Top Ten Finest Women On Earth


June 30, 2015 - The ten most beautiful goddesses on Earth. These are women who look like women from the front, side and back. They resemble the goddesses worshipped by the ancients. Each are chosen according to feminine features, shape (not fat or skinny), facial features, and maintenance and uniqueness. Each can be seen throughout the internet. You won't find Halle, Paris, or any of the traditional divas on this list mostly because, though there are many beautiful women in the celebrity world most of them lack unique beauty. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Jessica Alba
she is very beautiful n lovely smile is awesome I like her very much... @>------- a rose for her... keep smiling dear
She is super ultra sexy woman ever. She is a goddess.


I wish you good luck in your success
[Newest]I love your beauty

Chithra's beauty is legendary and magnificient. She possesses curvature and extremly pretty and emphatic facial features. I love chithra.
Chithra is an amazing beauty. thank god for this wonderful creature
Chithra is pretty and has a pretty smile and she looks good, she is amazing, She is legend beauty
[Newest]All because I love her

Please watch the video of She Wolf and I'm sure you will vote for her! She is gorgeous and so hot!
I don't like her she can't sing but she is very pretty

4Vida Guerra
This goddess is from a new breed of models known as video models. If a fine woman is considered a dime then she is a dollar.


She is beautiful. It would be an honor for her to be my baby mama
By far the sexiest and most beautiful.

5Megan Fox
We want more of Megan Fox as our favorite hottie in the world! You're awesome, Megan Fox! Also, my brother says your awesome as well!
Social and lovely from acid

6Beyonce Knowles
With Lisa I gave you butter scotch. For the chocolate lovers I gave you Serena. This one is for the lovers of caramel.
Her beauty is legendary and her curves are magnificent.


beyonce is the finest woman in the world
Should be number 1, she is truly a fallen angel of GOD. Her personality just makes you love her even more, a real down to earth person despite her status.
[Newest]Can I have sex with you

7Jessica Biel

8Angelina Jolie
I put her on this list because she has a very unique look with a lot of natural beauty. She stands out amongst European women because she
Possesses curvature and extremely pretty and emphatic facial features.


Not flat ass skinny leg used up and over hype admit it lips w hair sorry
I love Angelina, she is so beautiful, not just in physical but also in heart
[Newest]Fine as hell so right.

9Katy Perry
Katy is so beautiful. She even seems like a awesome person to hang out with unlike others on this list.


10Scarlett Johansson
She has no plastic surgery
I just love her body

The Contenders

11Lisa Raye
This woman is the most uniquely gifted woman in showbiz. God's masterpiece: Some of you may not be familiar with this goddess. Look her up.


The confidence makes her stand out on this list. Not to mention the nice body "oh my God".
[Newest]Lisa raye is the finest women on earth

12Britney Spears

13Alicia Keyes
Praise God for this wonderful work of
art of His.


In her video singing her song, No One No One just look at her curves and move, all I can do is hold out my tongue and lick my lips, smokin hot!
Most precious piece of art on earth

14Serena Williams
This is the most womanly woman on Earth. She demolishes the myth of western beauty. Other women don't even look like women in her presence. She has no fat whatsoever
And even though she is muscular she
Is distinguished from female body builders by maintaining in abundance her feminine parts; without surgery.


I love Serena Williams She is Full of life, full of beauty, I believe that her inner beauty is even more appealing. Serena you are fine girl!

15Dove Cameron
She got big but

16Demi Lovato
She is beautiful inside and out WHO CAN NOT LOVE HER cx

17Stacy Dash
This woman is not only fine but she is one of the prettiest women I've ever seen.


More mature, yet still the prettiest and most sexy alive (Period)

She is the only female musician I admire in American she know very well how to sing
She's so beautiful and I just love her songs
She has it all etc

19Melissa Ford
Her beauty is legendary among blacks and Latinos all over the western hemisphere.


I like the way act
She's very beautiful and she has a body that't just don't stop!

20Taylor Swift
I think she is gorgeous I love Taylor Swift she rocks the most
Taylor Swift is the worlds best who can beat her please guys make her no. One she rocks

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