Top Ten Female Rockers


Beginning with the 70s to today, count down the top ten female rockers. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Ann Wilson
Absolutely agree, if wasn't for Ann & Nancy Wilson. The heavier genres wouldn't be what they are today. But I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Runaways, with greats like Lita Ford & Joan Jett. Even though they didn't have near as many hits as Heart. They too, paved the way for women in the harder genres.
Every female rocker on the planet owes Ann and Nancy Wilson immense gratitude for kicking open the door so that they may follow. If Heart weren't around, Joan Jett, Patti Smith, Pat Benatar, The Donnas or The Bangles wouldn't be around either. No mystery here:These Rock Legends need to be in the Hall of Fame.
Ann Wison is the number 1 female rocker nobody comes close and still touring at 60 she rocks
[Newest]Saw her live, she was amazing. I really do love Joan Jett but Ann is just unreal

2Janis Joplin
I don't understand this. What Janis brought to the world of rock and roll no one above her in this list was able to. Janis Joplin was ranked Number 28 in The Rolling Stones Greatest Artists of All Time, and I have not seen nay of the others on this list. Janis Lyn Joplin, "The Queen Of Rock and Roll, " as well as ""The Queen of Psychedelcic Soul, would've been better recognized if it weren't for her untimely, tragic death before the release of Pearl, which was to be her biggest breakthroguh yet. She soared through the 60s and the 70s and anyone who saw her live, knew of her strength and power on strong, the way she knocked you straight off your chair with her presence, even though she was known to be an insecure, vulnerable girl. Her music is timeless, her voice was one of a kind and so powerful. She has the diversity and the right to be classed as Number One on this list, just as her friend Jimi Hendrix was ranked number one for greatest Artists of All. I'm sorry, but she was beautiful and wonderful and she deserves this more than anyone else on this silly list. Good day.
She brought more power, depth and passion to her singing than anyone before or after her. She fully expressed the pain and longing, strength and fragility of the women of her generation, and her music and message is as powerful today as it ever was.
Those Top 10 on this list are cool, but nowhere NEAR the caliber of the following: Janis Joplin, Lita Ford, Joan Jett... With exception to Lzzy Hale. She will be an Icon in the future!
[Newest]#1 with out question

3Amy Lee
Amy Lee is such an amazing talented female singer she has such a calm beautiful stunning voice I love all her songs they are truly amazing


She has really good lungs. She can hold out a note without it sounding like she's from the opera. She rocks!
She is the only person on this list that is classically trained in piano, Sings operatically, Throws rock music behind that, and makes it work. She is a beautiful rockstar. She definitely deserves it!


[Newest]Cutest singer ever. Look, look! She is so cute 😊!

4Joan Jett
Bad Reputation, Crimson and Clover, Cherry Bomb, I Hate Myself for Loving You, Love Hurts, and (the classic) I Love Rock 'N' Roll. I LOVE HER!
Joan Jett is one of the only women who are repeatedly called the "Queen of Rock" throughout their career. She is the only "Godmother of Punk. " At least she will always be featured as one of the top female rockers! She and Lita Ford practically invented the thought of female rockers!


Joan Jett is THE QUEEN of rock n roll! I've been a fan for over 25 years and no one rocks harder and with as much heart as she does. You can see, feel, and hear her rock n roll soul in all her music! There is no one who rocks better, harder, longer than Joan Jett!
[Newest]True Rock and Roll!

5Pat Benatar
According to Billboard, she is the most successful female solo rock artist. Her voice was as powerful as Whitney Houston, she still would have been out even if Heart came out a few years earlier.


Pat Benatar still has the pipes!

6Nancy Wilson
Nancy Wilson is awesome. I was suprised to see her here and that people know her. I love her songs "I Can't Make You Love Me", "Don't Ask My Neighbors" and "Don't Let Me Lonely Tonight". Her voice in concert is amazing.

7Alanis Morisette
Awesome voice. Truly original. She should be in the top 5! Jagged Little Pill alone should put her higher on this list
Very original, totally rocking chick. Needs to be higher.
I agree with someone else's comment here. She should be in the top 5. She's paved the road for current female rockers.

8Grace Slick
This list is disgraceful. Half of these women ARE NOT "Rockers"!
In the spirit of this list, I vote for Maria Callas. She has a better voice and is more popular than anyone listed here!
Avril Lavigne, indeed!
This is rock, not pop.

9Hayley Williams
Hayley Williams is so awesome. She is very talented at a very young age. I have so many friends who are fans of her great powerful music.
Hayley knows how to rock the world! She leads a band to success! She is number one to me.
Her voice is amazing! Paramore is still great now because of hayley still in the band. She's better than avril no matter what
[Newest]Hayley Williams is perfection.

10Taylor Momsen
It's Taylor! She has the greatest voice and style. Her voice is so awesome. And I usually listen her live. Her voice is so raw and amazing. Even more experienced singers can't sing like her live. GO TAYLOR!
Her voice is close to Courtney Love's voice. Also, she's just a teenager.

The Contenders

11Avril Lavigne
She's awesome pop rock artist she's got All different sides to her and you can be in a hyper mood or in a sad mood and listen to her she can be crazy proper rock and she still helps out with her charity!
Avril it's the punk-rock princess, a drama queen. She's the best damn thing that our eyes have ever seen! By a little black star forever! ♥
Damn damn damn
Why everybody not vote
This this this
I wish you vote here..

I think avril have quality to reach top 3 on this list, her voice, look, and songs, is so damn good..
[Newest]Easy winner come on people get f-ing voting for miss lavigne here

12Stevie Nicks
She has quite a bit of achievements. She was the only Female Rock Star to have a number 1 album with a group (mirage) and solo (bella donna) she worked her ass off, and it about killed her
Love the unique raspiness of her voice. She was Fleetwood Mac. Stevie rocked and ruled the 80's.
Steve nicks is undoubtably the goddess of rock! Yeah she doesn't rock the hardest but every word she writes and sings has the most feeling and rawness than any others musician ever

13Lee Aaron
This Canadian Metal girl turned jazz woman has out-of-this world vocal ability. She is way underrated.


14Lzzy Hale
Equal to many of the top men.
She definitely deserves to be on the top of the list. A true rock goddess.
If anyone belongs above her on this list, maybe it's Joan Jett. Otherwise, she should be at the top.

15Patti Smith
To the idiot that said Patti wouldn't be around if it weren't for Heart, Patti came out before Heart did.

16Lacey Sturm
It's a huge decision between Lacey, Hayley, and Amy for me, but I have to say Lacey because she has heart and passion, and even though she's taking time off music to take care of her child and be with her family, she still cares about her fans. She's easily one of the most inspirational female rock stars ever.
YES! I LOVE flyleaf. One of the most amazing bands in the world. She has a voice like no one else and can scream better than any other female I have heard yet.
Best singer I ever heard. I hope she makes music until it hurts her too much to do it.

17Elena Siegman

18Tarja Turunen
She is a diva.. Her talents, her passions and her voice absolutely awesome.. She is better with nightwish but she is doing well lately.. No one can beat her headbanging
She is gorgeous! She is the truly metal queen with amazing voice! No one can compete her passion in music..

19Debbie Harry
Gave new wave a face. Pure attitude.
Loved her then and now!


20Suzi Quatro
Are you kidding me?
A list of female rockers and no Suzi Quatro, this is sacrilege, How in God's name did you forget Suzi?


22Darby Mills

23Jen Ledger
She's sexy, a good drummer, and a good singer. Anything more to say?
Everything about her is awesome
Jen is the best.
First, she Sings and plays the drums, no one else on this list does that.
Plus she is such an awesome person and a great role-model. She probably head bangs more then any of these other people on the list.

24Courtney Love

25Chrissie Hynde
Chrissie is such a badass. Not to mention one of the best singer/songwriters in rock, with some genuine guitar chops as well.
For over all Rock 'n Roll attitude this woman is the best. She looked like she could kick your butt and then sing about it.


For overall rocker chops, I think Chrissie has it all: good singer/songwriter/can handle an ax.
[Newest]She's special, so special - Give it to me!


26Shirley Manson

27Ellen Foley

28Wendy O'Williams
Is most likely the most raunchy performer this world has seen. She puts Lady Gaga to shame, even though she is no longer with us. As the lead singer of The Plasmatics, she stormed the stage with a chainsaw and wore whipped cream for a shirt.


29Kelly Osbourne
The daughter of the guy who practically created heavy metal; Ozzy Osbourne!
I love her dad, the great, the amazing, OZZY OSBOURNE!

30Alana Myles

31Mika Nakashima
she rocks. she starred NANA and its great


32Christina Scabbia
Lacuna Coil Lead Singer!

33Sheryl Crow
Really, no Sheryl Crow? I think Sheryl Crow's got it going on over Kelly Osbourne, Demi Lovato, or even Kim Carnes. Thanks for adding Nina Hagen, even though I wouldn't call her a rocker. Bonnie Raitt is a fantastic guitarist, but I hesitate to call her a rocker... maybe Blues-inspired rock. Thanks for the list.

34Melissa Etheridge

35Patty Smyth
The underrated singer that first lead Scandal to fame and then had some success on her own. Listen to Goodbye To You, Love's Got A Line On You, Beat Of A Heart, Warrior, Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough, Downtown Train. The woman has an amazing voice!!!
Come on, not only is she awesome, she spawned R.E.M. !
She also has a very unique voice and did not conform to any sort of gender role.

36Tina Turner
With a comeback that would become known around the world, Ms. Turner has dominated almost ever genre there is but she is known to many as the "Queen Of Rock & Roll".


She owned it like no other. The heart of Rock is in struggle. She has evolved over her life to embody the heart of rock.
She sang "River Deep - Mountain High, " for pete's sake. She clearly should be number one, it makes no sense to see her all the way down at 35 :(

37Bonnie Tyler
The Queen of power ballads, the rasp she gets is reviled on by joplin. How she is not at the tip I don't know. Hits like holding out for a hero, its a heartache, and total eclipse of the heart. She has such pure emotion to her voice its insane and unmatchable
THE female rocker should be number 1 on every list

38Linda Ronstadt

39Marie Fredriksson
With many hits, this lady along with Per Gessle has taken rock to another level.


Today is 30-May-13, so I'm voting for, and wishing Marie a Happy Birthday!

40Demi Lovato

41Ellen Shipley
Great performer with fantastic songs!
Fantastic songwriter, performer--the best live performer delivers her songs with conviction, passion, sincerity and fire! Audiences loved HER!

42Brody Dalle
Brody Dalle inspires me so much, I started playing guitar because of her and Courtney Love, Brody Dalle is definitely a better musician than Hayley Williams or Amy Lee (I don't mention others on top ten because either I don't know them or they are legends). In my opinion Brody should be number 1. The Distillers were amazing!


43Ruby Starr

44Gwen Stefani
She's not rock and she sucks

45Karin Axelsson

46Sharon Den Adel
She has such great voice, and the band always has amazing songs! Deep meaning... perfection!

Propably the best and most unique.

48Bonnie Raitt

49PJ Harvey

50Sinead O'Connor

51Dolores O'Riordan
Definitely talented. Singer/songwriter/guitarist/ keyboardist/ pianist


52Nike Ardila
Another lady rocker from Indonesia: Nicky Astria, Anggun, Mel Shandy, Inka Christie
Lady rocker from indonesia, she is a legend


The lady rocker legend forever..


53Annie Lennox
Iconic, beautiful voice, captivating presence, expressive face, and some of the best music videos I have ever seen.


54Johnette Napolitano

55Lene Lovich

56Patti Scialfa

57Nina Hagen
She is bold and wild (her voice, her look, her presence. ) She mixes punk and rock with operaic vocals, and has a distinctive and unique sound. She is known as the Mother of Punk. Her voice can do anything.


A real vocal monster.
Fearless, outstanding and totally true to herself; everything a great rocker needs.
Nunsexmonkrock is by far one of the most unique and best albums ever recorded

58Simone Simons

59Meg White

60Florence Welch

She's in the band Mindless Self Indulgence, and she's married to Gerard Way aka the best, hottest rock star ever!

62Rachel Sweet

63Genya Ravan


65Linda Perry

66Ayumi Hamasaki

67Charlotte Hatherley

68Kim Carnes

69Laura Branigan

70Beth Ditto

71Cassadee Pope

72Karen O
Have you seen her on stage? Waay more enthusiasm and energy than Avril Lavigne and Haley Williams combined!


73Mariska Veres

74Casey Lee Williams

75Sandy Casey

76Anette Olzon

77D'arcy Wretzky
I love her! The Smashing Pumpkins are one of the greatest bands ever! And it blows my mind how she's been treated equally all these years, and everyone thinks of her as a great, accomplished rock star. Lots of bands with girls aren't taken very seriously, but the Smashing Pumpkins fans weren't fazed by D'arcy. She just reminds that girls can do this.

78Lita Ford
Lita Ford belongs in the top 5... period. She may not have had as many hits as some of these other female rockers, but that doesn't mean she wasn't fantastic!
Lita was rocking before avril and all these other gals. Lita had a much marvelous career than joan also.
Not Only A Great Songstress But Really Hot

I think pink should be in the top ten she is one of the best rock singer in this age
The greatest voice the world has ever heard, too bad she wont sing songs that really show it.

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