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The most missed musicians. Great musicians that died. Who do you miss the most? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Michael Jackson
This death only happened 2 years ago and he's the King of Pop, so of course he's going to be missed the most.
He will be missed by everyone.

Tupac was one of the greatest lyricists of all time and rap. Tupac was so missed that years later he has released more posthumous albums then anyone in the game. The words that he spread were of peace and equality in the world and especially in the ghetto. His lyrics touched the hearts of more youth than even Eminem and that's saying a lot. Since his death many M.C. S have tried to copy his style and swagger but no one can compare or replace him as a legend or a martyr of the rap game. Long story short he will be missed on and on for generations to come for his outspoken preachings of equality of race, sex and humanity.R.I.P. tupac lives on.

3Freddie Mercury
Love you, Freddie, your legend lives on!

If only you'd stuck around long enough to give us Hair, Nose and Teeth, the world would be a better place. Miss you.
Greatest vocalist and entertainer of all time. I wish I was old enough to have experienced queen live.
He is the best!.. Lover of life, singer of songs... R.I.P

She was a quadruple threat she had it all beauty kindness singer actress model and a dancer it sucks that she went far before her time but what can you even say, still shocked till this day 12 years later, well I love you Aaliyah and we haven't forgotten about you rest in paradise angel. <3 if anyone deserves it its you.
Gone too soon. WE LOVE YOU AALIYAH. Your in a better place now.

5Notorious B.I.G.

6Kurt Cobain
You were the best Alternative Rocker, a true genius. You were unique, you were always yourself and will never be forgotten.R.I. P Kurt.
Kurt cobain was the influence that lead me to wright music
You rock Kurt neva be 1 like u!
[Newest]Should be number 1. End of story.

7Bob Marley

8Marvin Gaye

9Lisa Lopes

10Eazy E

The Contenders

11Duane Allman

12Stevie Ray Vaughan

13Layne Staley
The loss of Layne Staley was a tragedy, his musical talents and his commitment to honesty in the music created by AIC will live on forever in his true fans. RIP Layne Thomas Staley.
This is hard to decide because nearly all the "fathers" of what music is today are dead. But Layne Staley had a voice and style that was unheard of at the time. He knew how to use his voice as an instrument. For me number 2 is MCA. He was an inspiration musicly and personaly
RI. P Layne... Miss ya

14Big Pun

15Jimi Hendrix

16Bon Scott (AC/DC)
Ride On, Bon, and Rock In Peace!

17Cliff Burton

18John Lennon
I'm confused as to how John isn't number 1. He was not only the founding member of the greatest band of all time, but he was also an ambassador for peace. John Lennon wanted love. And in return he was killed. I don't know why these things have to happen, but let it be known that John Lennon is forever missed. He will always be the best and I love him more than words can say.
How is John Lennon not #1?
John is by far #1 on tis, or any similar list.
In 500 years, the only names on this list that will be remembered will be John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix.

19Dimebag Darell
Either dimebag darell or John Lennon should be #1. They were both shot and killed by crazy people and it is just so horrible. Lennon was killed near his apartment, but Dimebag was shot and killed on stage while performing.

20Jimmy The Rev Sullivan
One of the greatest musicians of all time... Elite drummer, great pianist, played guitar, bass, and every other instrument necessary to a rock band. Not to mention an amazing voice to go with everything. R.I.P. Rev
One of the greatest musicians of all time... Elite drummer, great pianist, played guitar, bass, and every other instrument necessary to a rock band. Not to mention an amazing voice to go with everything.R.I.P. rev...

21Big L

22Jim Morrison
He was the greatest showman, he was wild and while being strung out on drugs he still sung amazing

23Buddy Holly

24Randy Rhoads

25Hillel Slovak
One of the most influencing Guitarist and musician in the history, will be remembered forever... Also the most memorable musicians for The Red Hot Chili Peppers! He should at least be in top 5

26Ronnie James Dio

27Jerry Garcia
Jerry was an amazing human. An eclectic musician, Jerry was able to play psychedelic, folk, bluegrass, rock, and many more genres. He became an icon for a generation and a leader for the giant tribe of fans that will forever revere him.
Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead wrote and played the only masterpiece in modern time that can be compared to people like Beethoven and Mozart. This is not my opinion this is a statement made by people who study and interpret music.
Jerry lives forever in the hearts of his fans. His legend will be passed down through the generations.

28George Harrison

29Jasmine You

30Mitch Lucker

31Keith Moon

32Jenni Rivera
Jenni was an amazing singer
She supported men and women who
Suffered abuse
And her children are very young
And they still need their mother
And on top she suffered through out her entire
Life and its ungaor that she died so quickly and
So tragically

33Paul Gray

34Lou Reed

35Bradley Nowell
The god of ska, we miss you

36Joe Strummer

37Johnny Cash

38Sky Saxon

39Cozy Powell

40Frank Zappa

41Captain Beefheart


43Andrew Gold

44Roy Buchanan

45Danny Gatton

46Jesse Ed Davis

47Adam Yauch

48Whitney Houston
Amazing singer, amazing appearance. Went away way too fast. :(

49Jeff Hanneman

50Syd Barrett

51Richard Wright

52Ian Curtis

53James Brown

54Johnny Ramone

55Dee Dee Ramone

56Joey Ramone

57Tim Hardin

58Tim Buckley

59Jeff Buckley


61Heavy D

62John Denver

63John Bonham
Greatest drummer to have ever lived

64Jackson C. Frank

65Sid Vicious

66Phil Lynott

67Gary Moore

68Jack Bruce

69Brian Jones

70Billy Thorpe

71Doc Nelson

72Chrissy Amphlett

73Paul Hester

74Gene Clark

75Per Ohlin

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