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101 Sepak Takraw

Maybe not the best sport but,one of the most hardcore sports ever if u watched the professionals play it u will be amazed by their reflex,control,leg power and flexibility

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102 Kho Kho V 1 Comment
103 Tetherball

It's swell to play with my kids

104 Rhythmic Gymnastics
105 Korfball

This is a fun mixed-gender sport similar to basketball. However, the varied rules give this popular European game a slightly more fun tone. - BobAlmightyYT

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106 Patintero
107 Javelin
108 Real Tennis (or Royal Tennis)

Just a better version of tennis, and it's royal

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109 Skimboarding
110 Extreme Ironing

Defiantly the most physically and mentally demanding sport out there. So much passion, skill, and persistence is required. - DCnative211

Like the best most exciting sport of mankind's history

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111 Longboarding
112 Airsoft

Why is airsoft not on here? It's much more realistic, fun, and cheaper than paintball.

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113 Arena Football

Best sport ever it should be in first place

114 Wushu
115 Bouldering
116 Throwball

IT SHOULD BE ON THE TOP TEN! ! SO GUYs PLEASE PLEASE VOTE! IT IS A GREAT SPORT BUT COULD BE ENJOYED BY ANYONE! IT WAS FIRST PLAYED IN CHENNAI, (India). rules are simple and easy but its really really much more better than game catch catch! ! Tournaments are only held in India but anyone can play it! All you need is just one ball and a volleyball type of court with a net! ! That's it and you'll surely enjoy the game

What weird sports you can find on this list

Not really only weird ohs play it

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117 Muay Thai

Muay Thai is the best martial arts and become withespread internationally.

118 DTM Motorsport

Best sport ever. Awesome to watch and faster and richer than any other sport in the woro e formula one

119 Gatorball

It's cool, you can play it outside or inside

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120 Milan's Game V 1 Comment
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