Top Ten Johnny Cash Songs


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my eyes water every time I hear this...
This song had actually saved my life. It really has. I went through an awful stage in my life and started doing something to cope with my problems that in fact made the situation worse. Its ok though I've arranged to talk to a professional. This song helped me on some of my worst days. Its the best cover in the world. He took a song and made it his own but it worked because he had the emotions right. Johnny's life was ending. He was watching the love of his life die in front of him. In many ways, this was like his last words. I love the original too but this is the best cover in the whole world. You wouldn't even know it was a cover.
the most moving song I have ever heard.
[Newest]Its really a awesome song

2Folsom Prison Blues
The best real simple country song you can ever heard, I think even johnny cash knew that he hadn't produced such a perfect song like Folsom prison Blues,
Greatest song ever made by Johnny Cash, really gives a groovy feeling but also gives you a country / folky feeling, and the realisation of how bad Folsom Prison really is/was.R.I. P Johnny Cash, He'll always be remembered for his great music, and even now Folsom Prison Blues is still a legendary song.
Wow, this song is what makes cash great to listen to I listen to this song at least once a day. The man in black is a legend.R.I. P but he still lives forever though song
[Newest]I love Johnny cashes songs

3I Walk the Line
I've loved Johnny Cash's music since the first time he ever opened his mouth to sing. No one will ever replace him in my heart.
Come on, this one is a poem, one who no one should love that much, because it means that you are crazy as well...
Just walk the line...
[Newest]I really love this song. I agreed to the wordings and I always dance this this one song. Thank you Mr. Cash.

4Ring of Fire
I'm a Dutch guy born in the 90's, And I Love Johnny Cash, also my friends, The Ring Of Fire is the song we love the most. At every party we are asking for this song!
One of the best country song never made... Johnny cash had show in the 60's how he was born to do music.
This song introduced me to Johnny Cash, it's one of my favourite country songs, even my friends sing along to it, and the music they listen to is stuff like ( Eminem, Rihanna, Lady GaGa eg. )
[Newest]Johnny Cash is one of the best country artists in the world and this is, without a doubt, one of his greatest hits. This is a song that you can sing to and many people can really relate to.

5God's Gonna Cut You Down
Come on this is a classic and makes your spine shiver from the voice of Johnny. This song is one of my favorites and always will be
I love him, when I listen to his songs I go to another level of thinking of life, but this one is a killer, makes you think about death.
Have just discovered Cash's later, Rubin era, music and it's like discovering Bowie all over again. Stark, stripped, simple words and music, a legend
[Newest]No one is more with reality than johnny cash

6A Boy Named Sue
Flat out best story ever told on a song. This is the greatest Johnny Cash song hands down! Every time I listen to it I promise I'm going to name my first son Sue.
If I ever have a son I'm gonna call him Bill or George, anything but sue.
I love the story in this song.. It has dark humour and teaches a lesson...

7The Man Comes Around
This song is my favorite Johnny Cash song! His Revelation songs like this and Redemption Day really speak to the truth of what we need to look to in these days of immorality. Johnny's life speaks, and he saw this as important. "And at His feet, they'll cast a golden crown..."
This song truly is a masterpiece ever since the American albums came out his songs have been great but this one truly is a masterpiece
The poetry and music make this one of Cash best songs if not the best. Top three for sure.

8Cry, Cry, Cry
Cry Cry Cry is one of Johnny's legendary songs, it should be at least with the top 5
This is one of his greatest songs ever, it belongs with the top 5
Absolutely legendary hit... Underrated for its brilliance

The version performed with Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson is one of the most brilliant songs in history of music. Every time I listen to this I nearly start to cry. Absolutely legendary. Love thoes great men.
This should be number one! Need I mention this song does not only have Johnny Cash in it, but also Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson!
Amazing lyrics and music!

10Man In Black
This song shows that Johnny not only speaks for himself but others. He realizes that this world is not a peaceful one and that it never will be. Johnny Cash wore the black because he wanted to show this.

Johnny Cash is an excellent role model, and shows it in this song in a matter that emphasizes the need for morality in today's society. He bears the cross of the people so that everyone else's day may be brighter
Great song, really moving and the deepest of reflections

The Contenders

11Sunday Morning Coming Down
Kris Kristofferson may have wrote this song, but I believe that even he would agree that it was Johnny's song. Johnny even basically said as much on his 1970's television show. Not may songs called "epic" truly are epic, but this one deserves that label. This is a top five song, in a laundry list of amazing Johnny Cash sung songs. AND Kris did his own song proud when he sung it at the Johnny Cash Memorial Concert (see YouTube).
Lyrically the best johnny cash song in my opinion. I also play it whenever I'm hungover, I wish it was better known though my friend said johnny cash was his favourite singer yet had never heard this
Do you know who wrote the lyrics? You should commend him as well


Totally ^ this one is the best

12Get Rhythm
If you only know the "Popular" J.C. Songs, in addition to Get Rhythm, try listening to: Big River (genius), Luther played the boogie, Straight A's in Love, Delia's Gone, and of course Hey Porter.
It'll shake all the trouble from your worried mind!

13One Piece at a Time

14I Still Miss Someone

15Cocaine Blues
A great song from one of the greatest albums of all time by one of the greatest artists of all time
The most coolest song

Such a good song - really puts you in a good mood and I also love june carter's voice as well!
This is the best John/June song. Belongs in Top 5, even with stuff competition

17(Ghost) Riders In the Sky
Great acoustic song, awesome rythym. Really one of the best songs of jonnhy cash.
Best remake song period... Should be in the top 5 maybe even just the top 10 this song deserves a much higher place
Great lyrics, got to feel it inside your head for getting the meaning

18I Hung My Head
#25?! Give me a break. What's wrong with the world? This has to be a joke! Who's messing with me? Number 1 and there isn't a doubt about it in my mind. Something has to be done about this. This is an outrage!
Strong, classic, haunting and so very cash
Number one no doubt! Asf sad kj;l skjf a;ksj j

19Ain't No Grave
The Undertaker will be remembered for much longer as this chillingly good song echoes through the decades and will keep Johnny Cash's name where it belongs- among legends... RIP Johnny.
Most beautiful song ever. This song always sends shivers down my spine. Damn.
Johnny cash's most underrated song I love all his songs but this is one of my favorites

20Hey Porter
One of Johnny's first hits. It still holds up today, even if traveling by train has gone out of style. I would place this in Johnny Cash's top ten essential songs.

21Personal Jesus
I think that's the one of the best song. Its really romantic...
ı don't know why but ı like that sond listen it!

22Guess Things Happen That Way

23Daddy Sang Bass
Ok. For all of you who think song sampling is a new invention, the great Carl Perkins wrote this song for John making the Carter family famous song even better. Top 25 J.C. song.

24I've Been Everywhere
you can't listen to this song.. I've Been Everywhere.. without getting up and dancing. this song rocks the house and for us adventurous souls who've done a lot of traveling or moving around- we can relate to its message.

25I See a Darkness

26Don't Take Your Guns to Town
It is not good place for this beautiful sing.
Great song! At least it have to stand 10th

27If You Could Read My Mind
Do you realize that this song was written and performed by Gordon Lightfoot, who also created many other wonderful songs? I love Johnny and his version is good but he likely chose it in appreciation of its author who did a much better job with it. Let's not wear blinders because someone is more popular and has died.


The last song, he made before he died, truly the most moving song of all time. How this isn't at least top 20 beats me. Can't listen to this song without crying
Wonderful tear-jerking song! One of Johnny's best songs ever!

28In the Jailhouse Now
This song is so underrated, it certainy deserves to be among the top 5
I agree this is an underrated song. It is the best cover of this song.

29Wayfaring Stranger

30Redemption Day

31Rusty Cage
One of the best songs from johnny rest in piece
Great song of Johnny

32First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

33Rose of My Heart
This song is so beautiful I can't't stop lisstening to it. I can't believe it's 46 on the list!

34You Are My Sunshine

35The General Lee

Only cover that comes close to besting U2's version! Damn it, it's one of his best... Certainly top 10!
There're few covers better than the originals. This is surely one of them

37Big River
One reason why Johnny Cash is Number ONE has to do with the quality of his songs. Where other top artists may have 20-30 awesome songs over a career, Johnny has hundreds that would qualify. Sometimes, especially with Johnny Cash songs, some of his earlier works do not get the recognition they deserve, and even more so when the listener was born after 1980 and does not really know his earlier work. Big River is poetry, sung by a poet at the top of his game. Perhaps not his number one song, but at least in the conversation for his best when he was at his best.
Amazing song. Belongs in top Five. Johnny sang three good versions (one with the Highwaymen).
Just a great country rock song, great storytelling lyrics, instantly recognisable intro that sounds just as fresh to this day, no matter how many times you've heard it

3825 Minutes to Go
Wonderful song, really. I can't stop listening to it.

39Wichita Lineman

40The Beast In Me
Deepest cash song there is... And I would vote for hurt but lets face it... Its OVERRATED... And anydepressed teenager thinks there cashs number one fan just because they can connect to one song

41Understand Your Man
Great bookend to "I walk the Line". The beginning and ending of a marriage. There are better Johnny Cash songs, but in context this is one worth listening to.

42On the Evening Train
I can't believe I'm the one adding this to the list, it must already be with the top 15!

43She Used to Love Me a Lot
A lost classic. The Elvis Costello produced version is as good as any of Cash's best songs.
What? 68? Johnny Cash would die again if he saw this...
Are you joking? 68? This song should be in first fith!

44Cool Water

45I Got Stripes
A absolute classic! Ingenuous and strong.

46Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog


48Ballad of a Teenage Queen
Amazing lyrics. Amazing voice. Amazing song.

49The Legend of John Henry's Hammer

50It Ain't Me, Babe
Just Johnny and June, what a beautiful love story

51Sam Hall

52The Wanderer
Great sound and catchy lyrics! I went out walking...
Great song. Classic Johnny Cash with a twist!
A Cash/U2 song with an extremely modern sound (synth) but that still retains that old Johnny Cash feel.

53Song of the Patriot

54For the Good Times
Another cover of a Kristofferson original


Makes me so emotional

55The Battle of New Orleans

56The Rebel-Johnny Yuma

57Time's a Wastin

58The One On the Right Is On the Left

59Country Trash

60Streets of Laredo



63The Mercy Seat
My favourite song of Johnny Cash, and one of the most beautiful and intense outros in piano I've ever hearded

64Luther Played the Boogie
My IPod of hundreds of Johnny Cash Songs places this at number 1 on my top 25 list. There are So many excellent songs, that it is hard to choose, especially for those who do not know some of Cash's lesser popular songs. I do not place this above songs such as Sunday Morning Coming Down, Big River, etc. , but it ought to be higher up this list. Give it a listen.

65Girl from the North Country
One of my favorite Dylan songs. Johnny truly gave it justice.


66Tennessee Flat-Top Box
There is a story that when Rosanne Cash (Johnny's Daughter) covered this song, she did not know it was written and first sung by her father; and that this song and her covering it healed a rift between them. I do not know if that is all true, but this song and both of their versions are great. If you only know Johnny's later in life work, give this one a listen.

This is such a good song. Although it is a religious song, it is just a good song to listen to. Even those who do not like religious songs should enjoy it. It should rank in the top 25.

68Straight A's In Love
The richness in Johnny's voice in this early work is exceptional. Even sounds a little like Elvis here. Johnny sounds fantastic.


70I'm Movin' On

71Nine Pound Hammer

72Peace In the Valley

73I'd Still Be There

74What Do I Care

75Wanted Man

76I've Been Everywhere
How was this gem not on the list

77Over the Next Hill (We'll Be Home)

78There Ain't No Good Chain Gang

79Fool's Hall of Fame

80Delia's Gone
Johnny sang three great versions of this song.


82Give My Love to Rose

83San Quentin

84I Won't Back Down
Listen to that song, one of the best of Johnny Cash Song
Amazing and mesmerizing. This song is a true masterpiece.

85Solitary Man
This is my favourite Cash cover, right next to Hurt. Should be much higher on the list.
Come on, this is a great song, it should be at least in the top 15.
The best cash cover what 80?

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