Top Ten Duran Duran Songs

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The Top Ten

Come Undone
I love every one of the songs on this list! All really good... I love duran duran all of them are adorable... I have to say the reflex should be on here in the top three... Definitely better than hungry like the wolf but not as good as come undone.. The reflex should at least be second it so good and hyped up I absolutely LOVE IT!
this was the song which introduced me to duran duran in the early 90s. I was about 13 years old. still love listening to it now! one of my faves.
Drums, Melody, Lyrics... Haunting & Just Amazing!


[Newest]This is probably one of the best songs they've ever done.

2Ordinary World
Extraordinary song from an ultra extraordinary band... this song is too much good for this ordinary worl... Everyone is my world, I don't cry for yesterday, cause there is an extraordinary band called duran duran
The lyrics in this song are very inspiring. I sometimes listen to it every day cause it helps me get through the hard times.
It has the sweet lyrics and killing melody... that's a perfect combination.
[Newest]This song is quite popular, it really makes you think.

3The Chauffeur
haunting and nostalgic! I like that it's not one of their big hits and only die-hards are really committed to it.
it's simply the best, but save a prayer comes very very close
It's a song that remains in your head forever once you've listened to it.
[Newest]This song's melody could fit to a horror movie, it's also great.

4Hungry Like The Wolf
This song made me a fan of duran duran. Simple guitar riff, synth and bass. But still it's the catchiest song of duran duran. And one of the best songs ever made.
Duran Duran is an artist and then there still alive. Hungry Like The Wolf lyrics she said. Hungry Like The Wolf goes Dark in the city, night as wire and then chorus
-Amazing, Duran Duran is so amazing and I can't believe that people don't listen to them or care for them any more and now they listen to rubbish like Ed Sheeran nowadays?
[Newest]Best song ever to drive with

5Girls On Film
Listening to it right now! Brilliant tune and always reminds me of Ashes to Ashes!
And not because of the video either. Honest! Liked that close up shot of the oil though. Anyway, this one is very catchy. This track was stuck in my head for so long, it ain't funny. One of the most interesting songs of the 80s for me, in terms of production. A very unique sound indeed.
difficult to top this song.
[Newest]See them walking hand in hand across the bridge at midnight

This is probably my all time fave of theirs. I think the reason why I love it so is because it was probably their first song and video that I saw and just instantly fell in love with that video. You can see their fun side, their glamorous side and hear all the musical layers wrapped up with that first giggle! I love watching them play it live, because you can see how much they love playing it. Even though I adore some of their lesser known songs like "Palomino" and their version of "Watching the Detectives", this song does it for me!
Rio and Duran Duran are Called Bands are 4 Players each person Who Sings the song Like Dirty Little Secret The All American Rejects are a Band (Movie Version
I wonder what happened to rio is she still on that boat. Or is she dancing on the sand. how much do they mant me to write. Sometimes less is more guys. GAWDH!

7The Reflex
I can easily dance to this song, even though I'm a poor dancer. The music is funky and fresh. The lyrics are kinda stupid, but they match the sound of the song.
The Reflex has the best combination of all the members. The best guitars of Andy, an Heave bass of jhon, the force of roger's drums, the unlimited imagination of nick and his fingers, and the wonderful combinations of the simon's voice. They will never cuoud superate this song.
Killer, nothing more to say...

8New Religion
There are more worthy tunes to be in the top 10

9A View to a Kill
A view to a kill one there greatest hits. There first number 1 song in the U.S.A. and 1st number 1 james bond theme song. One of there unique song ever.
This song was the only reason that A View to a Kill wasn't considered the worst Bond Movies ever
Love it Love it Love it, I went to the Eiffel Tower last year and was remembering the video.

10Save A Prayer
On my "relax" playlist on itunes, this is amongst the most often played. Loved the keyboards especially at the end. Beautiful music video as well.
My fave Duran Duran song. Beautiful song.
Amazing song. One of the best.
[Newest]Wow great song ever

The Contenders

11The Wild Boys
The Arena album is without a doubt one of their BEST albums
Duran duran's best song..
I just love that song a lot
[Newest]Awesome song love it all time favorite

I enjoyed this period where the guys wanted to be more funky and have a harder edge to their music. However, a lot of people who were loyal fans of the poppy, Duran Duran were not too thrilled with the the album "Notorious" and the its title track. I thought it was a tremendous album and a tremendous song.
I am adding this one to the list. This song rocks and is their best.

13Finest Hour
This song is one of my favourites that they have ever done.

14Careless Memories
Their best, most overlooked single. Also one of the best live tracks ever.
When DD released their first album their music were an excellent mix of rock, new age and pop. They lost 50% of it on the second album and 50% more on the third one. Too bad.

15All You Need Is Now
Classic Duran. They remembered the sound
That made them famous.


17To the Shore

18Friends of Mine
Timeless quality. Nicks finest work

19Night Boat


21Planet Earth

22Bedroom Toys

23New Moon On Monday
Admittedly, it took me a while to get into this one. A cool melody. And I don't care if the band hates the video, I like it a lot!
WHAT?! How could this be #30?! It needs to be in the top ten, definitely
Definitely should be higher,

24Lady Xanax

25Is There Something I Should Know?
This is my favourite Duran Duran song. All of there songs were classics but this, The Reflex and Hungry Like The Wolf are my top 3. It's massively underrated this song I think, and this was their 1st number 1 so one of the biggest hits. Also the video is great. The guys look real smart and it's highly addictive. Thanks Simon, John, Roger, Nick and Andy and remember guys, you're about as easy as a nuclear war!
Still contemplating doing a lip-sync music video to this song. I got a definite spot for this one. Favourite music video of the band for my taste. The opening is the most addictive bit. With those heavy drums. "Please, Please tell me now! " DUN DUN!
I. LOVE. THIS. SONG. And so should you! Definitely in top 10 by a mile! PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME NOW! IS THERE SOMETHING I SHOULD KNOW! :D

26What Happens Tomorrow
The original lineup with Nile Rodgers production. I highly rate this DD track from 2003.
Great song very Duran

27Sound of Thunder
First recorded song from DD. 2:20 killer synth!

28A Matter of Feeling

29Anyone Out There
Should have been their second single in my opinion. 30 years down the line I still enjoy this track on the debut album the best!

30Tel Aviv

31Do You Believe In Shame?

32Falling Down
This one of Duran Duran's best. Should be in the Top Ten.
This is an epic song folks... Too bad it came from the underrated RCM album, should be higher up this list!

33Faster Than Light

34The Man Who Stole a Leopard
For sure this song should be in the top ten, really exciting from the very first note and such a lovely story! Come on vote her up!
Unusual and thrilling thing, lyrics and story about the leopard girl are very romantic. One of the best Duran Duran song!
Best Duran song in thirty years. Reminiscent of the Chauffeur and a great story. Classic Duran Duran.

35Beautiful Colours
Even though this song was not finished its really really really good.

36Girl Panic!

37Lonely In Your Nightmare

38Skin Trade
The funkiest. The most addictive. The greatest Double D song for me. Released in 1987, it was the second single from Duran Duran's Notorious album. Have never heard a good argument as to why it can't be considered the best. And not to mention, that SAX!

39Union of the Snake

40Leave a Light On
Are you all kidding me? This like one of the best Songs ever!
Agreed - a fantastic song. Top 5?

41Big Bang Generation

The most beautiful piece of music in C minor in the world, just after Beethoven 5th's


44All She Wants Is
I personally think this song should be number 1, not number 43, but that's of course my opinion.

45Election Day
I've never even heard of this song, but it sounds good.

46Shadows On Your Side

47Electric Barbarella
Lovely song! It's really mesmerizing and every time I listen to it, I can't help but go back to the 80's and relive my memories as a Duran Duran fan!
Best video of all times and an extremely uplifting thang!

Great, simple, catch tune...
What is this song doing at #50?!? Serious song for die hard fans (b-side to union of the snake, I think)
Most underrated song, from forgettable DD era

49I Don't Want Your Love

50Secret Oktober
Their finest and most under-rated song... written in one night and could have done with having an extra verse. As a consequence it is a tad too short.

51American Science

52Out of My Mind
You're all mad - this is classic. Top 3 at least

53Playing With Uranium

54Starting to Remember

55Winter Marches On

56Working the Steel


58White Lines

59Perfect Day

60Someone Else Not Me

61My Own Way

Mediterranea shows the sentimental and incredibly immersive side of Duran Duran. It's blissfully unique descriptive and a perfect melodic mix of guitar chords, fine vocals and an assortment of other musical apparatus make this one of Duran Duran's finest musical compositions. Immeasurable and Unquestionable quality here.
Such brilliance must not be shunned unto the darkness, emancipate the greatness!

63Michael You've Got a Lot to Answer For

64So Long Suicide

65Blame the Machines

66See Me Repeat Me

67Sin of the City

68Pop Trash Movie

69Before the Rain

70Ball of Confusion

71Crystal Ship

Should be Number 1

73Faith In This Colour

74Want You More

75I Believe / All I Need to Know
Not only duran duran's, it's all times' best song!

76Late Bar
Outstanding old school Duran Duran

77Late Bar
Outstanding old school Duran Duran

78(Come Up and See Me) Make Me Smile

79The Sun Doesn't Shine Forever
Why is this not their best song?

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