The World's Top Ten Newspapers


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The Top Ten

Hindustan Times (India)
I found some standardization in this newspaper... That why it grabs me to read it... I often read this paper to improve my standardization too... I also insist my friends to read this regularly..
More readable and better content than Times of India, editorial column is much better.
Hindustan times is better news paper any day as compared to TOI any day.
[Newest]I read this newspaper daily. It is student's friendly. In terms of knowledge as well as price.

2New York Times (Usa)
I like this newspaper so much and there is not single day that I do not open this website to get updated.

The best part of this newspaper that gravitates me much is its editorial section.
It's definitely better than the Hindustan Times. Come on PEOPLE
I like this newspaper because it gives you info. On all of U.S. A and all the info. Of the stock market.
[Newest]Land of democracy. One of the best news paper in the world brought glory to usa.

3The Times of India (India)
THE best. Should be on top. Much more subscribed than HT.
Also has a new channel. Has to be on top in any case. :/
The world's biggest-circulated English paper - obviously the best! Among the English-knowing peoples of the world, The Times Of India is the highest circulated.


this should on top, if don't believe than search it on wikipedia.


[Newest]Highest subscription. Great content. Impartial. One of the best out there.

4The Sun (England)
The best and interesting paper, something for everybody

5Spiegel (Germany)
The German paper is one of Europe's largest publications


Pretty design, variety of content, and well-written articles.

6Wall Street Journal (Usa)

7Japan Today (Japan)

8France - Presse (France)

9Washington Post (Usa)
I consider Washington Post as a very influential newspaper!
Without doubt this newspaper is the most accurate and the most objective of all the English language newspapers being circulated across the world! The news and views of the editors and reporters are simply accurate and objective!
Times of india is best

10USA Today (Usa)
USA Today is the best newspaper in the world. It covers great and under-reported stories around the globe.

The Contenders

11Corriere della Sera (Italy)
W. Corriere. It
The oldest and most reputable Italian newspaper


12Dawn Newspaper (Pakistan)
I found standardization in this newspaper, this newspaper is the most accurate and the most objective of all the English language newspapers being circulated across the world.
Best newspaper in Pakistan covering news with truth
It Has a good priority of news.

13Los Angeles Times (Usa)

14The Hindu (India)
The content and the quality of english is very rich and it is the oldest newspaper in India.
Ethically the best journalism in India till date
The Hindu any day is better than HT and TOI

15Amar Desh (Bangladesh)
I love Bangladesh the newspaper is great here we go back this is our moment tonight is the night we will fight till its over so we put our hands up like the ceiling can't hold us I can see that I got red hands I'm colour blinds saying day ohh don't put the blame on me child the damn thing gone wild day ohh can't believe I was fooling you never wanted to be ruining you is that what you really want. I'm RADIOACTIVE Radioactive
I love Bangladesh the newspaper.
Amar Desh is most popular and famous news paper.
So everyone like it.
Khaled saifullah from Abu Dhabi.

16The Indian Express (India)
Compared to other 2 Indian newspapers- Times of India and Hindustan Times, its more impartial and intellectually stimulating. The Op-ed page of The Indian Express is the best amongst Indian news papers. However, because of more manpower and coverage, TOI and HT cover more news items- so, they are good if one is interested in knowing local news etc.
The brave magazine brought the truth always. We love their articles.
Almost equal to "Hindustan Times & The Hindu "

17Dainik Bhaskar (India)

18Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

19El Mundo (Spain)
The most important newspaper in Spanish and the most read in that language.

20Financial Times (UK)
To quote Chomsky, "It's the only one to tells the truth."
The best paper for me by far
England the land of information. I always like it.

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