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41Ultimate Frisbee

The game with the most team spirit, if you wanna play you have to know how to pass, there is no possible way to be selfish in this game and it will always stay that way.

thsi game is so fun!!! it should be in the top ten

Ultimate Frisbee is undoubtedly the earths greatest sport it's about the team and you give your body for the game wining catch that is frisbee

I love sports - esp mainstream sports. But look my top 3 is definitely MMA, ultimate frisbee, and wrestling. Get with it people! - thetromboneninja

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43ArcheryArchery is the sport, practice or skill of using a bow to propel arrows. The word comes from the Latin arcus.

I am on the archery team at my school. It is a sport that requires changes and adjusting with every shot. It is graceful and calm... most of the time. One kid on my team our coaches jacket! Don't worry she was not harmed.

Archery is not only AMAZING, but it makes you a total badass!

At least it gives you an advantage when a black bear is a metre away from you.

44Mini GolfV4 Comments
45Kung FuV1 Comment

Rowing in my opinion is the best sport because first off it was the first official sport in the Olympic games, it has the most demand on your body. The pain is what makes you want to keep doing it. Even though only a few people row, it should be in the top ten and more people should do it also.

Well it's about as addictive as heroin. I have been rowing for 4 years and I honestly don't know why I keep doing it. The pain during and after a race is something unimaginable. It's not respected. I don't know why I keep doing it but the thought of quitting kills me.

It is very hard, very few people play it, it is addictive, and you are sitting facing backwards on a 27 foot boat that weighs 30 pounds moving through the water, with your own strength, at 20 mph

The most pain is not only the physical aspect of the sport the the great mental portions, having to stay in sync with eight other guys at a time is hared than you think while at the same time keeping in time

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How on earth Motogp is in so lower position...? Valentino Rossi forever...! 46...!

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48Roller Hockey

Roller hockey is a fun sport to play


Lets see how many people do the other ones

This kid in my grade loves motocross. - Catacorn

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50SurfingSurfing is a surface water sport in which the wave rider, referred to as a surfer, rides on the forward or deep face of a moving wave, which is usually carrying the surfer towards the shore.

Surfing is the Greatest sport of all time. It is, after all, the sport of Kings. How many other sports can claim that and claim to be older than dirt? Very few. Try it and you'll be hooked.

Surfing is not very popular, but it is definitely the most enjoyable sport on the entire planet. I've tried many sports in my life and surfing is definitely the one. I don't get why this is ranked so low; should be ranked at least higher than kung fu and gymnastics. After all, this is a top 10 sports list not a top 10 random activity list. - zhuoran

Surfing should be number 3 after baseball and motorcross. Shredd!

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OK. First of all. If you are a competitive cheerleader, I respect you. I'm a football player. And quite frankly, I don't think you should be saying your sport is harder than ours. I'm guessing the conditioning is the same as I've never been a cheerleader. And you shouldn't disrespect us football players as we work really hard and you obviously haven't played football. Now I will admit that we football players hate on you a lot. But you cheerleaders hate just as much as us. And no offense, but we get the glory because when people go to a football game, the watch the football players, not the cheerleaders. But sorry, if you are a sideline cheerleader, but sideline cheer isn't a sport and no one really cares that much about it. But competitive cheer probably is very hard and you do risk your lives, as do us. We should just appreciate each other. - SuperCharged

Cheerleading is the best because even though they get no credit for anything they do they still cheer for the football players which get all the glory and people just make fun of cheerleaders meanwhile were risking our lives every time a flyer goes in the air or a tumbling skill is thrown. It really dangerous and they wear no protection. They must be strong, trusting, and have lots of stamina. They're conditioning is WAYYY harder than football.

Cheerleaders mostly have those bratty, snotty, "popular" girls in them who have no respect or idea of how the unpopular kids feel. And what is the point of cheerleading? To Cheer? That's it? To cheer. How lame is that!

It's the best and takes by far the most effort! It should be in top 10 for sure

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52Rock Climbing

My dad climbed El Capitan, he said it was the hardest thing he had ever done in his life. I also rock climb and it is very demanding, rock climbing is very physical and as well very mental too.

Rock climbing requires great endurance as well as core strength, upperbody strength and finger tip strength.

Very good. It is more meditative than yoga, builds more muscles than weight lifting, and ipburns more calories than running

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Next thing you know they're putting in poker

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54Tag Rugby
55Jiu JitsuV2 Comments

How is this 68 all the girls in my class play it except two! I love it so much, there's no contact, you can read the game and the feeling you get when shooting to win the game with an audience in front of you cheering for you is so exhilarating!

Basketball's baby sister. The definition of lame.

I play it at school I thought it would be on top20

I like netball because I play

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I know, hardest sport ever too! People just don't know about it as well as football, basketball, and baseball. And swimming is a piece of Waterpolo, so Waterpolo should be higher than swimming.

Water polo is way better than most of the sports that are above. It is basically all of these sports combined into one so yeah

I think that all these sports are good and everything but if water polo had more popularity and people knew about it it would be in the top 10

Water polo is amazing for fitness! I know it's a bit aggressive but is so much fun!

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The greatest sport in the world, beyond question. It requires skill in ball handling, ball catching, ball striking and blocking. Combined with speed and the ability to balance and carry the ball on the hurling stick. That's just for a start. Nothing in any other field sport comes near the thrill and excitement of hurling at the top level.

All for the pride of the Parish. Intercounty players are just as fit as professional Soccer players. Train 4 nights a week, a game at the weekend and play for their club as well. If you don't know the game check it out on YouTube. Hurling, The fastest field game in the world. EPIC

Number 1 greatest sport and it's not even close. No game can match it for skill speed or sheer excitement. If hurling was American no one would play anything else.

Hurling is the best

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Best sport in the world so many things that you can do

It is actually a very fun sport to watch and if you like chess or checkers, give curling a shot. It miht take longer than a soccer match but it is definietly more interesting!

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