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221Lost Stories

Just listen to their How You Like Me Now

222Fedde Le Grand
223Dj R-BO
224Dualist Inquiry
225DJ Aqeel
226Scot Project
227Klinik Riot
230Bingo Players
231DJ Mahesh

Best Persian Dj Ever


He is very new (his most viewed video currently has 200 views). So, he isn't popular (yet :p). Here are some things I like about him though. He is 14 and has a large variety of music (dubstep, techno house, and electro house). He isn't a pro yet but he is really good...

He is I believe 13 or 14... he brings electro house, techno house, and dubstep... He doesn't quite deserve number one because he is still a rookie but he is pretty good...


These two boys came from nothing and look at them now. They should be way higher.

Not my favorite but they should be top ten. Brilliant

234Antoine Becks

I am go smacked to not see Antoine on this list. There are no words to describe his amazing talent. For shame. Forever a Beckster.

235DJ Black Coffee
236ArtyV1 Comment
238DJ Mladja
239DJ Vujo
240Otto Knows
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