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41 Alfred Hitchcock Alfred Hitchcock Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, was an English-American film director and producer, at times referred to as "The Master of Suspense".

Though he's not totaly a writer. But his stories are great. His Detective stories are also good.

42 Sidney Sheldon
43 Susan Hill

Susan's ghost stories are mostly underrated. They are mostly short (making a one sitting reading highly likely for most) but the atmosphere builds often without you noticing leaving you breathless. I love "Dolly" for the idea aa well as the initial scenes which put you on edge for the rest of the novella. "The man in the picture" is also inventive with a great element of mystery.I love how she sets her books in the past and seems to revel in Victorian horror and old world imagery.Superb.

44 William Peter Blatty

Come on, you can't leave out the guy that wrote the book of the scariest movie of all time. Yeah, I know. The Exorcist is indeed, a book. - cbrann10

Not only one of the most jarringly horrific movies of all time also a scary novel.

45 Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
46 Douglas Clegg
47 John Everson

About the best modern horror author going.

48 Jonathan Rand
49 Iain Rob Wright

Suspense all the way! Can never put the book down and really get into the character's in his books and to top it off - he's a nice guy!

A brilliant horror writer. His work spans the genre.

50 Jay Anson

He wrote the scariest book ever called The Amityville Horror, great book, especially the part with the pig.

51 Brian Lumley

Modern bram stoker, very under rated author

52 Jeffrey Thomas

Blood society, hades series, his best

53 Jack Ketchum

If King is the master if horror, Ketchum's the god of terror.

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