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41 Overtime

Houston's best rapper he can out rap anyone don't believe it battle him.

When it comes to Houston he got to be voted higher than this I'm a fan of music period rather it's rock rap or r&b but the minute I heard this guy I knew he is truly a artist and now I'm a fan check him out I heard him on

Overtime is going to show the city real rap mixed with flamboyant swagger

Out of Town Over was a nice mixtape. Been in the deck for two weeks.

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42 Bigg Fatts

The best laugh out loud

43 LeCrae LeCrae Lecrae Devaughn Moore, mononymously known as Lecrae, is an American Christian hip hop artist, songwriter, record producer and actor.

Won a grammy this year. By far the best Houston rapper right now.

44 Short Dawg
45 Crime Boss

He is a great rapper from Texas I especially like the song fry it was the fist song I listened by him and now he's my second favorite rapper, my first is z-ro.

His flow is the most mainstream no promotion and sold some of the most albums dropped number 4 on chatrts wit second album

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46 Lil Bing

One of the best to ever grab the mic better than a lot of black rappers

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47 Travis Scott Travis Scott Jacques Webster, better known by his stage name Travis Scott, is an American hip hop recording artist, record producer and musician from Houston, Texas. V 5 Comments
48 Will Lean

Put him in the top 10 or 15 because he can rap circles around some of these artists

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49 Duck
50 Coast V 1 Comment
51 Maserati Rick

Hardest in Houston... He part of the new H Town movement SouthBank M.S. G /A.W. E watch out for him

He got something. id say he showing Houston do got more to talk bout other than grills lean and swangers! Welcome New Houston

I've heard some of his music and he has a lot of passio in his deliver you can almost feel the authenticity in his ryhmes almost makes you cling to him instantly

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52 Youngest N Charge
53 King Ka'Ron

Ka'Ron should be right up there with Scarface and Z-Ro, Talent, Swag, gifted. truly underground and refused to sell-out or play politics. Many just never heard his music, but truly had the potential to be what Jay is to New York and what Cube is to Cali. Tried to represent Houston on another level.

Houston's Hardest Underground Artist! His Die Another Day Mixtape was the 1st music I heard and I was truely impressed. SWAT UP!

This Guy is by far the strongest lyrically. Check out any of his mixtapes and you'll agree.

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54 Rasheed

"Texas chainsaw" at least top 15, crazy ass freestyler 1 of a kind

Rasheed is the Tazmanian devil of Houston Hip Hop. He has, is and will be, one the hardest fire-breathing dragons the H has ever produced. s/o to that 21st Centurion!

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55 Killa Kyleon

Few songs are fire but for the most part lame

Say mayne, move this boy to the top 5. Lyrically? Nobody is touching him. Only downfall is body of work

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56 Cal Wayne

The hardest in the city hands down

There is no way in the world that cal Wayne should be in the top 10.


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57 Vago
58 Young Scotty
59 Aqualeo
60 Mydnyte Slug

My Artist Doing there thing. Goodboy ENTERTAINMENT about too rise up

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