Top Ten Coolest Animals Ever


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The Top Ten

I actually have recurring dreams about platypuses! We went to war against a greenhouse! When you own an army of 999,999 platypuses (There were a million but my friend killed one) in your sleep, you will realise how awesome they are!


When the British settlers took the platypus from Australia to England, they thought it was a joke. Far from a joke a platypus is. A mammal with a bill? And they are cute. They lay eggs as well and they are nocturnal. Australia has a great variety of awesome animals. These are Aboriginal Australian animals.
Although they are one of a kind they are very picky creatures zoos that house them have to be very careful where they put them and what other machines and animals are around them the reason being more than half of Platypuses in captivity die. They can sense electricity which helps them hunt in murky water. Thus they any motors or other devices need to be muffled to make the Platypuses comfortable.
[Newest]Come on who does not want one they are number one.

The biggest cat in the world, the deadliest predator in the world, the most beautiful animal in the world, the most skilled hunter in the world. THE TIGER IS THE MOST AWESOME ANIMAL IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!
Tigers are very cute when they are babies
Tigers are awesome and are endangered they are so beautiful and amazing I love tigers
[Newest]Cute and grow up to be awesome

I love dragons. I love tigers too, but I really don't like lions, so I don't really like ligers. Dragons are the most famous of all mythical creatures. I'm pretty sure there's no way any other creature here except a magical Tiger or a magical elephant could destroy it.
How is a liger better they are just a lion and a tiger mixed together. If I would I would go out to the store and buy a liger right now. I say that dragons rule because they can breath fire and no other animal can do that except for humans that have adapted to it!
Dragons are probably the most interesting mythical creatures that I have ever read about. They have amazing skills like breathing fire, strength, powerful wings for flight. to be honest its my favorite of all creatures.
[Newest]EPIC mythical creatures, are in all sorts of tales by different cultures, and each one is different. They can be kind, evil, colorful, crazy, calm, anything!

: ) well they are air and flame! ( this is my made up opinion ) mythical animals not made out of flame, but control powers within it! Biggest enemy - man, and mermaids ( evil for hypnotizing and drowning everyone ) - rival, but not worst - dragons! Most of these ( MOST NOT ALL! ) amazing creatures are loyal, friendly, and determiend! I'm a kid sorry for improper spelling can talk, but are shy around humans! It pains them to touch water for the few first days but mainly eat fish. ALL I HAVE TO SAYY! BYE!
A bird sent from god
They are mythical animals made of fire. They are awesome. It is also a symbol of meny difrient things. Sorry for the spelling.
[Newest]Mythical birds made of fire are awesome! Plus, if it weren't for Fawkes the phoenix Harry Potter would be dead

It's pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a lion and a tiger mixed, bred for its skills in magic.
Lion plus tiger what else could be more cool


It can only be found in zoos because it is to big to survive in the wild. They nearly triple their mother and fathers size. I think they are amazing cats and should be respected
[Newest]It's a tiger and a lion who doesn't want one!

There so cool. and there real! I want one!

I love the way they howl, and I make characters with wolves, one's called Alfie!
Wolves have been my favorite animal for years. I don't understand why people have misunderstood them and always portray them as evil creatures. They are not! Wolves are very beautiful, loyal, and intelligent animals that deserve respect. After all, they are the ancestors of "man's best friend", so why do people hate them so much? They should definitely be on the top of the list. Why in the world would platypus be number 1? Please change it!
Wolves are so awesome! There are so many cool wolf characters like Amaterasu Wolfen Shiranui and more wolves are strong fearful protective and they are beautiful creatures! They are misunderstood by us. GO WOLVES!
[Newest]The wolf are highly majestic, running gracefully under the shining stars, where you can see it's beauty in the fullest of potential. It's warm coat and intelligent instinct are also one of its factors. A beautiful animal, which we all need to love.

7Polar Bear
Polar bears aren't boss aren't cool they are to amazing for words! All animals that don't exist example : Dragon Phoenix etc. don't count. Lions Wolfs and Tigers are nothing against this guy. Respect to the Polar Bears, May the P-bears be ever in your favor! (Watched too much hunger games)
Polar Bear = Stick a r between the p and the o to get its real form PROlar Bear Because the Polar Bear is pro, If this guys doesn't make it to at least number 3 that blows my mind because, Well yeah its a polar bear!
Polar bears are the best! Their skin is actually black, their fur is translucent (not white), and every last one of them are left handed. Definitely the animal with the most unique traits ever.
[Newest]Polar bears are adorable animals who love the cold catch fish swim they should be loved so much polar bears ROCK

The Eurasian Lynx is such a boss, I mean they can jump
Ike twenty feet on one bound! I totally agree, I even think it should be higher on the list.
Lynx, it is easily the coolest animal that could ever possibly live. Obviously. Plus it has an "x" in it's name. That's Awesome! The Whiskers plus the claws are OP.
Lynx are the best and coolest animal
[Newest]They are so cool because they have the ability to walk on snow because their feet are like snow shoes. The feet are like fingers that open and close.

9Black Panther
The coolest cat in the jungle
Prince of the wild
Actually, this is not an animal. It's a feline category. Common mistake.


[Newest]I like black panthers I have a cat that look like one

10Flying Monkey
Just the coolest, best, animal ever. I love the way it soars through the sky... When me and my family went to Tanzania we saw like this whole flock of these. It's amazing how they all fly at the same time - almost like their intelligent.
I have to do this huge project on a interesting animal is this animal even real cause I don't want to fail one of my classes because the animal isn't real
Send me a pic of one I think they are awesome

The Contenders

Okay dogs are super awesome and stuff. But what makes them that is all the different breeds! I love pugs because they are super adorable! But other people like the golden retriever or huskies or whatever. that's what makes them so great. Thanks to all the loved breeds dogs should be way higher on this list. Is a platypus a man's best friend?
I have a Chocolate Lab and A Husky. I love them. They're Intelligent. They can gob hyper and run around but they can also Relax and not be in your face all the time. I love them
Dogs are awesome there so cute cuddly and when you need someone or something to protect you there there for you and they don't call them mans best friend for no reason

Cheetahs are awesome cause of the speed hunting the look their the only big cat that can't roar and the are good hiders and the quickest land animal on earth
Cheetahs are cool because they are the fastest land animal. They are also a great hunter. They also has great eye sight.
The fastest land animal, made for speed with sharp curved claws, aerodynamic streamlined body and super camouflage. Your argument is invalid.
[Newest]Supersonic speed, enough said.

13Nile Crocodile
Okay, to start off, this list is called "Top 10 Coolest Animals", not "Top 10 Coolest Mythical Creatures", so Dragons and Phoenix don't count.
Alright it's ANIMALS not like dragons Bigfoot and the unicorn. The coolest animal ever. They have a strong mouth. It could kill a person in one swallow. All I can say. It should be number one.
Man this has to be the beast animal on the list

Crows seem to carry some sort of posh style about them, a bit like gentleman dressed in black for a ball or something like that. And they can be very smart.
Have style, represents darkness and shadows =D


They are the next closest thing to a unicorn. Your argument is invalid
They're like swimming unicorns
They are the unicorns of the sea. And they have their own song. Enough said.
[Newest]Llamas and Narwhals are the bomb

16Tasmanian Devil
They ears turn red when they're mad. Totally awesome animals. I LOVE them.
I did a report on them and they are epic. The superpowered bite is awesome!
They look so cute at most of the time

Graceful, beautiful, powerful, agile, intelligent, what more do you want?
Every time I see a leopard (like in a zoo) I kill it and make some clothes. It looks amazing, so leopard should be #1 because that's where I get leopard print from.

Why is the fox on #24 it should be #1! Foxes are so cool they are my favorite animal ever... YAY FOR FOXES!
Foxes are the best ever animals! They're quick, fast, and downright ADORABLE! Come on, who wouldn't want one of these?
Foxes are awesome. VOTE FOR FOXES!

19African Elephant
It is the by far the most strongest animal, it is able to take down trees to eat leaves and also it is not affected by any of the predators such as lions. The predators do not attack the elephant as they know they cannot
Mess with the sheer strength of the elephant.
The are the strongest mammal ever it can lift thing 20, 000 it weight
It is so big and strong and even lions king of the jungle show respect to the African elephants

20Loch Ness Monster
First of, the Loch Ness Monster is Scottish... second, it is AWESOME... without the silly barrette of course.
Awesome I'm from Ireland too!

Come on! Ducks are cute and very mischievous (in a very funny way)! :3
Whats not to love about ducks?
Ducks definitely are cute!

GO HORSES! I LOVE HORSES Horses rule! Who doesn't like horses? Horses are wonderful and I (and everyone in my family AND my best friend) think they are the best animal ever!
Horses are my favorite animal ever! They are so strong and intelligent. They are also very beautiful. I would do anything to get one!
Cool & strong animal that can even carry people and run so fast, Also one of the fastest animal in the world.

Penguin penguin I love them
Most legit little guys of all time
Penguins are awesome, smart, funny, cute 'n' cuddly and so photogenic. Besides they are majestic in their own way. Either Macho or CUTE...

24Red Panda
Red pandas are a magical mix of cat, fox, and raccoon. They eat bamboo and apples with their hands like a tiny baby and are chill all day every day. They're also the cutest animals alive.
Everything they do is cute and awesome. Best animal ever.
Red pandas should be first place. First of all, red pandas are sooo cute! Secondly, Red pandas are interesting. Last but not least, red pandas are endangered. Red pandas are sooo awesome!


25Honey Badger
Honey badgers can scare a lion. They have tough fur that helps them get into bees and they can survive 100 bee stings! They can also survive a black mamba bite and just sleep the venom off.
Honey badgers are fearless and ferocious. About half of their food is snakes.
I saw a honey badger die and come back to life

Llamas. That's all that needs to be said. They are what makes the world turn. Plus... They like flapjacks!
My dream is to spit at a lama once in my life. HOW WILL IT FEEL NOW YOU DARN LAMA!
[Newest]Just the name sounds awesome. Plus they spit is very far.

27Tyrannosaurus Rex
I think they are one of the coolest carnivore ever.
Tottaly awesome. Bad reputation giant teeth plus giant size. Two tiny arms and weighs as much as an african elephant
Well that's stupid there should most definitely not be any crazy creatures

People always underestimate the octopus. It can kill sharks, change color better than chameleons, and shoot ink! Did I mention that they have the same intelligence level as dogs.
I think this animal should in the top ten

Lions are pretty cool, but they aren't good enough to be on the top ten. Tigers are better because they don't need a pride to take down a huge buffalo. And they aren't lazy like male lions either. Lions are called "the king of beasts" simply because of their manes, which reminds people of a king's crown. But tigers are the true kings!
That is not true the the lion should be one of the top ten because what can the world do without them nothing they should be number 1 or 2
Lions are Awesome... And if a pride dosen't have a male they can't hunt elephant, giraffe and buffalo... And sides Lions in the bible are the King of Beasts...

A giant snake with monster fangs like the basilisk deserves to be in the top ten cause it's legendary and its really dangerous who doesn't love dangerous things, I mean really.
Well... theoretically it is more realistically known as the basilisk lizard and I think it can ran on water... But even that snake has a aura of awesomeness about it...
All the police straight from the underground

The mountain lion or the cougar are very good hiders. They can hide down in a rock and you won't see them. That is how they stalk alpacas.
If anyone knows the croods there is literally an owl-cat... but I do LOVE cougars
It's a silent cat...
It's like an owl and a cat mixed together.. all awesome!

32Black Mamba
They can kill over two hundred adults with just one bite! Don't mess around with these guys!
The are so cool
One of my favourite snakes... aren't they just beauties...

Who would not comment...
It may be common, but the way it runs, jumps and fools around is really adorable!

I mean... Come on now! It's got a Superguy named after it! Plus it's like an evil fluffy thing!
May I say something?
Both of these animals are intelligent animals with natural beauty and awesomeness... no need to offend them... offend yourself but not them!
Really, 33. These animals take down bears for cryin out loud?!? By the way this is the original more badass version of the honey badger. And the greatest superhero in like ever is named after one! No further explination nessesary.


[Newest]Wolverines are the best, Honey badgers suck

Being one of the prehistoric mega-beasts it is cool... you can't argue with that. The massive jaws, the strong fins and the fact that when picking food they didn't play around, get fussy, or get cowardly. Managing to get a few fossilized left overs means that they were macho survivors!
They are so huge
Giant shark is OP

36Panda Bear
O come on! 20? Pandas are so cool. They are white black, Asian, and not RACIST! I'm Asian! :D tee hee
Anyways, did you no Chinese emperors used to have pandas as pets, I'm Chinese so I no a lot bout this stuff cause I'm a smarty so I do something called RESEARCH! I VE GOT SMARTICLES! The panda represent the yin and yang forces, plus pandas are endangered and they've been on this planet for like 2-3 million years, most of the stuff on the list are all legends like the Phoenix ( hey the song... Like the legend of the Phoenix, what keeps the planet spinning... ) so pandas are awesome!
They are adorable, extinct, and are like chubby penguins!
TAKE BACK THAT EXTINCT. They are beautiful and cute... but as long as they stay non-baised... THEY ARE NOT EXTINCT.

Seals are adorable! Also, when you see a "dead seal" it is probably just sleeping, as their breathing significantly slows down to save energy.

koalas are really cool because of its cool fur as its squirts out (the oilthat the koala eats) the koala is my favorite animal in the world


The monkey should be 1st not 38th monkeys are. Way cooler than a platypus they climb trees they can grab things also dragons and flying monkeys don't exist.

40Great White Shark

Smarter than any other animal besides the human.

My favourite animal by far Go any reptile


Some falcons dive at 240mph. Cool? Yes, I think so.
Falcons are the best animals ever they even star in one of the best movies, captain America 2
Falcons are so cool they are like king of the sky and their prey have a low chance of escape as the legs of the falcon are good grippers
[Newest]The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal in the world. It is a serious predator eating pigeons and other birds.


Humans shouldn't even be on this list. Not too many cool humans these days.
Humans are one of the smartest animals on the planet.
Humans are also funny, sometimes they are drunk.
That's it!

Closest thing to a penguin. If they were a bit heavier and more aggresive they would be more sensible to launch than cannon balls.

This animal is so cool! You can even tell that I like it by my username.
I like it's horns it's got the biggest horns from the deer family

Cat are better than dogs. I mean, why be at 60? The savannah is a type of awesome breed, it's higly compared to dogs. anyway, cats are cleaner, and they make good compainions. Even though they can't learn tricks, they're still your friends. Cats are loyal, and will always be there you you too. I had a cat, that wasn't mine! And every day she'd go visit me 'cause she lives just across the street and she loves me and I'm nice to her. Her name's Puff. I bet a dog that doesn't know you would do a sweet thing. Come on people, Vote on the cat instead on any big cat or any other animal you voted on; by the way it still represents the big cats and any other cat. by the way I suggest you should also vote on dragons, snakes, and the pheonix.
The second most popular pet at 91?!
I agree, cats are better than dogs, and it's actually a fact, its just that cat owners don't feel the need to brag
[Newest]WHAT? Cats have to be 1!


51Grizzly Bear

52Tasmanian Tiger
The extinct tasmanian tiger is so beutiful


54Mimic Octopus
The mimic octopus can mimic a sea snake, a lion fish, and lots of other very dangerous animals. Since it doesn't squirt ink that is how it defends itself.


Too much aracnaphobia for my liking. I will never understand why people find them something to fear. I'm 12


I love turtles. I'm vegetarian by the way I don't mean I love to eat turtles.

There awesome and unique.
They're only the fluffiest bird in the world should be top 5
Thre like little fat fuzzy blobs of dirt with beaks'


Come on giraffes are so cool and they have long necks.

62Amur Leopard

36 hours to have sex

Zebras are AWESOME they are like horses with stripes AHH
I love zebras so much my room is zebra

Search this animal on the net. This is without doubt the strongest animal ever discovered by man. The only animal to survive in space, this animal can withstand temperatures from 100 degrees Celsius to -272 degrees which is just one degree above absolute zero. I'm telling you, this is not it. Search this animal on the net.


My favourite animal ;) and thanks to god

67Common Basilisk
It can run on water

And they taste wonderful.
I find cows very mild in personalty and are more useful in socity then a dog or cat who (under most circumstances) can't give drink and food to humans

Does that mean you love bacteria, cause it ears your trash too

They are weird but cool for me like super duper cool like super crazy. I can't stand it, there just super duper unbelievably so so cool, many cool things about them. What elese is so so so so so cool about them? HELLO I'm talking to you. They're so cool.
They're ninja birds in Far Cry 3.

Lemur's are awesome. Some of their tails are pretty long. Come on, there may be cooler animals in the world, but this one should be higher than 62.



74Raccoon Dog

Rabbit with Antlers
End of.

76Blue Macaw



Hedge hogs are adorable especially the baby's
They are cool and also cute.
My brothers girl friend is a hedge hog breeder

They are adorable, intelligent and dextrous little tricksters. Many people hate them because they are known for having rabies and digging through your garbage but the rabies thing is overblown, only a small percentage of raccoons have rabies. Also, dogs are just as capable of carrying rabies. Second, raccoons dig through garbage because urban and suburban societies were built over their home (the forest) and rather than moving elsewhere or dying out, they adapted to life around humans and their houses, so they are just looking for food where they can. Fascinating little creatures they are!


Raccoons can get into locks. Some people do think of them as pests but many of us think of them as cute. They are omnivores so they eat both plants and animals such as crayfish, snakes (like the hog nose snakes), and frogs.
For all you RACCOON HATERS out there how do like raccoons earning 80th place!?!?! HUH?!?

King Cobra is the King of all snakes... And sides their cool.

82Black Widow


84Corn Monkey

They are so cool! Its the result of mixing a male leopard with a female lion! They look kinda like spotted lions!

86Flying Squirrel

The hippo is the only animal in the river that can scare a crocodile!
Me, I love hippos! ! ! ! '!
Hippo's are beautiful, but so misunderstood. I mean misunderstood because they are only very aggresive because they want to protect their young and loved ones.
I love hippo forever

They are really cool and cute! They're pink and they have a tiny smile like come on you got to say that's pretty cool that they have a smile and there pink!
These are so ' awesome. Why is it so far down on the list?
They are so cool and pink! Haha...

Most awesome Harry Potter animal! Go Buckbeak!

I like coyotes I just wish wolves were on here and the coy wolves!
Coyotes can jump 12 feet! They can run 40 miles per hour. They eat anything!
Handsome, swift, and whip smart.

91Red Fox
There a cute animals
I almost hit a fox the other day. it way the hugest fox in the world! It was about the size of a retreiver! But trust me IT WAS A FOX!

92Leopard Gecko
Leopard geckos are so cute they even snake when you look at them
I have one of these! They're the best ever! Yesh. they are, eat that dog people!



95Box Jellyfish



98Snowy Owl
Thank you for telling what kind of owl it is.
This should be way higher in my opinion



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