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I agree that Spanish is by far the most romantic language, but I disagree with some of the above comments. I feel that Mexico has the best accent, certain parts do at least. This is probably because it's closest to our English and all consonants are pronounced. In Puerto Rican speakers usually switch the R and L and bunch words together, as do Cubans and a lot of other countries, they also tend to speak faster or seem faster and harder to understand because of this... Spaniards tend to have a bit of a lisp. I am part Spanish so I am being objective... I do agree at how descriptive and poetic one expresses themselves in Spanish, I sometimes think of things in Spanish and then translate to English when I want to melt a special lady's heart...
Spanish is probably the most beautiful language. As a musician composer I can not find other language than Spanish to give the same freedom to compose.
Dominican Spanish is so romantic. It sounds like a song even when they are arguing. I could listen to them speak all day. Certainly
[Newest]I hate Spanish language the English is the most romantic
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Its a way to express feeling and emotion in a way like no other. It originates from a place of great beauty. The lang. Is thought of highly and is respected for its ways of making someone know you truly care
The french is beautiful. They have the best love song in the world. The language may be hard, (it is even hard for french) but the difficulty able you to express feeling better. Believe me, be able to sing in french work with laddies ;).
I'm learning this for high school. This will make everything WAY easier. Plus if you know their language... chefs in Paris wont spit in your food! XD


[Newest]It should be #1 it is a beautiful language based in such a beautiful and cultured country

Italian all the way. Its like you're singing when you talk.
As an American I am not exposed to the amount of beauty and true love that is brought through the harsher landscapes of the land. In Italy I see a world that could never be seen here in America and I realized that if the native people of the italian landscapes actualy looked up and saw where they were they would realize that they are the holders of true beauty. Making them cherish other beautiful things so much more than the people of my country.
The biggest turn on language and is very widely known along with French and Spanish
[Newest]Italian IS the language of love!

It`s so phonetic! I love the way it sounds.
try going to Brazil and check it for oyurself...
Portuguese (from Brazil mainly) it's a very beaultiful language, you feel like every word is materializing, so captivating! If people give a chance, they would understand that it's a romantic language (although it is difficult). Try to listening MPB (Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque, Maria Gadu, Marisa Monte) and you will see.
[Newest]As somebody who has experience with all the languages I'm about to name, Portuguese is way more beautiful than Spanish, Italian or French!

I think since English is the most wide spread language in the world it is by far one of the most romantic, together with French ^^ Italian. There are so many ways to say "I love you" ^^ even more. Words express so much in this language, it's almost like you can feel the meaning of the words in physical form. The sound of this language is also unique in it's own way, in my opinion and the fact that you can mold 26 letters/sounds in to such a vast array of words shows the beauty of this language by whole.
English is not THE most romantic sounding language in the world, but it does not deserve ninth place. English is far to popular and widespread to not be considered in at least the top 5! Italian, Romanian, French, Spanish and then English. English, though extremely difficult to learn, opens up an innumerable amount of phonetic freedom when honed and used properly. English is by far in the top 5!
Let's be serious. The only ones that beat English are Spanish French and Italian ( maybe Portuguese depending on the speaker) English is at worst the 5th most romantic language in the world. Eloquent speakers can use the language to create unmatched beauty just like Shakespeare used to do.
[Newest]I advise you to learn English because you will need English language in future. and it is so romantic language than other languages. I promise you can't find so famous language in the world and English has no equal.

Japanese in my opinion is the best language for singing. It's unique because all syllables are open, and even n sound is syllabic so it sounds like a vowel in songs... I haven't found a language that would suited for singing better then Japanese. (some Polynesian languages have some similar qualities in the way their syllables are built (for example Maori), but unfortunately these languages are mostly dying out). Japanese culture and science is very rich and in many ways unique too. I think Japanese is very romantic (except for gangster speech... Like.. Kora teme wa dare the! Ore wa dare the to omou.. Etc) but ladies usually don't use such kind of language, and gentlemen too. So Japanese is the best for singing, very romantic and pleasant to listen to. Rap is the only thing Japanese language is bad at=) But I don't care about it, because I hardly listen to rap. Well it doesn't mean that every song in Japanese is nice, no.. Not at all.. There are tones of bad ones.. But tones of good ones as well.. And that doesn't mean I don't like the other languages, I just think that Japanese is the best of them. (For my interests). Oh... And the writing system is beautiful too (thanks God they still use Chinese characters).
Simply the best language ever. The range of emotions is very wide, from the most vicious, to the most romantic as well as to the cutest voice
The Japanese language, (I am learning currently) is more beautiful then what I thought. When I talk in Japanese, I seem... Younger, and I'm in my late teens. Italian is nowhere near romantic in my opinion. French is only on here due to stereotype's on T.V.. Spanish is kinda... Ugly in my opinion.


[Newest]I tend to watch anime with English subtitles in Japanese dub.

In Hindi you can find word for each and every thing in the world. Other than this it gives respect to each and every individual irrespective of their age, qualification and religion. It's not like English in which everyone is either uncle or aunty.

This language has it's own beauty but person who don't know it how he/she could be able to vote it. After all it needs beauty to find beauty So, learn this language then you will realize I was faking.

Its Hindi that admires beauty through its songs at least listen to them.
Love has no language... If you love someone than you can say everything without saying anything. Although everyone like their own language. So I'll say Hindi is my language which is mother of every other language as our culture is the oldest in the world.
Just hear some hindi songs and think of this list again. When anyone speaks hindi it seems that he is reciting poem
[Newest]I love Hindi, Hindi is my mother tongue. JAI Hindi

I love Korean, cause it sounds romantic it's has many Vowels that's why it is smooth to the ear... Example SARANGHAEYO (I Love You) and Keuraeyo? (RIGHT? )... The "yo" it sound's sweet... Because it is WAVING and other words.. And it is simple to learn I know how to write and Read.. In the grammar it's quite difficult...
Korean words are very unique, in comparison wit Japanese Korean language very different. particularly songs, them are so beautiful. then you listening them you even can't image that this is Korean. I love how they speak in informal and formal way, its like two different languages, but is it not. I'm from Europa and my biggest dream to speak Korean.
Songs in this language are the best because they flow so easily. The characters are beautiful and easy to learn. The language is so expressive and you can convey any feeling like when you say (I miss you) you can really hear the feel and the love. So romantic!
[Newest]It is the best lan

A sharp, yet smooth and amazing language. The idiosyncrasies and various influences make it truly a one-of-a-kind and beautiful language~
it is one of the most romantic launguages so you can't beat that its the 3rd most romantic language.
Lovely sound, very similar to Italian, but not so sappy. The Slavic influences do away with its sappiness!
[Newest]In my opinion I think Romanian sounds beautiful!

Amazing language, so many different words to express oneself.
The most romantic language in my opinion.. Sexy accent. The way germans roll the letter 'r' is just so attractive to me!
When Germans want to sound cute speaking German, they do a fantastic job. Very underrated and misunderstood language!

The Contenders

Latin is the most beautiful ancient language. Even till this day it has such a smooth sound. Like Italian. English and Spanish combined.
Latin involved the 3 most beautiful languages : Spanish, French and Italian... Gracias

When I hear Greek girls talking..its a turn on


Very smooth flowing and romantic, you get a feeling for how ancient and developed of a language Greek really is! Just listen to anything by Nikos Vertis or Hristos Holidis and you'll see!
I speak Greek too my wife all the time an she has
No idea what I'm saying but she loves it

Well, than Most Asian LANGUAGE! TAGALOG (FILIPINO) is the most ROMANTIC of all for me... THERE is a CRIOLLO langauge in Southern Philippines (in Zamboanga Peninsula) called "CHAVACANO", which is much strongly Castillian-Spanish and a less mixture of native language. FILIPINOS are the most ROMANTIC PEOPLE in ASIA----According to JAMES KIRKUP: "THE MIXTURE OF MALAY AND SPANISH CHARM MAKES FILIPINOS THE MOST ROMANTIC PEOPLE IN ASIA, RIVALED ONLY BY THE PORTUGUESE OF MACAU"...

Lots of SPANISH loanwords had integrated to various PHILIPPINES LANGUAGES.

PHILIPPINES SOCIETY is largely MALAY, also, SPANISH FILIPINOS (MESTIZOS) can be seen and had integrated into society... FILIPINOS are only ASIANS that are always got to be in the TOP 3, TOP 5 or 15 ----MISS UNIVERSE, MISS WORLD, MISS INTERNATIONAL and various PAGEANTS!...
Tagalogs have romance seriously, okay. And romantic it definitely stands for. Love that Tagalog is one amazing mix of culture, Asian, American, and Spanish all. Therefore, the romanticism of language is definitely deep and is wide range.


mahal ka (i love you)
mahal mo ba ako (do u love me?)
kinikilig ako (i'm blushing)
gusto kita (i want u)
papakasalan mo ba ako (will u marry me?)
saan, gusto mo ngaun na? (where? do u want it now?)
teka, tanong ko muna sa mga magulang ko (wait, i'll ask my parents first)

gagawin na ba natin ung alam mo na (shall we do the u know?)
sa susunod.. (to be continued..)



One of the only ancient languages that is still used commonly, every word can have 100 meanings to it, a language that may sound odd to outsiders, but to those who understand it realize it's a language that purely comes from the heart.
The language of the Qur'an, a book which even the greatest Arab poets said can be from no one other then Almighty Allah (God) Arabic Is a language like no other, one blessed by Allah just listen to the Qur'an it puts even non-Arabic speakers to tears.
I'm not agree! Arabic is not Romantic! I'm from Iran but I can speak Arabic. And Arabic is a good one but I don't like the sounds and it feels bad (like you are talking as an Animal) but English is not like that I can speak Russian to and It's great. But in my opinion Arabic is worst one in the world :(
[Newest]Very sweet language " if you not learn this language you lost your heart

Ukrainian language is very gentle and colorful. If you even shout at somebody in Ukrainian, it sounds as if you make a declaration of love))) Ukrainian can sound like gentle whispering as well as singing of nightingale. That's why among Ukrainian-speaking people Ukrainian is called 'the nightingale's language'.
Besides Ukrainian songs are widely considered as an outstanding contribution to the world's culture. Just find them on the Internet and enjoy listening)))
After Italian the most beautiful and melodious language in the world


You won't find another language where you can describe something in more than 10 ways. And only if you are a native speaker you can catch a slight difference between those words
[Newest]Ukrainian language as bird's language us such light and amazing...

The only other language that might come remotely close to Persian in this respect might be French. Spanish? English? Russian? Korean? Are you kidding me? These languages sound mechanical or low quality in comparison to Persian. Persian is simply an art. I've been learning Persian for only one year, and I still can't understand majority of words; however Persian poetry is simply amazing. The Rhythm, the sound, the way the words are juxtaposed is simply unrivaled. From what I understand, they have more poetry literature than the whole Europe combined. Shakespeare sounds armature in comparison to some of the great Persian poets.
There are so many different ways one can say "I love you" or "sweetheart" or "my love" in Persian. Just using different combinations make me sound like a love poet. The greatest love poets of all time (Rumi) wrote in Persian and to this day people translate it into their native tongue, but its original wording is so beautifully written it loses some value once translated. Not only that but the culture is very warm and loving (if you ever visit you would know)
Are you kidding me?! Korean, Romanian and Hindi are among the top ten and Persian and Latin are not?! Then I really have no idea what you mean by Romance! Persian alone has more masterpiece of romantic poems than your whole top ten languages combined. It is so poetic and beautiful that you should really really try hard not to be poetic. The first sentence that I wrote in Persian is most beautiful than many of the English poems that we learned at school. And Latin?! Don't even get me started on this one. !
[Newest]I'm German and I think Persian is the sweetest and cutest language I ever heard in my life, in Persian language, each word have their own feeling.

It is one of the most sweetest language the world ever had. The vowels sounds so sweet.. All most all the words will end with vowels which gives the language to be sweet..
It is language of soul. It is easy to connect through its purity. Telugu is the best for ever. It is the one of the language having more letters-56. Poetry in telugu has its own passion of expressing. It is only language having most grammatical rules, which makes easy to understand the language.


In English word puke is vulgar slang for vomit but in telugu is the biggest swear word. Meaning in some words (not bad words) of other lauguages are used as swear words in telugu. It means our language is so decent that even our swear words are so gentle for all the other languages.

Bengali should be number one...this is the most romantic language in the world.. "আমি তোমায় ভালোবাসি "
Bengali is really sweeter than any other language in the world!
Who dare to rank bengali like this. whoever it is he or she is mentally retired

When my malay boyfriends read to me malay poems, it really tugs on my heart strings because the language itself is just so beautiful and in addition to the man himself who is reading it, I can just fall in love in an instant.
I like it.. Even though I'm Indonesian and most Indonesians hate Malay, but for me it is more smoother and it flows better than Indonesians.. There's many word you can adress yourself too.. One of top unique Asians languages
unique language come in a very soft tones

The best to listen to and yes, the most romantic
Russian sounds like a violent language and I like it very much. It's too much strong
Most beautiful words and you can say EXACT the way you feel and make point across
[Newest]Very unique and romantic

Swedish is just fantastic.

If you summed up all the things sweden is good at and gave it a number, it would most likely end up as one of the top 5 nations.

I mean, highest quality of Life in the World. Biggest gamer population in any country. One of the top 3 countries with the lowest infant mortality rate.

Is ranked within the top 20-10 wealthiest and richest nations (on Earth).
Is one of the top 5 nations with the best Healthcare (of which is founded by the stat, ).

And I mean, the language is just awesome


Wonderful language and wonderful people! Beautiful Country!
I love you at once please understand
[Newest]Swedish all the way!

When Turkish Guys speak.. Girls hearts melt. I wish I could get a Turkish hot Guy.
24? Oh my god you think only romance languages can be romantic?

UNSCO have regard this language as the most Sweetest Language.
Only the sweetest language for which Bangladeshi people sacrificed their lives... and the calling of mother that is "maa" is the sweetest one of the world
Bangla is a mixed language and that makes it more sweeter. Bangla language gives respect to each and every individual irrespective of their age, qualification and riligion. It's not like English in which everyone is either uncle or aunty. Bangla is like a gold for the writers because it's a very beautiful language. Bangla is a romantic language too.
[Newest]Bangla and bengali are the same language. So, why the difference in rank occurs?

Punjabi Is one most romantic languages where you can express your feelings in a lot of different ways. If you want to communicate passionately and appropriately there would hardly be any language which wold be better then Punjabi only if articulated properly..!
I know Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, English and Korean but as my experiences romantic more words in Urdu as compare to among language I know
Sweet or we can say the sweetest one.

25Native American
Ever heard a Native American speak in their language? Well you should.


Unlike other languages, Vietnamese has 6 tons. Therefore, every sentence is produced, especially by the people from Hanoi - capital of Viet Nam, is completely as beautiful as a song.
Vietnamese grammar is really flexible but sophisticated, for example, in one sentence, if you change its word position, you may have different meaning. The diversity of personal pronoun also contributes to the uniqueness of language, when choosing pronouns to use, you indicate your attitude to your counterpart in communication : love, hate, angry, despicable, privilege, power, status...
A variety of sounds. People speaks as if they sing! Love it!
6 different intonations, a variety of means to depict the extent of a word (e. G, roughly 11 ways to vary the extent of darkness), Vietnamese is a diamond in the the world's spoken language heritage.

I feel that, Tamil is the best Romantic Language of all above Romantic Languages
As a Tamalian, although I have a right to personally like my own language.
But being born in England meant that Tamil was my second language.
This language is the best!
Most phonetic language with more sweetest words absolutely amazing language
[Newest]Tamil has been there more than 6000 years.

The language of the Poles is quite literally a melting pot as it comprises the Baltic, Germanic and Romance language groups. It is this combination that gives it the quality of complete beauty. To a trained ear, the Polish tongue has sweet echoes and clean, crisp sounds that role off the tongue into a kind of cauldron of passionate diction.
It's simply a West Slavic language with a touch of Baltic, Germanic, and Romance languages here and there. We're one of the few languages in Europe to still have nasal vowels. Although it may not be Most Romantic, it DEFINITELY should be higher on the list.
Polish is so beautiful language :) I love it
[Newest]It's very interesting and phonetic

Once of the oldest language, it's rich in history and when you learn the culture, you will love and appreciate this beautiful language.
Mandarin is a much softer dialect. Whereas Canonese is much more rough and harsh sounding. Just about every single word ends in a vowel, and the intonations are much more gentle.
I'm currently learning Mandarin and it is allot better sounding than I thought it would be.

The last of the classics. The soft enchantments of this tongue are matched by no other. Crisp consonants and sweet vowels mark this language and it is sad that it is on the decline and so often confused with other slavic dialects. Nevertheless, as long as I am able to hear these melodies I will remain satisfied.
Very beautiful and good sounding language
Really old Indo-European language from baltic group, Shame that is often mistaken with slavic.


1. So many words that are poetic and have a deep meaning in this language
2. Indonesian is the language of what we are reading what we write, it's one of the advantages of Indonesian, in contrast to his other languages in the world.
3. Indonesian has a smooth sound and if using Indonesian properly will sound intellectual and sexy
Actually, I didn't trust with this voting. It's just about, how many people who know or use that language. LOL.
Indonesian have so much words that english or other languages don't have the meanings...
Besides, so many accent n' style in Indonesian language
And trust me... It's more complicated than any languages I've ever learn


Only hebrew h and r is not good but its so romantic

Hungarian is a very romantic language. Most beautiful ever!

Because of variety of intonations, long and short vowels, soft and rough consonants, Latvian is very melodious language. Even talking small daily things you get impression that your partner is singing.

Historically, many people who don't know Kannada have strived to learn it & further have involved in literary works. There are many such litterateurs in Kannada whose Mother tongues are German (Ferdinand Kittle), Tamil, Telugu, Urdu etc. That should say a lot about the beauty & attractiveness & as for the topic, the Romance of the Kannada Language. The sound created by the words is Pleasant & fresh.
I strongly believe kannada is the sweetest of all the languages...
[Newest]It's impossible to say the feel in words. One of the most respective and lovable language in the world.

My girlfriend likes it when I say romantic things to her in welsh, and she's English so.. ;) and it's sadly rarely spoken, even in Wales.. More people SHOULD speak it, but I've heard it's a very difficult language to learn.
The language of Heaven!!!

The most romantic and sweetest language of the world I wish I knew how to speak urdu and had the accent
The most sweetest language of the world!
Amazing language I love Urdu accent very sweet language

Sounds gorgeous easy to learn

Nepali is such a beautiful language.
I love the way nepali people speaking. It's awesome.
Indeed Nepali language is the most romantic language.



This is one of the best
This language has history of 3000 years. It reads as it write. It can write virtually
All the sounds in other languages have. The best proof for it's flexibility, some words can be read as upside down. What's more.
This is the best

I personally like Swahili too much. Some flavour is there.
SWAHILI is easy to learn; all verbs conjugate exactly the same!
Asante sana!
One of the most widely spoken languages in Africa. Mainly used in Eastern Africa. Swahili is a language that cane as a result of The Trans Saharan trade. The intermingling of Arab traders and the Bantus at the coast of Eastern Africa. It borrows heavily from Arab, Mijikenda, Kikuyu and Akamba. It'sa national language in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Other contries in Africa speak thisand others. Language including, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, parts of Sudan, Somalia


It offends me deeply when Dutch is labelled a harsh or abrupt tongue, for this is not the case. When spoken with the appropriate rhythmic precision, this West-Germanic language echoes to high heaven.
Dutch is beautiful when the pronounciation is good. You have a lot of differences between all Dutch dialects.


Icelandic keeps the harshness found in Scandinavian languages, but adds to it a sweet, light, and melodic sound.

One of the most unique Slavic languages with many Latin, Greek, Turkish/Arabic, German, Italian and Illyrian influences! Similiar (virtually same) to Croatian, "Bosnian", "Montengrin", used to be called Serbo-Croatian before the Yugoslav wars. The language has a passion to it and very loving and the long hard and ancient history of the Serbs is evident in the language! All the better for love!

For me is the second best sounding language in the world sounds so romantic

Absolutely love the Irish language! My boyfriend, (soon to be fiance) is an Irish immigrant, and he says "I love you." To me all the time in Irish, and honest to the holy mother of God, it's a huge turn on. I just love Irish.

My name is Ammar an I am a Memon and I realized memni is the most romantic language love you all

When it comes to praise, beauty and romance in poems. No other language could compete pashto, but it didn't get much attention globally. I love pashto and it is one of the most romantic language, without a doubt.
This is one of the most beautiful language that I have come across as an linguist expert. Very sweet language and has many words that are not found in any other language.
Yes pashto is one of the greatest and so romantic language of the world

Archaic and extra sweet

It puzzles me that Afrikaans remains so low on this prestigious list, for it is a tongue that possesses qualities that few others do. I often roll out a deck chair in Johannesburg and simply listen to the soaring melodies of the native speakers, they take me on a delightful journey through the rocky suffixes and edgy prefixes that rise and fall with the very beat of my heart, and the strokes of my breath.

A little rough on the edges, but has linguistically unique sounds only found in the language. It's filled with Constanants, so there's a lot of volunteer invisible vowels that come and smooth the language out.


It is so romantic language, especially for teenagers, well I would say in 21st century teenagers use or began to use very romantic words. And there is different types of uses like Huuno, Abaayo, and so many other romantic words.

61Old English


Its a language what was first spoked from the end of the 13th century
Estonian language is more romantic than French

It's a awesome & very simple language.


The most spoken dialect in Veneto region of Italy and one of most known dialect in Italy. Very nice to speak, it sounds good and it looks very similar with Italian and Spanish language. There are over 2,000,000 speakers. (take info from Wikipedia)

Javanese is ancient language, it is used generation by generation. There are a lot of varieties in Javanese, although all is intelligible to each other; mostly. There are levels in Javanese, like Ngoko or Madya or Krama and anything between them. I myself speaking Ngoko daily, but also can have commands of Kromo. It is very beautiful language, and Old Javanese is still used a little bit in like Keroncong; though most people likely don't understand words by words. What amazing about Javanese is that, even if you read/listen to old javanese, you don't know the word meaning, but you can try to guess the word meaning. I usually did that. It is exactly the language I want the world to know. Psstt... It is very very difficult! I really say it, Wikipedia said that not all Javanese even master fully their language. It is, totally, difficult (but worth the try).

Oriya people can express there feeling in systmatic way.

Are you kidding? In Azerbaijanian language have 9 vowel. This language is more romantic than others. Except Persian and Italian

Spoken in east African countries

It's a very old language with no lingustic family and historically it has influence the Spanish language.

Many people in India use this language... It's a very sweet and simple language to express your feeling...
It is a very sweet language... India's most populat and romantic language is bhojpuri...
Bihari language of India bihar

73Silbo Gomero
Silbo Gomero is a language spoke by whistling. It's pretty stinking beautiful

It's a awesome simple language



It is so distinct and different from the other Nordic languages, you should hear a Faroese woman speaking!

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