know the writers of this show are the actors themselves?

Without this show, we wouldn't have known who Charlie Day is; and that's a world I do not wish to know.

It's so ridiculously stupid that it's funny. Any time you need to laugh you go right to this show, and it never gets old. I can tell you this after seeing every episode 3 times.

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13The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

I don't know why this is only 33! This is easily the funniest T.V. show ever!

Will Smith at his best

Great and funny show!

The best show ever!

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The Inkeepers episode in the second season is perhaps the most hilarious of all the episodes. This show is an absolute classic, every episode will make you chuckle. Also look for the "oor Jam" in season 10 I think you won't stop laughing.

During the 11 years that Frasier was on top, the writers and actors continuously exceeded our lofty expectation. In my opinion, it's the best sitcom of all time. The cast melded perfectly, the jokes were hilarious and always seemed to come out of left field. But most of all, the story line from its inception to its conclusion read like a great comedic novel. Thank you Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce, John Mahoney, Jane Leeves and Peri Gilpin for your many hours of great entertainment. - shredder007

A show revolving around a psychiatrist who hosts a radio call-in show, but always has something wrong in his life or on his mind that he can't let go. Full of sarcasm and witty humor, Frasier is a show that can drive you crazy... And make you laugh. - LukeDaDuke2

One of the best contemporary comedies. The writers did not need to pander to social agendas, to deliver simple classic high-brow comedy.

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15Modern Family

The best comedy show ever!

Great actors. Great scripts. Everything is perfect in this show. Just love it.

By far the best comedy show I have seen! Very funny with high quality humor.

Just the best comedy ever and very funny too

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16SpongeBob SquarePants

This is the one kid show I'll probably never outgrow. The older episodes, at least. - Garythesnail

SpongeBob should be in the top 5 on this list! Come on you guys! - TopTenJackson

I absolutely love this show. the new movie is almost out!

The new movie is nothing more than a fail involving an overused superhero plot about "saving the world", it's not fun anymore and we need to move on to different things, it comes to show you that Nick is running out of ideas.

Most BRILLIANT show of all times. For adults as well as it is for kids!

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17American Dad

Ah however said family guy is American dad inferior counterpart. ARE YOU RETARDED. DO YOU HAVE A STICK SO FAR UP YOUR ANUS IT HAS REACHED YOUR BRAIN. American DAD wouldn't HAVE BEEN CREATE IF FAMILY didn't EXIST. I recommend that you get that stick out of your anus.

Stan smith is legendary

Funniest animated show on T.V. right now. If only it was more popular than its inferior counterpart, Family Guy.


Funniest sitcom of all time hands down. No T.V. show was funnier than Martin and we might not get another on this level of funny

Friends is even funnier, if you saw Friends, you will change your mind.

This is the funniest show I've seen every episode and I love it.

I can't stop laughing when watching this show.

19Two and a Half Men

I love this show! It's an amazing mix of dirty humour and amusing 'real life' situations. It's very enjoyable for a laugh and some fun! The entire show appears to be dedicated to making the audience laugh at the character's dilemmas and it is very amusing to see how everyone's situation entwines and makes into a large but hilarious plot. The entire cast is very amusing and their voices, attitudes, appearances and body language portray their characters to their full potential.

Charlie lives the perfect life. Different girl every night, beach-house in Malibu, filthy rich (talking about the character, not necessarily Charlie Sheen). But he does have to put up with his brother Alan and his nephew Jake. It all makes for a funny show, even more so when Jake wasn't such a half-man any more. - LukeDaDuke2

I can't believe this show isn't number 1, funniest you will ever see. The show is ingenious, dirty humor might make it awkward between you and your mom. Laugh out loud watch it. Watch watch watch watch watch watch watch watch watch watch which it know! Did I mention watch the show.

It's the best comedy show after friends, how I met your mother and big bang theory (seasons 1-5). However after charlie sheen was removed the show sucks

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20Only Fools and Horses

Best show ever, don't need to be an Englishman to enjoy this, this is great... My favorite episode Three for tea

It may not make people laugh as much but it is just better and more imaginative than the shows like family guy. I love the episode: 'To Hull and back' - thedoctor

Best comedy of all time.

True comedy gem by the Genius John Sullivan.

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