Top Ten Guilty Pleasure Movies

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21Mars Attacks
22Batman & Robin

haha, thats awesome this is on here. I agree, I watched this movie all the time as a kid - kyll

classic "so bad that's good" movie - LucasMota

23My Stepmother Is an Alien

Ahh back when you could get away with full frontal nudity in a PG movie

25Grown Ups
26Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
27Theodore Rex
28Beavis and Butthead Do America

Stupid but awesome movie! I cannot understand how Dumb & Dumber is number 1 it's not even a guilty pleasure!

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30Kick-Ass 2

In spite of the fart jokes and the gotta have a catch phrase repetition of "It wasn't me", this Harland Williams flick still keeps me coming back.

Listen for the "He's packing his own underwear" comment, best part of the movie.

32Can't Hardly Wait

One of the best romantic comedies ever! I really love it and I admit it, great actors and now they are all famous

Jennifer Love Hewitt is so gorgeous and the movie is so well put together!!


Really not that bad of a movie but unless you enjoy being contrarian, it's a hard one to fit in the library after it was so thoroughly ripped by all the critics.

34Assault on Precinct 13

Cop: "Your eyes are red you been snorting or drinking". Prisoner: "Your eyes are glazed you been eating donuts"

35Dirty Dancing

well, for a boy, I never told my friends that I liked this movie

36House IV
37Conan the Barbarian
38Cool World

Terrible acting but fun to watch. - Zahveed

39Grease 2

I know this movie is bad but I actually like it better then the first. Plus it got Michelle Pfeiffer!!!!

40Kung Pow -Enter the Fist

Movie is so stupid its funny - youngmoney504

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