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I chose omnimon because it is the strongest digimon ever!!! It is also been digivovled from the two strongest digimon Wargreymon and Metelgarurumon!!
omnimon is the strongest digimon (that is true I watch the show)
Just like Goku & vegeta fusion, wargreymon and metalgarurumon are the most epic digimon fusion ever...!
[Newest]This Pokemon have 3 head haha

Angimon is a very strong digimon
He my favorite digimon even in the show. I can't believe he died in the show he was so strong he left his partner
He is a hope of light..
Its Angemon by the way.. He is the most powerful champion level digimon ever!

Shes one of the cutest characters ever.
Shes really nice and sweet.
She is the cutest Digidestined ever. She's also cute when she was a small child in the movie. Digimon Adventure 1 version of her is the cutest!
Super cute! Shes awesome, best digidestined ever, and a very epic back story
[Newest]Sweet, smart, and cute

Hands down the strongest digimon to exist. Beelzemon is so cool. No other digimon can match up to this powerhouse! Also is he from Brooklyn? He sounds like he is. Wouldn't want to get on his bad side that's for sure!
His development and turning from a villain to a hero make him one of the better characters, not just for his power (which he admittedly has great amounts of), but also for his story arc.
Beelzemon is the coolest digimon ever why don't the creators make a special movie for him as a hero... Or his storyline from in training to mega or his origin story..
[Newest]He is a total bad-ass. by far the best Digimon ever

My Most favorite Digimon for Past, Present & Future. It can digivolve into shinegreymon (burst mode)
Argh! I forgot who all these guys are. Except for agumon the yellow dinosaur thing.


agumon can digivolve to the biggest digimon I ever seen.

To me Ken is the best character in digimon. His past is really heartbreaking and sad, and after he realised what he had done as the digimon emperor he felt sorry for everything and he was so ashamed of himself, he tried his hardest to make up for all the terrible things he had done and when the digidestined wanted him to join them he felt like he didn't deserve their forgiveness. Ken is an amazing and strong character and I really truly love him and I'm proud of him for realising all the awful things he did and trying to make up it. And it's a plus that he is very handsome.
He's so cute *-* And his german voice is the best voice ever! His story is interesting and sad... It never gets old. I love Ken


ya unless angamon is supposed to be angemon, the champion form of patamon, then its him but other than that
Wargraymon is just perfecz. He synthesis defense-attack-speed. His special move is like a planet of fire. Also most of us think that fire types are the best. He is also my favourite digimon of all.
Coolest and best ever! His attack is like spirit bomb of goku!

Who ever liked devimon before. I don't know who does but who ever does is crazy

He is my partner! This little monster belongs to Alex and nobody els can have him HAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHA! He's the best and will burn anyone who thinks otherwise BADDA BOOM! Man I love that! He's so awesome! And just wait till he's Beelzemon! Oohoohoo your in trouble!
Yay impmon! He's so kick butt and cool.


10Black Metalgarurumon

The Contenders

Keramon was pretty dank, man


Black Tailmon is obviously a superior choice; there is no better Digimon. But Tailmon may be the next best thing.
CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Gatomon is the most ADOREABLE thing in the world!
Why was she not alredy on this list she beats all the other digimon in there ultamate formas and she is so cute and a cat so she wins


15Keenan Crier

16Henry Wong
He's my favorite character in the 3rd season!


How can you not love Henry Wong?!?!?!? He is so kawaii (cute in Japanese) and he's a pro Martial Artist. He is also very caring for Suzie and Terriermon


18Yamato Ishida

19Tk Takaishi
He is so cute and handsome.

20Davis Motomiya

21Marcus Damon
Marcus was one of the coolest human characters in the digimon franchise. Come on admit it we were all getting sort of tired of the main character in the digimon seasons having goggles and marcus breaking that trend was one of the best things. But what I love the most about him is his personality due to the fact that unlike everyone else who lets their digimon do all the hard work, marcus actually throws a few punches at the bad guy.
Tugh, adventurous, Heroic, a street fighter. Those are the qualities of Marcus Damon. He's hilarious and nothing more needs to be said.


She is an ultimate level digimon with powers that surpass regular ultimate level digimon. Her celestial arrow defeat Myotismon with one hit. She can also digivolve into Magnadramon one of the keepers of the golden digiegg and is one of the most powerful mega level digimon!

24Black Guilmon





The coolest Digimon, along all de evolution line, and the holy type.
Boss digimon I love Rika too she is a tomboy! Her and Ryo are so together!
Renamon Is The Queen Of EVERY Digimon! She should be number 1

30Black Agumon


32Thomas H. Norstein

Awosome move and digivolves to a great Bug Kabutarimon. (Electro Shocker)

Tommy grew up more than any other character in the during his time in the digital world

35Venom Miodismon


37Sora Takenouchi
She's amazing! I love how she thinks about others than herself (she's a little bit like Yagami Hikari from Adventure/02). She is kind and caring and I love her! She keeps things to herself so that no one else will worry. She is sometimes misunderstood, but that's why I love her even more. I can almost see myself in her.
She's my favorite character in all of the Digimon franchise because a) She thinks and cares and looks out foe others than herself b) She keeps her worries and problems to herself (even from her best friend) c) You can see she's so friendly to the other the Chosen Children/ Digidestined and even complete strangers she's so sweeet and kind d) Even when she got seperated from the group she couldn't help but help the others in their own problems e) I can almost see myself in her! XP



40Taichi Kamiya
So cute! I like his hair, everything
We are so much like each other. but I do care for others unlike him in adventure/1




He is my favourite of the Digimon series. I always enjoyed using him in the first digimon game.

So much cooler than Myotismon, he destroyed whole moons and has a badass dragon thing as a final form!

Stronger than shoutmon, x1, x2, x3, x4 and x5 and I don't know anything that can beat it not even omnimon
"Its stronger than shoutmon- shoutmon x6 nothing I know can beat it not even omnimon"
Omnimon is powerful, but Susanoomon is the full accumulation of the elements. He quite literally cuts the planet in half. Suck it captin planet!

How can you not love this guy!?! PUMPKINMON IS SO AMAZING! HE IS MY PARTNER! When I first saw this amazing pumpkin head, I knew he was the guy for me Brittany! He is so fun! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! FROM PUMPKINMON!
He's cute in a halloweeny sort of way. And isn't he in a ultimate level or something? Seems too short to be that high in level. He looks like a pumpkin superhero with that little cape. Awww ok he is a cool pumpkin and has my vote.

Who says they have to be good, note I am basing this off her Demon Lord status, not the version in Digixros wars


50Jeri Katou
She is nice caring and lost her partner
Hey! Who put Jeri here? She is a cute kid... Till you get farther in the season... Eek! Her puppet is cute to until it starts talking without Jeri! The poor kid has the saddest life ever to begin with! Then to top it, Beelzemon happened to murder her Loved Leomon that she had for like 3 days! Great job! That didn't scar her at all! I still kind of like beelzemon though... Oh god! That poor kid! Well, she still has my vote as a great character!... :(


51Black Tailmon
Black Tailmon (alt: BlackTailmon, BlackGatomon)
Adult-level Digimon

Of all Digimon, there exists none whose power approaches that of the legendary Black Tailmon. Such is Black Tailmon's power that it caused the distortions in the Digital World responsible for the creation of the D-Reaper in the Tamers universe and for Apocalymon's appearance in the Adventure universe.

"She lives in the darkness and disappears into the darkness, a black Tailmon who walks the night. "

In short, there will never be another Digimon who will equal Black Tailmon in awesomeness.

It's a adorable boxing Shiba Inu puppy, WHOEVER WROTE THAT!


What is better then a boxing wolf

Officially the strongest digimon. So strong that his power has to be forcefully contained by the bands of fractal code that wrap around him. If he is ever released from this spell, he will destroy all of existence.




57Imperialdramon PM

Hi! This is not technorapter7. I am just here to say, Boltmon Is THE BEST digimon to ever walk ANY WHERE! When Pumpkinmon turns into this fun monster, well... WE R GOING TO Kick ALL of your BUTTS! Oh god is he beautiful! I admire this awesome Frankenstein! Boltmon & Brittany RULE DIGI- LAND! I love his axe SOOO MUCH! We will have the time of our lives! Eating cheeseburgers & going to the park & hanging with my friends! Totally have a bolt-astic time! Peace out from Brittany & Boltmon!









One of the three main Digimon in Data Squad, alongside Gaomon and Agumon.

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