Top Ten Dream Cars

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The Top Ten

Lamborghini, Murcielago LP640
To compete with Ferrari, Lamborghini has always gone a bit wild.
Looks to die for. The terrorizing sound of 640 Italian horses. The sheer power from that legendary V12.
And it is a TRUE Lamborghini.
As insane and exciting as life gets.
Ha! I KNEW Lamborghini would make it to the top. I had a gut feeling. I searched it up: Mercielago was a bull that survived 24 bull strokes. The matador chose to spare the bull's life, and this was a rare honor. Yes. Owning a Lamborghini such as this one,... IS A RARE HONOR.
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2Bugatti Veyron
1001 horses 1.24 mill 2nd fastest car in the world it is a dream car for everyone it looks better than a ferarri enzo one of the best quality cars in the world
bugatti veyron is the most expensive car 1.2 million dollars
Personally I would have the Veyron SS as Number 1... LP640 w Vould be in my Top 10 definitely, absolutely stunning and beautiful car, Audi R8 V10 as well, just stunning, and also, GT500 Super Snake...750HP... Oh my flippin word!


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3Ferrari Enzo
I totally agree. I think this is cooler than any other car listed above. I wish I could have one, then again, it has bad mileage.


Wow! Can't believe it is 15th. Should be in the top 5
My dad's got the red Ferrari. He's a surgeon
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4Audi R8
the best car in the world. no car can match its beauty
One of my favorite vehicles, it's a definite must have in your garage. I tip my my hat to German engineering.
The only supercar on planet earth that's easy to drive. The V10 makes a beautiful sound, and it is "cheap" for a supercar.


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5Aston Martin DB5

most beautiful machine ever built

Although not the most beautiful, this machine has an immeasurable level of class and quality. Also, it is surprisingly modest and therefore a true gentleman's car.

6Koenigsegg Agera R
I adore it; Veyrons and Ultimate Aeros are just obsolete!
I love it because it's fast, well equipped, sleek, beautiful inside and out, has some of the best technology, and is excellently finished and sophisticated.
I love the sound of the upcoming Koenigsegg One:1; named after its power-to weight ratio (1250bhp, 1250kg)!
The Koenigsegg Agera R is so fast and every guy would love to have a very fast car I think so I pick this car cause the speed and the look.
Every detail have its own aerodynamical advantages. When it comes to look and speed, Bugatti gets beat out by this work of art.
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7Pagani Huayra
No doubt that the Huayra is better than the Zonda in every possible way.
I saw the Zonda and thought, OK. I then saw the Huayra and thought, impossible to beat.
Although, I also love Koenigseggs; the Agera R and the upcoming One:1, which has as many horsepowers as it does kilograms!
This is more then a super car. This is pure Italian quality. Simply the best
Simply Awesome, I Absolutely adore this car, should be in to p three
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8Ford GT
It is hard really to start describing the FORD GT... But it all started from its origins... The Legendary FORD GT40! This car needs no introduction and to do a New car reflecting on the original GT40 is a bit like... Jesus Having a Son! The Ford GT was bestowed with the Highest of the Responsibility... To simply live up to the Name! How could the Son of the Son of GOD be Better than the Son of GOD Himself? But you know what... Hell It Has! The Charisma this car possesses is second to none! And there is no way anyone can argue about the fact that... It is the Best looking Car... In the World! The FORD GT is such an Extraordinary... I was going to say Machine... Because unlike any other machine, This one has something that not many have...
It has... How to put it... Emotion, Passion, Excitement, Porno-graphical Attributes, Love, Warmth, Respect, Grandeur...
It Has... A SOUL!
ford is the best and I loved this car ever since I was little
The greatest american car of all time. And arguably the greatest car ever of all time
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9Pagani Zonda
Everything you want in a dream car and more...
This car is perfection on wheels. Not to mention it has the fastest ever lap time on Top Gear.
Pagani Zonda Revelucion is awesome 800 hp and lighter than an mx5 this car is boss. If it lapped the nurburgring it would be even faster than its predecessor the Zonda R (which is the fastest car ever to lap the nurburgring with a 6:47) because it has more hp and weighs even less. "Perfect".

10Rolls-Royce Phantom
this team was such a success in their past they may have not had a very good 2010 but the made it to the playoffs every year since 2001 and they have the best finisher in mls of all time taylor twellman and they have steve ralston who is the all time leader in asstists and joseph is the best center defensive mid and reis is the best goalkeeper in mls
It is the ultimate beast of luxury, elegance, style and has a class of its own. An ultimate dream car for everyone who wants a car which is beyond a level of comparison. The Rolls Royce is fully handcrafted, and even though the bill is large, there cannot be a better standard of a car.
My ultimate dream car!
if someone came up to me and said you can have any car in the world today. I would have this by far what other car can you think of that has a computer a tv and 4 dvd players bmw really does make the best cars


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The Contenders

11Koenigsegg CCX
0-60 in 3.2 seconds. 800 horsepower
Oh yeah. Can beat a Ferrari all day.


Quick but I like agera better

12BMW M3
It is very good! It's just experience I've got one of these babies rite here in my big fancy house I recommend it to everybody!

Poor and Rich even if you can't afford it!
Did you the front of the car! The front looks like the one dodge charger. You compare allot with the dodge charger.
Coolest best looking car in history
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13Aston Martin 77

14Lamborghini Reventon
its the best car ever it can go 200 freakin mph its a muscle car mixed with a lambourhghini
the lamborghini reventon is the best car ever made


So awesome it goes so fast!

15Porsche Carrera GT
Porsche are the best cars ever, and the Carrera is a superior car.
The sound is amazing, the design is amazing and it is a very very fast car which makes it a complete car, and one more thing to add is that this car can be driven easily in traffics and in the city not only on the highways like ferrari and lambo.
Pure beauty, speed, engineering, and porsche. Need I say more? I don't think so

Class Means this, Its All About Porsche. Speed engineering luxuriousness all together create this.. Sure Its Not a Car Its A Porsche.
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16Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4
It is faster then he murcielago and designed better IT IS GREAT I like it more from all the lamborghines and I like ferrari 458 and mercedes slr
Should have been on top, far better than others... An awesome car...
Brilliant car that v12...
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171967 Mustang
Man just the most amazing machine!

18Nissan Quest
I had one of these vans. I love it.
I got kids to haul!

19Mclaren F1 GT
This car is rare, fast as hell and beautiful. Most of the other cars on this list are too common and don't possess that legendary quality.


Can't believe this wasn't already on the list!
british and sexy what more do you want


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20Shelby Mustang GT-500
Classic American muscle cars are the BEST cars out there, not just this one. The Lamborghini Murcielago can't compete with these cars; they're BOY cars, not cars built for men. Besides, Lambos' don't do well with ladies and are WAY overpriced. The Lamborghini is just a name, not a car worth the drive, seriously they are uncomfortable. The Shelby GT-500 and GT-350 are the most iconic muscle cars in the world along with the 67-69 Camaro and the small Shelby Cobra, capable of scaring the crap out of a professional driver.
An iconic car from the USA! A thing of beauty, the power, the looks, the presence this car has everything! Even a noob in the automotive industry will take a second look at it! Think about how much attention and women you might have! :-O
I have been into mustangs since before I started drive with my first being a '66 coupe. Always dreamed of having a 67gt500 like in the remake of gone in 60 seconds. My favorite modern gt500 is the gt500kr they released in the late 2000's. Awesome cars.
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21Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
No Way you can fault this car! The SLR rules!
The engine sounds of true power. 0-60 in 3.4 seconds and top speed of 210 mph. The fastest automatic car in the world

22Ferrari F430 Spider

23Dodge Charger

Old or new baby, I don't care!


the R/T or the New Charger?
I don't care, both of them are georgeous.

1969 or 1970. With the nice blower Fast and Furious style!


24Jaguar E-Type Series 1
The E Type is one of the most beautiful cars in the world, it is very fun to drive and has a soul in it. When it was new it costs 3 times than the Aston Martin with similar performance.
Faster than a Ferrari from that time, cheaper, and more beautiful. Even Enzo Ferrari said so. This is the best car from the 1960's and the most beautiful of all time.
Stunningly beautiful, quick, and impacted car design. Its still the best looking car ever made.
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25Lamborghini Veneno
Its worth makes it really a dream!

26The Bat Mobile
Wouldn't it be fun to own the Bat-Mobile? You could use it to solve all the crimes in your city, not get yelled at for dressing up like a superhero and bragging to your friends that you own the Bat-Mobile.

27Lamborghini Gallardo
Its the best car I have ever seen and it is very beautiful powerful and comfortable car in the world

28Dodge Grand Caravan

29Lamborghini Egoista

302014 Corvette Stingray

311973 Corvette Stingray

32Porsche 918 Spyder

33McLaren P1
As far as I know, this car is completely different thing on earth. This car is a new type of movable things for man kind.

34Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce

35Gumpert Apollo

36Lexus RX

37Ferrari 458

38Hummer H2
Best limo in the world probably best car in the world its like a masion on wheels (and with neons) usa make the best car in the world


39Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

40Pontiac GTO

Old or new. Either way, it's a GOAT!

41Lamborghini Murcielago GT-R

42Mercedes - Benz CLK-GTR
Lots of heritage behind its wheels.
Should be #3 at least

43McLaren MP4-12C

44Maserati MC12

Around 30 MC12s will be built in all, 25 of which will be for road use. A second series of 25 examples for clients will be built in 2005 also.

45Mazda Furai
Coolest car I've ever seen. should at least be in the top 5


46Toyota Tacoma

47Nissan Skyline GT-R
A living legend... Price-per-speed ratio, it beats all... not forgetting the fact that, well, it's like entering a PS3 rather than driving a car
If you got one it'd have to be the skyline gt-r r34, the best import car of all time
0-100 2.8 seconds, eat that lambo and Audi
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48Saab 9-3 Turbo X

49Spyker C8 Spyder
A serious, sensible Dutch car. Yeah, right...

50Porsche 911 GT3


51Volvo 240

52Dodge Viper
come on I can't believe this isn't in the top ten this car rocks
My dream car since I was little. Its one of the worlds fastest cars but its still under $100000.
8.4 Liter V10, 3.7 0-60, 205 mph top speed, whats not to love?
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53Ferrari 350 Modena

54Mitsubishi Evo
My dream car. Best tuners car, for drag racing, rallying, and track days. Has powerful turbo engine and looks nice.

55BMW Z4

56Porsche 911

57Mini Cooper
my dream car... this should be at the ver top!


Mini cooper s should be #1..the best of all time

58Lotus Elise

59Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG

All Benzes are great, especially the S class (for luxury), but this is the Rolls Royce of German cars.

60Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

61Pagani Zonda F

62TVR, Tuscan

British supercar at its best

63Subaru WRX STI

Greatest rally car out there! Corners better than any other super car and still remains extremely practical and only has a 2.0 litre engine! That is truly remarkable

64SSC Ultimate Aero

65Ferrari F40
Probably the best car ever made

66Maybach Exelero

one of the most expensive cars $8m a rip off but awesome


67AC Cobra
Actually looks like a muscle car. The curves remind me of a bountiful woman that deserves respect. Looks good in any solid color with or without racing stripes.
Get the Shelby AC Cobra. Whiplash here we come...


68Mercedes SLS AMG Black
This is the most sexiest car ever

69Ford F150 Raptor

70Hamann Ferrari F430 Spider

The engineers of sports-car specialist HAMANN have designed a comprehensive aerodynamics package for the Ferrari F430, taking up elements from motorsports and simultaneously presenting pure understatement.

71Ascari KZ1
Beautifully designed, hand-crafted and built to exceptional standards, the exclusivity of the Ascari KZ1 is assured by the creation of only 50 cars.

72Reliant Robin
One of the funniest cars in the history of automobiles HA HA HA

73Mitsubishi FTO

74BMW Isetta

75Alfa Romeo MiTo

76Toyota Supra

77Mako Shark

78Chevy 454SS Pickup
Laugh out loud prius

79Toyota Prius
My favorite car (Prius) should be at least in one of the top tens
I'm all for the environment

80Audi RS4

81Lamborghini Diablo

82Noble M600

83Bentley Continental Flying Spur

84Honda VFR-1200F

85Fiat 500

86Ferrari F50

87Chrysler ME Four-Twelve

88Tata Nano
So gorgeous greatest car. Everybody can't buy. Its my challenge

Its not a car its a jet. Can anyone guess its top speed. Its 1228km per hour.

90Old Cutlass 442 convertible

91Nissan Pivo

92Aston Martin Vanquish

93Volkswagen Beetle

94Toyota Alphard

95Vector Avtech WX-8

961988 Mazda RX-7 / 454

97Volkswagen Type 2

98Messerschmitt KR-200

99Carver One

100Jeep Wrangler

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