Top Ten Gay Actors

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The Top Ten

Chad Allen
Of these top ten, Chad has made his sexuality known through his movies and public service. He is a dashing, charming, daring, young man. He exudes masculinity through his sexuality. He's great.
I remember always rushing to the T.V. when Dr Quinn was on... He made my nights and fantasies
He's just perfection. Handsome face and gorgeous body, plus a talented actor.
Great actor love everything he has played in I think he is the best actor. Do you have a partner and if so who is it

2Nathan Lane
Nathan Lane is a very unappreciated actor. He is hilarious. I hope he will continue to make memorable films. My favourite Nathan Lane film is Mouse Hunt with co star Lee Evans. I recommend This movie. It is hilarious!
I loved him in The Bird Cage with Robin Williams. He was hilarious! He and Robin Williams' couple roles, were almost believable.
He made that stupid Lion King movie

I hope he burns in Hell for that

3John Barrowman
this guy is to die for. if only I was gay. and a man. yeah, that would help ;)
This is the one. He has no competition. Handsome, faithful, Out, Talented, Funny.. You can't ask for more.
Love, love, love this man! He is a talented actor, singer, loyal husband, funny man man and a wonderful entertainer all the way around.
[Newest]Gosh, I love John Barrowman. He is super funny. I love watching videos of him at different conventions just to make me laugh. Plus I love him on Doctor Who.

4Neil Patrick Harris
Hahaha, this guy! The main reason to watch How I Met Your Mother! And he look's good too And I have to congratulate his recent fatherhood! That Kid's childhood is going to be LEGEN... Wait for it... DARY. Neil Harris for the win!
Alright, acting wise, he has yet to have a really serious role where he can show off his talent. But how can you help but love this wonderful man. He is adorable, wonderful, creative and funny. Sad he bats for the other team, but only because that leaves no shot for me.
I love Neil Patrick Harris! He is my favourite actor! He is so funny when he portrays as Barney Stinson!
[Newest]Amazingly funny guy. He played a real good Spider-Man too.

5Jim Parsons
Great actor, make you smile every time he is on the air. Thank god for guys like him that can make you smile
Incredibly talented comedian that always seem to make us laugh. He has a great writing staff behind him, but, I doubt anyone else could deliver those complicated technical dialogues as well.
Jim Parsons is by far the cutest and most talented of any actor on this list, he should be #1.
I really love him so much. He's deserve all the Emmy's.

6Thure Lindhardt

7Ramon Novarro
He had big penis..
Great, sexy silent film actor.

8Sir Ian McKellan
He is the most classy and versatile actor. He's a totally different self in each role and remains classy, you just have to admire and love him.
He is referred to as Sir which is pretty damn awesome if you ask me, and he plays Gandalf and Magneto... That's all I have to say.
He should be number one. He's an amazing actor!
He's Gandalf, what more should I have to say!?


9T.R. Knight
Sexy man... Love him
Hay my no 0941101357
I have crushed on TR Knight since Greys Anatomy!
What a Doll.

10Alan Cumming
He was gay?... Huh, must explain the name then. Oh well, outstanding actor, and has had some great roles.
He was a surprise, but a good actor! X-Men, is a must see!

The Contenders

11William Haines

12Rock Hudson
I can't feel none of the dickhes feelin or getten! Or have gotten!

13Matt Bomer
He is the most hadsome of this list, but his boyfriend is very ugly, I don't understand that
I wish he wasn't so he could be mine. His eyes, his smile, his hair, his everything.
He is beautiful but also has great talent

14Stephen Fry

15Richard Chamberlain
A beautiful man until today... I like it´╗┐ so much... and this voice... still young... finite perfection

I fell in love with him when I was at school and he was do chamberlain
Was my number one heartthrob when he was Dr Kildare and so many years afterwards until I found out he was gay! Still a wonderful actor!

16Rupert Everett
Hi, Rupert,
Hello, My name is Julius Scott.
I'm a full Deaf. I'm from Little Rock, AR. USA

17Michael Jeter

18Harvey Fierstein

19Zachary Quinto
Forget the Cheerleader! Save Sylar! I really loved Zachary Quinto in Heroes. He was one of the best villains EVER! Hope some day NBC will change their minds and there will be another season of Heroes


Bring back Syler! Absolutely brilliant on Heroes, and even better on Star Trek. Destined for great things, for sure!

20Ricky Martin
I want to meet him

21Surya Sivakumar

22Elton John
Where is Tom cruise?
Oh my god oh my god its Elton he's so hadsome
He was in that movie gnomeo and juliet or something like that but he's a fantastical reimaganle beutiful fantastical HIlarios singer he's a boss hi broseff

23Lorenzo Balducci

24Rick Mercer

25Lucky Perdana

26Indra Bruggman

27Krisna Mukti

28Bertrand Antolin

29Evan Sanders

30Jesse Tyler Ferguson
He is so mitchell. I love it.

31Chris Salvatore

32Michael Urie
He is so cute and adorable in all his roles :);D

33Wentworth Miller

34Chris Colfer
Is that a joke he's so annoying and flamboyant

35Lucas Cruikshank

36Robert Gant

37David Pevsner

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