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David Guetta
I think david guetta deserves to be in the top 5 because he s one of the best djs alive and made very very good songs... I
David guetta is my number 1 fan. I always listen to his music and blimey it was good. Crikey, why is he in number 3? He should be in number 1 because he deserves it. If you disagree, I'm sorry mate. He is number 1 no buts no nothing.
Is this a fake list!? Tiesto at ONE? That's so impossible with David out here! Listen to David Guetta songs! He is simply the best! Please vote David Guetta with 100% votes!
[Newest]A personality is one who is able to carry his success on his shoulders. David guetta doesn't only do that decently but his songs have the quality of of refreshing you any time you want... All we gotta do is listen..

2DJ Tiesto
he is the best DJ in the world and his tracks are very powerful amazing, he also has the ability to improvise very well
He is the best dj of all time and the first Dj to accomplish major goals before any of these Djs showed up like skrillex all he plays is dubstep boring same ass beat for years. Tiesto is the highest paid Dj in the world he has won the most awards and nominations than other Djs and is the only Dj to ever play at the OLYMPIC games, P.S armin van buuren should be over David guetta because guetta produces boring ass songs he only has a handful of songs that people actually listen to.
[Newest]Tiesto should be 1st... Best classic music DJ TiESTo

BEST DJ EVER! NO DOUBT! He should be higher than ranked fifth! MORE VOTES FOR AVICII! Plus Wake Me Up is an amazing song he did!
Dudes levels changed my life. Avicii should be at least on the top 5.
Why is avicii rank 11? He is the best dj I've ever seen! Listen to levels and you will know!
[Newest]Best In The Universe

dude you kidding me? DJ Tiesto's such a bore
and Mad Mike Metrovich... Never heard of him
joe hahn... He's such a fat-ass
man, the best is skrillex
Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites...
My Name Is Skrillex...
Benny Benassi feat. Gary Go - "Cinema (Skrillex Remix)"...
First of the Year (Equinox)...
How the hell is skrillex not number 1?! He is way better than Tiesto. He's a cool dude and he goes hard core with his music. I love the Cinema Remix, Reptile from Mortal Kombat, Bangarang, Kyoto and Ruffneck bass, First of the year! I love Sonny! He is way better than Daft Punk, that's for sure, Daft punk has totally gone downhill if you ask me. Skrillex makes the kind of music he wants to make without any crazy gimmick. And his bass drops? AMAZING


Skrillex is amazing. He actually makes pretty much all of the music in his songs, maybe with a little bit of vocals from other artists. But my point is he doesn't just make up a boring drum beat and have repeat for 3 minutes and get someone to sing over it(usually autotuned) like other Djs do. No 2 should be Joe Hahn
[Newest]Only Skrillex was deserved that place...

5Armin Van Buuren
He's considered as the best dj of all time by the djmag, the reference about Dance and Electro!
Armin Van Buuren can easily get into the top 10! He is SO awesome!


How can Mad Mike Metrovich (never heard of him) be ahead of the best dj in the world Armin Van Buurenn
[Newest]The best of all time


People, Common Hardwell at 37? That is just not fair. How is this even possible when Tiesto is at the top. Almost all tracks bu hardwell are very comparable to those by tiesto and many are even better.
HE is the best dj in world and he has the best iconic ringtone that world's best dj have to have, his music is too good that we always want to listen and last but not list he is great man too
To this day I have not heard a single Hardwell track that I don't like! Listen to How We Do, Apollo, Where have you been (hardwell remix), Encoded or Cobra, all such high quality songs
[Newest]He should be there in top 5

7Daft Punk
Because they are the best Djs in the world
how they are not #1 let alone not on the list is beyond my belief.

Best DJs ever! Because first they don't search recognition like other DJs and they hide their identity, secondly they brought French house music to the rest of the world!
[Newest]Number 5? This is insulting. daft punk are completely amazing and they redefine house, techno and electronic. enough said

I am simply astonished that he is not #1. It just amazes me. The mau5 took electronic music to a whole new level and inspired a whole new generation of DJs (myself included). Tiesto and Guetta don't even BEGIN to compare with the greatest DJ of all time!
This is number 9? The Mau5 is the KING of DJ's. David Guetta is way too mainstream, Skrillex is simply focused on loud noises... But Deadmau5 is perfect - blending slick beats, bouncy synths, prominent bass, and sick beats. If you don't know what I mean, listen to Strobe, The Veldt, Animal Rights, Faxing Berlin, and Fifths. DEADMAU5 FOR THE WIN!
How is Deadmau5 No.7. And how is Skrillex and Daft Punk not in the top 3. Avicii isn't even good. Tiesto is pretty good and David Guetta is alright. This astonishes me to see proper DJ's not in the top 3. If you like proper techno listen to Deadmau5, Daft Punk, Paul Van Dyk, Sasha, John Digweed or the bloody beetroots. Or if you like Dubstep then you listen to skrillex or if you wanna be chilled Kaskade and Moby will do it perfectly.
[Newest]Nobody Is more creative and has more musical genius than deadmau5

9Calvin Harris
Why is he so low? Calvin is the best! Please listen to his music and vote him up! His really good songs- "you used to hold me, " "feel so close, " "I'm not alone" etc.
Calvin is the best dj. Considering his his latest album, almost every track is a hit... Its very unfair to him being rated so low while he can make high quality music... Something needs to be done about this!
[Newest]As of my thinking there's no one better than him in making good music.

10Mad Mike Metrovich
Mike is gone. but played the best music and had the best dances. MISS YOU MIKE!
Mad Mike was the best, He should be back in number one, where he belongs...
amzing, amazing and amazing i just love the man THE BEST DJ IN THE WORLD LISTEN TO HIM ALLL THE TIME


The Contenders

11Swedish House Mafia
Common People, 3 amazing DJ's in one group
They deserve a top 10 spot
They will be missed
Come on... Really? Out of the top 3?
They are barely DJs, shouldn't be on the list at all.
[Newest]As a trio they deserve to be in top ten

12Joe Hahn
In fact! Joe Hahn is the best DJ ever, he can make something different with his skill in Linkin Park
The God of DJ! He is the best. Thank you Mike Shinoda for discovering him! He can close his eyes and still jam like hell!
I have never seen such an artist. Mr Hahn rocks and he is amazing in the turntables. In fact, Linkin Park is the best band in the world.
They can't be outrun and they can't be outmatched.
[Newest]Listen to Session, a masterpiece. Rock on Joe Hahn! Linkin Park rules.

Afrojack is right up their wit tiesto and guetta.
I don't know but Afrojack REALLY should be in the top 10. Damn!
Rock the house is the best song ever
[Newest]Afrojack is way better than Tiesto

What...? Zedd is not at the top 10 list. What is going on here? You People's do not have any knowledge about music. ZEDD is one of the most talented dj beside David Guetta, Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Deadmau5, Hardwell, Calvin Harris, Skrillex, Afrojack, Alesso, Swedish House Mafia, Nicky Romero etc. If You Don't Believe me Just listen to his tracks. Listen to Clarity (Featuring Foxes).
I Think Zedd should be up there in 10. He is so good he made Electro/Techno music to pop mainstream... and people who aren't in this genre can easily listen to this guys music.
Come on! This top tens must not be updated, zedd should be at least top 3. Seriously.
[Newest]Should be in top 5 for sure

15Benny Benassi
I like how he is always providing the base track for other DJs to remix. Without Benny Benassi, awesome remixes like Skrillex's Cinema would never have come to be. I do not think that he is The Best, but he should be given more recognition as an important DJ.
I agreed Benny Benassi is up there today as one of the most important dj's with the likes of David guetta, skrillex to be honest I never was much into techno but that all changed once I heard Cinema (skrillex remix) one of the best songs to grace this world
I Think Benny should be in the top 10 because he is a beast with his hits "Satisfaction" and "I Love My Sex" and he's especially a beast when he's featured in the song "Beautiful People" by Chris Brown and that's What I think! So let's bring Benassi To the Top!

16Peer Van Mladen


18Paul Van Dyk
Paul Van Dyk has got to be in my top FIVE along with the DJs that have been leading the Dj mag Tiësto, Armin Van Buuren.
He is the number 1 no doubt about that, legendary and phenomenal! He has aquired a unique status of undisputed and ever prevailing admirable one!

19DJ Khaled

20Steve Aoki
Steve Aoki at 70, really
He should at least be in the top 15
Have you ever heard his Pursuit of happiness remix, Classic
Come on guys? A light that never comes? Not even in top ten? REALLY?!
He actually does shows. Not throw up recorded Material.

21Nicky Romero
His live performances are the best ones in all festivals!
He deserves to be in the top 10's... He is just perfect

22DJ Fresh
Just reward the guy for what he's worth. HE'S very innovative
Dj fresh is amazing and he was all over the radio so how is he not in the top 10
Its gonna get louder...

23Knife Party
Knife Party Deserves a spot in the top 10> fire Hive!
Knife party is one of the most creative producers. He makes epic music. Go listen to centipede to know what I'm talking about. Easy entry into top 5 soon!
Producer of some of the best techno songs

Listen to the welcome reality album freon start to finish and you'll be blown away. Its epic

25Jam Master Jay
No one could mix and scratch like this guy. Hands down number 1.

26Ken Shelton
The greatest DJ to move a dance floor. He is in Michigan!

27Above & Beyond
Above & Beyond is behind Nero, Ken Shelton, and Hahn, let alone 17 other DJ's not named Daft Punk (Who I put at #1... ) This is a joke. They do so much for the EDM community!
On my way to heaven
Exactly. Above and least 3rd or 4th.

Atb should be number 1. He's clowned Tiesto through out their whole careers! And Armins placement is correct.

David guetta should never even be discussed with the top 30 dj's.
Atb is the best what is he doing so low 45?! This guy is awesome he is not all hype like guetta or calvin Harris who sounds like pop. Atb is classic plus more he doesn't drastically change his songs to go along with the fads. This guy should be at least number ten on this list.
He is absolutely #1 DJ of all time! I think it's the list of present time.
[Newest]Atb must be number 1

29Dash Berlin

30Martin Garrix
What is wrong with you all... Martin garrix should be at least in the top 10... And definitely in the top 3. Just listen to his songs and I'll be a fan... What didn't you guys ever listen to tremor, virus, helicopter, animals, etc. if you haven't then I bet your life is boring and lame. Vote him man come on.
Martin is a young kid who achieved his peak @ a small age lad's... He deserves to be in top 10...
What.. Martin garrix should be in top 5... Listen to his songs, he is one of the best
[Newest]Martin garrix is awesome

For me he is the best DJ I've ever seen!
He doesn't have many songs but they're very great!
You have to listen to these:

Feel The Beat
My Game
I Ran (So Far Away)
Stars (Here With Me)


Feel the beat and Sandstorm are great. I love them
Darude - sandstorm, best way to troll people
[Newest]Darude - Sandstorm. Enough said.

32Kid Leo
Great voice and personality. He knows music. I listened to him in Cleveland on WMMS. He brought a lot of new artists out and into the national and international spotlight.
This guy is crazy and does the best original mixes. No matter what song its always a different nonstop danceparty. Best dj EVER.

33Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
They should be in top 10
What they are the bloody best
The hosts of Tomorrowland! They have the best songs ever!

34DJ Aligator
His rank must be better
He was the best from2002 to 2008. I love his his musics
He is a giant of trance music

35DJ Yutaka

36DJ Nebir

37Grandmaster Flash
The worlds first dj the best mixes should be number 1


39Markus Schulz
Simply he is the best
The best djs I ever impreesed off

Basshunter is one of the most underrated artists today, he should definitely have a higher ranking. His songs are the best, everyone should give his music a try.
Now Your Gone is the best house techno song on this website but the artist is 44th?
What!? - Basshunter is awesome. Dota, All I ever wanted and now your gone are all awesome songs PLease scroll down before you vote.
No one in the whole list is greater than the greatest of the greatest DJ
(Basshunter)... So please vote him.

41Edward Maya
The best. A person with amazing and unique taste in music. Deserves to be amongst to 3.

Alesso's music is just perfect. His music is just so much pure. Don't believe me? Listen to years (vocal extended) feat. Mathew komma.
He's a new dj and he's awesome... Should listen to his songs
He is the best... In 1 year he will be in the top 10
[Newest]Swedish swag alesso the best

43DJ Aladdin


45Chris Schweizer


47DJ Kool Herc
I admire you man

48DJ Qbert


50Kid Koala

51Sven Väth

52Hard Rock Sofa

53Ferry Corsten
A true trance legend!


55Richie Hawtin

HE rocks the world and his songs are of the hook
He is just awesome

57John Digweed
I read the chat and I laughed a lot... Buy a life kids.
No, I just cried

58DJ Ko Kimura

59Laidback Luke
Should be higher on the list
Great DJ and producer with songs such as Turbulence, Dynamo, Speak Up and more

60Mark Parenteau

61Mix Master Mike
Seriously should be number 1. The best live performer I've ever seen.

62Mark Ronson


64Run DMC

65Frankie Knuckles

66DJ Honda


68Max Floyd

69Charles Laquidara

70Alice Cooper

71Paul Kalkbrenner
Impossible! He wasn't even in the top 100! He's not the Best but... Aaron!

72Larry Levan


74Felix Hernandez

75DJ Smash

76DJ Jazzy Jeff
This is hand's down the best DJ. With the exception of Jam Master Jay, the others are imitators. If you don't believe me go to you tube and type DJ Jazzy Jeff, and enjoy the results.

77Klayton (Celldweller)
Not only can this guy orchestrate awesome electronic masterpieces, his lyrical skills and vocals are unmatched, especially by other djs. How many djs do you know that sing, and not only sing, but sing well?

78Sid Wilson
He has done this since 1990 so yeah he is pretty good
Just listen to the turn ables in Slipknot's (sic)


I don't know if he's the best but he is my favourite DJ



Yet here. I think the voters are kidding. Listen to stars ass.
The dutch duo are always the best
Wanna see them in no1 place

82Rodney Bingenheimer

83Vin Scelsa

84John Peel
Seriously? Does this vote need an explanation?

85Geoff Edwards

86Michael Tearson

87DJ D-Wrek

88Lee Gray

89Paul Oakenfold
Tranceport Album. Yes it is old. I guess me too. But please tell me if some of the younger dj's have come up with such a

You got to try listen to, different, flashback and independent

91Wolfman Jack

92Robert W. Morgan

93Scott Carpenter

94Eddie O'Jay

95Clyde Clifford

96DJ Djidjo

97DJ Kaori

98Wolfgang Gartner
He should be number 1



100Danny Tenaglia
Tiesto, Steve Aoki and Guetta are better that Tenaglia? Really?

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