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August 2, 2015 - Dog poo? Vomit? I have personally taken the liberty to delve into these gross abominations just 2 give u the necessary info Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Dirty public toilets
Ew! Public washroom are disgusting DEPENDING ON THE PLACE. Did you know that public restrooms are actually cleaner than the one you use at home? Google it. It's possible that the place could have really amazing service and the washrooms could be spotless. (I've been to a few of those. ) Then you get the really disgusting washrooms like at fast food restaurants and grocery stores. Pee on the floor, toilet paper everywhere, no soap, etc. Yuck.
what if you can't handle it any longer, and you have no choice but to go to the rest room and you find out that theres no water around, toilet paper, soap or anything that will clean that place. it is the grossiest thing to happen to an individual with addition of puking because you saw your one of the most nastiest waste from your body.


Don't you just hate it when you go to the bathroom in
a restaurant and come across a stall filled with
diarrhea and toilet paper that wouldn't flush, and then yo
when you're through your food comes?


[Newest]Yuck I hate public toilets!

2Fat people in skimpy clothes
Look, if you're gonna be fat, at least get a license first, and then consult your fashion stylist. You've got to be aware of your current body state. Also, please refrain from McDonalds or Burger King. Wendy's is also not acceptable...
Just an awful awful sight... I hate that kind of fat people that only got fat because of what they eat, not those who've got fat because of an illness


lmfao this made me laugh loads
i totally agree, someone who is overweight shouldn't flaunt it, not just because its an eyesore, because its a serious probelm


[Newest]Jelly rolls jiggling makes me want to barf.

3People spitting on you when their talkin 2 u
Say it, don't spray it, we want the news not the weather!


There is this gross boy in another class (thank god! ) and when I saw him once he had snot coming out of his nose (I don't mean the kid the other guy is talking about here) and in my mind I said "GET THE HECK AWAY FROM ME! " And ran away as far as I could from that disgusting 7 year old. I was 10 at the time and at least I didn't throw up and make it worse.
There is this really horrible boy in my class and he always has snot coming out of his nose and then he spat on my mouth and I screamed so loud cause it was disgusting

4Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber deserves #1 at only this.
True that, mate. No one, not even Queen Elizabeth II, has the right to do anything this little turd does. So what the heck makes him think that he can because he's famous. The Queen is famous too, mate! Don't see her going around spitting on people and calling people she doesn't know, and even people she does know, beached whales.
Totally correct. He does not deserve
[Newest]Justin Bieber is so gross, probably the worst on the list...

52 Girls 1 Cup video
... Sick... Disgusting... Many words don't come close to describing what that video is, it's not worth voting for, but if it gets it to the #1 grossest, I'll do it. Please check out this video so we can win your vote, because I promise, you won't vote for anything else. Laugh out loud
I'm 10 I have not seen it yet but I think my brother did. If you want something disgusting, go on elephant giving birth.
Why are so many of these things about poo? Any way, this video is the most disgusting video I've ever seen. I felt sick after I watched it. Dispite that, I've still watched it about 5 times just because I was bored to be honest, laugh out loud.
[Newest]I voted this from 4th to 5th!


6Snotty-nosed little kids
some times they can be so cute but UGH THEY GET SO ANNOYING!


Reminds me of a kid I know...
sye!... like WOW... don't think about this more than 2 minutes... BLAH


[Newest]Have you met my little cousins

Ok so, pub hair, not bothered, People who loudly clear their throats, also not bothered, but vomit eww
Nutella and peanut butter shouldn't be on here! Those taste good. And burnt popcorn is not gross! It tastes bad, but not to the point of being sickening.
Eww VOMIT! I hate vomiting. It's possibly the worst thing that could happening than pewdiepie wearing a bra laugh out loud. But all that food stuck in your stomach guess what... COMES RIGHT OUT YOU!


[Newest]I love burnt popcorn and toast

8People peeing in pools
if it is a public pool you are swimming in pee gross
it just wasnt meant to happen that way!


Nothing is wrong with peeing in the pool the urine just turns to water
[Newest]People wonder why I want my own pool. It's because of this and people's saliva.


9Babies constantly spewing
Eww when yo want to pick these piles of joy they just puke into your mouth!? Seriously, what the f&$@&$@@

10Bloody Crap
This must be a foreign british conspiracy


It is poop with blood on it. I remember seeing this in a outhouse on a farm. GROSS!
What happens when a girl is on her period... Bloody crap


The Contenders



I gave 5 boys a ride home after football practice. Never mind it was cold outside. All the windows were opened.
If your gonna be around people do a smell check before leaving home...
[Newest]I nearly vomited because of this.

12When people poo and then don't flush the toilet
Oftentimes I see at school some poo in a toilet, and I know it was from someone else but they don't flush. It's etiquette to flush the toilet, but I guess some people think it's ok not to. It grosses me out, especially with a lot of TP in it; I think people should flush their waste.
Grim. I once tried to flush it for the good of others but it was stuck! Make an effort can't you to just flush your waste!
People, have some manners for gosh sakes! Flush after you've used the toilet.
[Newest]My friend would do this

Some little kids poop on the ground at my school IT STINKS!
I seen a girl farting and pooping on a cake.


Ok... This is a little horrible the things people said about smoking, my papa, Brother (I think sister) friends and many other people that smoke or have smoked, and that's wrong. My brother is insanly smart and what you said is stupid.


14Dog poo on the sidewalk
Without fail at least once in your life, you will buy a beautiful, expensive pair of shoes, put them on and walk out onto the sidewalk and SPLAT step right in a pile of steaming dogdoo


I also hate those damn morons who pick up pieces of poo on the sidewalk, put them in paper bags, set them on the front porch and burn them, and people go out and stomp them until their shoes get all messy.
For those who say dog poop is not gross, I've had it on my shoe before. And that my friend, is not pretty.

15People not flushing the toilet
Who on earth wants to see what came out of some ones butt!
Who wants to see it
This should be at the top of the list! When my brother doesn't flush, the bathroom stinks worse than Justin Biebers voice!
[Newest]So bad, it's on here twice!



oh god these should be no. 1... they're the most foul creation in this universe...


Not the worst things, I just squish with a shoe. The only thing that could be gross is when one of those things get on your food!


17Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

18Porky Minch

Why do people damage their bodies, Just to make them look even uglier
Tattoos are disgusting! And when you get older they get wrinkly! Not a good look!
Only a bunch of tattoos are gross... Otherwise I love them(:

I think the variety of internet porn can be summed up in South Park's episode "Over Logging."
It really depends on what type of porn.


That was quite possibly the most disgusting episode South Park has ever shown on T.V.

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