Top Ten Ice Skaters

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1Michelle Kwan

Kwan is a very talented ice skater. and if you look up on google who is the best ice skater you will see Kwan is the # 1

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2Sasha Cohen
3Kristi Yamaguchi
4Kurt Browning

By far the most entertaining skater of all time. His programs were brilliant.

5Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton because he can do A BACKFLIP on the ice! Mad much as I love Sasha cohen, can any other skater do a backflip on the ice? Didn't think so! I look up to him and he's my inspiration and he has so much control when he skates but at the same time puts a lot of comedy into his skating. He should DEFINITELY be number 1

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6Brian Boitano
7Katarina Witt
8Kimmy Mesiner
9Dorothy Hamill
10Ben Agosto

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11Peggy Fleming

She was very nice and she invested in the lives of others as she moved on in life.

12Kim Yu-Na

I became inspired by Kim Yuna a couple of years ago and now I'm a better ice skater than I used to be. I like her style and her ice show, "Kiss & Cry".

I'm Korean just like Kim Yu-Na. I saw her ice skating on Korean TVs and her skating is 100%! GO KIM YUN-NA!

Greatest skater ever, I simply thank you for your existance my Queen.

13Mao Asada
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