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Okay so link is better than mario in several ways one is that unlike mario or any of the Nintendo characters link actually ages in the gaming franchise.

Well not exactly aging but there are different aged links with there own set of games. You can't honestly say you like seeing the same middle aged plumber for the last almost 30 years. Also who would you prefer playing as
A sort of elf soldier with a pure motive to go through various dungeons and forest etc. Or a plumber who for some reason not only saves a princess through the same platform but also who knows why go kart races plays several crazy sports and all this other crazy stuff with annoying characters. Speaking of characters of the legend of zelda are unlike mario fun to interact with-ish throughout the games. Mario birdo a I don't even know, characters that have racial stereotypes and stupid morons like waluigi wario etc.
Arrg! I had to go with Link! He deals with a lot more threatening enemies and handles a lot more deadly weapons than Mario. Link has a much better story, which actually changes from game to game! Link has an actual back story and his soul role in Hyrule is not to just save the Princess. Also we know Mario never gets anything from Peach, but we don't really know this about Link and Zelda.

I kind of hate myself for defending this, but I have to go with what is right. I'm not going to go for who founded Nintendo, but who refined Nintendo.


He's just so headstrong and determined! I know I could never be as brave as him. The things he has done and the places he has seen are just amazing! He's my hero and I think of him as I do things that I find scary.


[Newest]Link can beat the crap out of anyone here. He is the Link to your doom.
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Yeah we know that Link has a more challenging gameplay with a deep storyline which changes but the gameplay is pretty much the same throughout (adventure, fighting)

At least Mario has a variety of games (NOT JUST SAVING THE PRINCESS) For example RPG in paper mario, Racing in Mario Kart, Sports in Mario tennis, Golf, Baseball, Strikers, Sportsmix, Partying in Mario Party, Platforming in Galaxy and Sunshine
Mario deserves it. Even if he's overrated, he is an Italian developed by Japanese who speaks English and looks like a Mexican. That's a lot of world heritage. He has been in games since 1981 and has had amazing titles like Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Super Mario Land, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Sunshine. WOW. In addition to that he's a fighter, golfer, partyer, doctor, and construction worker. Also, Mario was Nintendo's first recognizable video game character and is the most famous, popular, and well known video game character of all time. Mario's main color is red, and that's color better than green. Link's game are harder and more unique, but Mario stops at nothing to save Peach. He traversed the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Bros., went through 15 worlds like volcanoes, the sky, deeserts, mountains, and even a snowy land to save her, and went across the entire galaxy and several different planets to save Peach and the galaxy. HE'S THE BEST! Nothing else needs to be said!


Super Mario Bros. 3 gets 10/10 stars.

Super Mario World gets 9/10 stars.

Super Mario Land gets 10/10 stars.

Super Mario 64 (the best game ever) gets a lot more than 10/10 stars.

Super Mario Galaxy gets 6/10 stars.

Super Mario Sunshine gets 5/10 stars.

Also, I hope you don't like Princess Peach, Bubbles1111.
While most people generally push Mario to the corner and write him off as a "vanilla protagonist" or a "Jack of all trades character", I believe Mario is actually quite special. Constantly demonstrating feats of Super human strength and acrobatic prowess, Mario is the ideal platforming character and quite the brawler on top of that. What he lacks in speed he makes up for in strength, being capable of picking up a ENTIRE CASTLE or swinging Bowser around by his tail.

Not to mention Mario's sheer level of determination and bravery is something to be admired, Mario has traveled all across the globe and beyond to save Princess Peach from the clutches of the evil king Bowser... on a near weekly bases. This man has guts too, he's brave to enter Bowser's Dark Matter Plant despite the high risk of being DISINTEGRATED BY DARK MATTER. (If Mario does fall into the dark matter, the death animation is the stuff of nightmares... yet he is still willing to enter the plant in order to beat the boss and secure the next grand star. )

Mario is also a very nice guy too, he's willing to help anyone even if they're complete stranger to him initially. Like for example in the prologue of Paper Mario and The Thousand Year Door, Mario helps Goombella fight of Lord Crump. He's happy-go-lucky, whimsical, cheerful, and overall a pretty swell dude.


[Newest]Sorry for the history lesson
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Kirby vs. Mario. Here goes, Mario trys to jump on Kirby, but Kirby just moves out of the way, and again, again, again, again, and again. Kirby, then sucks up Mario and spits him off the cliff. The End.
He may be just a little pink blob with feet and a face, but he's a force to be reckoned with. He EATS HIS ENEMIES. WHOLE. HE SUCKS THEM IN AND SWALLOWS THEM AND ABSORBS THEIR ABILITIES. You have to respect that.
[Newest]Do I even need to say anything? Kirby is the best, along with Yoshi and Robin (not that I've ever played Fire Emblem. I just like him in Super Smash Bros).
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He's been my favorite Mario character forever. My best Mario related character in all of the Super Smash Bros games as well. Ranked 6 in Brawl (Behind Olimar, Lucas, Ike, Lucario, and Diddy Kong), Ranked 1 in Melee, and Ranked 2 in the first one (Behind Link). I also use him in Mario Party and Mario Kart games.


Yoshi is my favorite Nintendo Character. While many characters come close, I have always enjoyed yoshi for his unique traits like eating almost anything. Link and Kirby are also some of my favorites, but I enjoy Yoshi the best.
I love yoshi he's the coolest little dino you will ever see


[Newest]Jo, man, short: He's nice

Luigi is awesome. Yeah mario is good, but Luigi can get the job done for certain. He gets sent on secret missions to collect stars and barely gets any credit. He deserves much more credit. I like his ice flower powers, I find he gets the job done no problem. Luigi for the win


I find Link, Mario and Yoshi a tiny bit overrated (no offense). Luigi deserves more credit than he is given. I don't mind the others but Luigi needs to win this. GO LUIGI
did his job in the shadow
[Newest]I personally like Luigi better Mario.

6Samus Aran
Samus should go more higher because her games are at the level of Link and Mario and she have one of the greatest stories of all the nintendo characters. Come on she at least have to be at top 3!
Samus is an absolute beast come on, she deserves much better than top twelve. At least up in the top five as one of the absolute most amazing characters ever, excellent background, helps bridge the sexist gap, and kicks ass come on.
Samus is one of the greatest characters Nintendo has ever made! The fact that she is all the way in 11th place is a crime! Please vote her higher!
[Newest]Samus should be second after Link.

7Donkey Kong
Donkey kong is the best he has the best 2d games ever! But zelda has the best 3d he doesn't get enough games and my brother thinks he is a bad guy from mini land mayhem stupid mario and zelda games getting put out every year while starfox and donkey kong and kirby and thousands of others are left on the side lines
Donkey Kong is just awesome. His games are challenging and fun, so fun that I actually convinced a guy who didn't want Tropical Freeze, and now he does want it! He definitely deserves to be on the top 3 and deserves more games.
One Of The Original Characters Of nintendo And So Low? Definitely top 3


[Newest]The King of Swing, the original Nintendo villain, the most beloved Tie Wearing ape of all time deserves to be #1

8Fox McCloud
Ever since I witnessed Fox in action on the N64 when I was little he has been my hero. It is very odd given that I love "castle related" games and (for the most part) hate "space" games. I have waited for a new Starfox game ever since Starfox Command for the DS. However, they do not seem forthcoming with another adventure any time soon, and should Nintendo disband this EPIC franchise I will never buy from Nintendo again.
Fox has kicked ass ever since the SNES. While they are making 5,000 Zelda games, people fail to realize that they should be making A KICK ASS starfox game
Mashiro Sakurai (did I spell his name right? ) Made Starfox, then more or less left Nintendo, leaving Fox at the mercy of Mr. Miyamoto, who seems to much prefer games of his own realization.
[Newest]This series needs more effort to make it an appealing combat game for people. They should give this series a chance, not just make a game in Mario's shadow as always.

AWESOME! Pikachu should be Nintendo's mascot. Go electro ball! Bam! You're dead. Pikuachu is awesome! Mario is too!
Pikachu is the mascot for Pokemon and makes an appearance in every single game! That's gotta mean something, right?
Laugh out loud, the best brawl character as well


[Newest]Classic Nintendo character, but magikarp is better

10Princess Zelda
Zelda is really strong and you don't want to mess with her. Unlike peach, Zelda is tricky and has fire, arrows, mind powers, love spells, teleport, light powers, and can turn into her ego, Sheik, (a ninja that is sneaky). Don't tell me Peach is stronger than that. The only reason she won death battle was cheating by using that mega strike power that Mario also has that he could've defeated Sonic with.
Way better than peach she does not just get kidnapped. She can help link in most of his battles against ganon. Unlike peach who just goes help me Mario. She is powerful as we'll she was able to help link turn ganondorf to stone in wind waker and both link and Zelda were only like 11. She is awesome defiantly best video game princess of all time
The only secondary character on this list besides Luigi! And there's a reason for that. Unlike most princesses, she's a badass. She can double as a ninja, she is smart, considerate, and cute, to be honest. She'll fend for herself, as shown in The Wand of Gamelon and Zelda's Adventure. #3 under Link and Luigi.
[Newest]Peach only one death battle because they desired to give her a advantage by making the sheep fall on Zelda even though Zelda destroyed it in a real life fight Zelda would murder peach

The Contenders

11Meta Knight
Meta Knight is just plain EPIK! I mean, he's about the size of Kirby, but with a few extra features. For one, he has bat like wings that let him fly, and glide along the ground if your playing Super Smash Bros Brawl. He has a grayish, sorta silverish mask with a black shape out for his eyes, His eyes are two large, bright, yellow circles. He has a purple, flowing cape that's awesome because I mean, who doesn't look better with a cape?! He also has metallic, purple shoes. But to me, his BEST ever feature is his sword. Long, shining, metallic, golden yellow sword with jagged ends on each side. In Super Smash Bros Brawl, if you are fighting him, in just about 3 to 5 seconds, he can have delivered about 30 slashes and cuts with his sword. Meta Knight is just epik and unbelievable. >:3
Meta knight is the best. The best aspect about him is that you never know if he good or bad. In Kirby superstar ultra, Meta knight tries to rule dreamland with the halberd, and also in Meta Knightmare ultra, he saves dreamland! He flies the coolest ship ever, that can destroy Dyna Blade, Kirby's warp star, Star fox's ship, and any other ship that is thrown at it. In super smash bros brawl, he is a good guy also, and is so mysterious that you just have to love him. No one knows why he has the mask except to hide his face, and no one knows how he messed up his face. Meta knight is the most dark and mysterious villain/hero of all Nintendo, possibly ever, and flies the coolest ship in the universe. Bang.
Meta Knight is rich and a warrior like Birdo from Mario. Meta Knight and Birdo are the best nintendo characters. If I had Meta Knight come to my house, (not a hobo in a meta knight costume), a real meta knight, I would give up anything but life and family and nutrients.
[Newest]He is so awesome!


12Captain Falcon
Only nintendo character that has his own meme, probably also the only character that you can compare to chuck Norris without being either roundhouse kicked or dissed off
I Am Huge Fan of Captain Falcon and I Love Him So Much. By the way:He is Such a Bad Ass Nintendo Character.


Only one thing to say about him: Falcon PUNCH!

Ness is just the kind of guy I would feel safe around. Every victory makes him stronger and in the original games he has some deadly moves like paralysis. most of his moves in ssb are actually Paula's or Poo's so shouldn't they be added to this list too instead of these non-Nintendo character's?
earthbound is by far the best snes game. ness is the main charecter
I vote Ness for Lucas. He's too far down the list.

But seriously, a series which tagline is 'No crying until the end? '

Just play MOTHER 3 especially.
[Newest]Because Ness is awesome, he should be in the top 10!

He's like, Samus, Link, and Mario combined! And he's cute and friendly like Kirby too! It's hard not to love this guy, especially with him cracking jokes and being optimistic all the time! And I agree with the former comment, he would be the best character for Link to team up with. THAT, would be a game I would buy!
Pit is a strong character. He has vast collection of weapons to beat down powerful other characters. He should even team up with Link. With their power and courage together they can beat almost anyone!
I really think Pit (from Kid Icarus series) is the strongest Nintendo character. I strongly believe because he can fight and defeat gods. The only downside is that he can't fly on his own.


[Newest]I love Link and Pikachu but I have to vote for Pit he is awesome, he is really funny I love his personality and his reaction when he sees a hot spring

15King Bowser Koopa
Without Bowser, Mario would be nothing more than a 40 year old bachelor plumber.
Bowser is the most POWERFUL villain of all time...
How is this example of a classic villain behind his Jacko son? Come on, Bowser was the one that messed Mario all these times. Come on, TheTopTens users! Vote for an excellent representation of a good villain!
[Newest]Bowser is cool and tuff

16Mr. Game & Watch
Super badass and deserves to be higher. He dominates in Melee and Brawl and he's just funny.
They should bring Mr. Game and Watch back for the Wii you or 3ds and give him his own adventure game that involves some of the old Game and Watch games! I'd totally buy that! He deserves a new game!
Mr. Game and Watch is a classic, he can kick butt in Super Smash Bros and is just a fun character. And to back it up, he is the master of the Superflat World! Top Ten for sure!

Top 10 Greatest Wario Games

Top 1: Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. Over 10/10 stars.

Top 2: Super Smash Bros. Brawl. 10/10 stars.

Top 3: Wario Blast! Featuring Bomberman. 9.8/10 stars.

Top 4: Virtual Boy Wario Land. 9.7/10 stars.

Top 5: Wario World. 9.4/10 stars.

Top 6: Wario Land III. 9.3/10 stars.

Top 7: Wario Land II. 9.2/10 stars.

Top 8: Wario Land: Shake It! 9.1/10 stars.

Top 9: Game & Wario. 9.0/10 stars.

Top 10: WarioWare: Smooth Moves. 8.8/10.
He needs to be number 1 because he's underrated and underappreciated, characters like Link are undeveloped and incomplete to me because of the lack of voice acting but wario is awesome funny and has the best lines in a video game I like yoshi more but Wario needs respect and makes the other 3 plumbers look like a joke
He is the reason almost every game with him in it has "crude humor" in the rating!


18Princess Toadstool Peach
PEACH IS AMAZING! MY favorite Nintendo character by far! I lover her cheerful, cute and peachy attitude, and she is so darn likeable! True Charisma
Princess Peach is one of Nintendo's best characters she was invented way before Link, Kirby, and Yoshi so Peach is like one of gamings best girls Peach is a awesome chracter ant should be moved higher AM I RIGHT! FOR SURE I'M RIGHT!
Princess peach is the best character ever. Princess peach can do anything. Besides her being the best I love her long flowing blond hair and her long pink dress that she always has on. That is why princess peach is the best.
[Newest]Princess Peach is weak, useless, has a disgraceful voice, has horrible hair and can't do anything. So she can trade places with Rosalina.

Once a poor kid who had witnessed tragedy first hand, this boy with amazing abilities easily becomes one of the most badass characters of his development company.
How the eff is Lanky Kong above a 13 year old kid who has PTS? A kid who's family is dead? A kid who saw his twin suicide? Being the way he suicided? This list...
His game is awesome he doesn't deserve 15 he's little but strong Play his game and youll see

Toad is so adorable and Princess Peach treats him more mature than Toadette. Toad is also brave on SSBB for Wii. Peach uses him as attack and he's safe! There is a million duplicates of them and they try to help Mario, Peach, and Pauline. Toads are the 2nd best nintendo characters under Kirby.
An adorable and cute mushroom citizen that who helps heroes. He is amazingly nice as you could see him. See so helpful, full of friends who awaits him to help them too. Not because his little his weak, no. He's strong and clearly loyal to his friends. I think this the one who could be the winner that is my opinion, thank you
Toad is the BEST character ever! He needs to be playable in more games! Nintendo is dropping the ball on this!

Mega man sonic bomberman is not Nintendo


Ike Is Like If You Took Link And Put Him Togther With Marth he's Very In Super Smash Bros Brawl

Best star fox pilot. and my favourite character on super smash bros brawl!
Falco is the best! FALCO for the win
I wouldn't say "Forgotten', but forgotten game series.

Ever since I got Juggled in SSBB, I stuck with her. Why do people hate her so much? She's cute, like Shy Guy, she's puffy, like Kirby, and PINK my favorite color. The only time I don't like her is in the anime, where she draws on everyone's face when they sleep.
I don't like jigglypuff it just he is not good at all.

24Koopa Troopa

25Fox McCloud

26Little Mac
He is the best of all the games, he has taught kids to go on in their goals despite not being the biggest and strongest.
He is by far one of the best Nintendo characters of all time.
I love little mac. He's my favourite

27Waddle Dee
Man waddle dee may be week but since he's got a spear and a bandanna he kicks ass! Why isn't he even lower than 50?

Best companion ever. She is definitely my favorite video game character!
She is the best thing to happen to Link since the Master Sword
Show some Respect
Favorite videogame character to this date. Runner-up is Rosalina. Love them both, it's nice to see Nintendo giving focus on certain characters and putting effort into sad, detailed backstories.

29Dark Pit

30Ash Ketchum
Was amazing in the first 3/4 series of Pokemon! Plus he's much better than most of the characters listed above E. G Bowser, Bowser Jr. Birdo, Naruto and King Dedede
Come on! You all know that you loved Pokemon as a child! You clearly want them to go on the top! Ash is one of the best Ninty characters I know since he clearly shows what the true meaning of friendship is!
Red is a Nintendo character. But Ash? No.
[Newest]Gotta catch 'em all!

One of the only Pokemon worth seeing

32Star Wolf
Epic, just epic. Best thing Nintendo ever made. The only thing they need to do is make a game for wolf and wolf alone.

33King Boo
King Boo Is So Cool and Scary and Cute. He Is The Best Character In The Whole Mario Series and Without Him There'll Be A No Game Of Mario. He Is The Boss Of The Lifetime and The Best Nintendo Character Of All Time
I ❤❤❤❤❤ king boo I have always wanted all of his games
He's epic! Boos are my favorite nintendo thing!
[Newest]King Boo could be voiced by will.I. am!

Without Bowser, Mario games wouldn't have a castly adventure.

Starfy is cool and is not a kirby rip off
Starfy is sooo awesome

I can see why Yoshi and Birdo date. Yoshi doesn't do anything besides hiding in a eggshell and fluttering. Unlike Birdo who actually appeared on the Super Mario Super Show as Granny Birdo's baby. Granny Birdo is weird, but Birdo tries to use a big nose to protect everyone, without Birdo, most characters would end up blind and definitely like Shy Guy. Also, Birdo helped Shy Guy and Yoshi communicate. Yoshi and Shy Guy are still mortal enemies and got friendly by Birdo.
Without Birdo, Yoshi Park would be a decrease of power especially with blind and definitely shy guys and babies, and Yoshi wouldn't be a captain or a main character and Yoshi is like the best with Birdo around.
If Yoshi's on the list, why not Birdo? Besides what's the difference other than skin color and gender?

37Dixie Kong

From Kid Icarus. LOVE her.

One of the best things Nintendo has birthed

40Diddy Kong

41Hammer Bro


43Dry Bones

44Captain Olimar
Olimar is just a total boss in general. Although he doesn't seem like a very interesting character when you first start Pikmin, throughout the game as you read more and more of his captain's logs he starts to grow more interesting, and just like every other main character in a nintendo game. He's got that certain charm that wins him fans.
Seriously? Olimar below Peach? What kind of world do we live in?
Olimar is kickass! Pikmin is also a great game.


45Princess Daisy
Princess daisy is very cool she is a Tom boy but she is very fun to play as she loves flowers and is a good driver in Mario kart and other mario games she is very good friends with peach and without princess daisy peach would have no friends. Also daisy is nice with her long yellow and orange dress and before she had long hair but now she has nice short hair that's why princess daisy should be in the top ten
She is the coolest princess. The reasons are because even though she is a princess she is a tomb boy and loves playing sports she has the best dress and also is one of the best mario kart characters ever
One of the first characters and Super Mario Super Show!, was her thing. Without that, Birdo wasn't deserving to be on the list.
[Newest]Princess Daisy is much better than Princess Peach in any respect. Why is Peach higher anyways?!

46Toon Link
Everything about this guy is awesome. His games, his looks, his personality, just everything. Wind Waker for life.

But seriously, just call him the Hero of Wind.

47Ryu Hayabusa

This game is so fun and shulk is the best character ever
Xenoblade chronicles is so awesome and so is shulk
Love this RPG ain't nothing better
[Newest]How is he sow low in the list?


50Shy Guy
He so cute and some people say peach is way better on Mario party 9 but her jumping is suckish and she is to tall and tall girls are freaky
This guy is the best. Shy Guy > Link
I like Mario, but yeaah shy guy is just a TEENY bit better. I even made a shy guy costume (great success! ) Seriously get him in (if not the top 3) at least 4th
[Newest]Shy guy for the win


Well he is one of the best villains in history along with my most favourite characters in Nintendo, plus his backstory in 'the wind waker'was one of the saddest I've ever seen! Ganondorf fans unite!
He's way creepier than Bowser. Bowser is just... well... ROOOAR!

52Marx Soul
Even though his scream is scary, Marx in my opinion, is an amazing character in the kirby franchise.



55Princess Rosalina
She is from the Mario games and she was first seen in super Mario galaxy. Princess rosalina is the princess of the lumus she is very powerful and is a great racer in Mario kart wii and Mario kart 7
Rosalina's the true beauty! She's better than Peach and Daisy. Also better than Pauline! She's so lovely and sporty (see Mario Kart Wii)...
51? She should be top 1. I strongly agree with you. Rosalina deserves to be much higher than Peach.
I don't get why Rosalina has to be lower than Princess Peach!

Princess Peach is top 23 although she is a huge disgrace.

Princess Daisy is tip 40 & still underrated.

Rosalina should be top 1! Please?
[Newest]What?! Rosalina as top 54 on "Top Ten Nintendo Characters" and top 1 on "Worst Nintendo Characters"?! WHY?!

56Wolf O'Donnell

57Mr. Saturn


Dude marth is like will Turner In blue. Minus the moustache.
Really? 47? THAT IS SHAMEFUL! Marth is the greatest ever! He is the mascot of Fire Emblem and appeared in the very first one! He is EPIC in melee, brawl, and will be in the 4th game! #HeroKingSwag
WHAT THE HECK! Why is marth so far back on this list this is not fair😡

She should be a princess. Rosalina and pauline builds their kingdoms. Their dresses are not too babyish. Pauline resembles the 1900s and brings it back and she looks like Scarlet from a board game Clue
Without her, who's the kongs, and what do they know everyone as, they have to capture a princess besides Peach, right?

61Hades (Kid Icarus Uprising)
Shame we'll have to wait a decade for a new Kid Icarus game... Loved this guy
"When freaky aliens give you lemons, make freaky alien lemonade."




64Chain Chomp
What chain chomp off his chain rocks it would eat anything


Kamek are so OP. Mario could never win in a boss fight against one. Not many characters use magic, let alone have so much power.

67Rob the Robot
He's so cool in ssbb even if this 1980's robot has extremely slow he's still awesome.

68Skull Kid


70Captain Toad

71Gooper Blooper
Gooper Blooper may be easy on Super Mario Sunshine but he's also kinda cool.


Yes she's in smash now!

This awesome dragon needs to be higher!
Ridley is definitely the best Nintendo villain hands down.

Roy Ike Marth and Lyn are awesome Fire Emblem RULES

She first appear in that smash hit game Panel de Pon... But was changed to Tetris Attack in NA. Still wish the Popple fairies would returned in this time now everyone likes anime.

76Knuckles the Echidna
Even though I am pretty sure they are SEGA characters but if sonic is on the list Knuckles deserves to be too. He is way stronger than Sonic and the only echidna I have married... Long story :P

He's so awesome and my 2nd Favorite Animal Crossing Character. (1st being Resetti)


79Paula Polestar
A pretty girl with deadly psychic powers. Though she has to be rescued a few times, she is definiteley not helpless.


81Cranky Kong

82Ronald McDonald
Whoever put this character, go jump in a hole and kill yourself.
This doesn't make any sense. McDonald's is a fast food restaurant, people... THINK!
What the heck he's not even a Nintendo character.

83The Masked Man

84Larry Koopa

85Zero Suit


He's a cool villain.


89Fly Guy

90Chunky Kong
He is so strong he could make a kremling cry out for mummy

91Lanky Kong

92Tiny Kong

93Aran Ryan
He is cheating but I like him very much.
By the way, I wonder if he has any connexion with samus Aran

94Metal Mario

Weird, but downright creepy.

Groose has weird hair! He's weird hi myself! And his theme explains it all!

Finally! Star fox now has a good female character!

The "embodiment of evil itself". Such a creepy character but I love the concept.

99Billy and Jimmy (Double Dragon Bros.)

MissingNo may be only a glitch but he is such an amazing character

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