Top Ten Rugby Union Teams

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New Zealand
Ireland number 1?! You must be joking - when was the last time they won anything.
New Zealand's winning percentage against all opponents is 77%, compared to the South Africa the next best at 65% and Ireland 44%.
For the credibility of this website, take Ireland down!
The All Blacks are the gods of rugby, they can rip up any country that has the guts to face them. Also, South Africa deserves to be second, since when did Ireland win anything?
New Zealand are the best for a reason, and they don't need world cup trophies to show it. But this is our year. GO NZ!
[Newest]Ireland is better prick 😡

Over the last few years Ireland have been consistent throughout the 6 nations. They will be going through a transitional period over the next few years losing some keys players but I think they have strength in depth
Ire land is my hometown and they rock! I'm a fan of New Zealand but Ireland will always be my favorite!
cus they are the best and when I went on to another website it said ireland were 8th and I think they are the best ever in the world... IRELAND ROCK
[Newest]Joe Schmidt is the best manager ever!

How the hell is England, Scotland and CANADA infront of the wallabies? thats just ridicuouss.


Canada = 0 world cup wins
England = 1 world cup win
Scotland = 0 world cup wins
South Africa = 2 world cup wins(Tied best team)
New Zealand = 1 world cup win
Ireland = 0 world cup wins

Sorry, but they are officially number 2 in Rugby Union, so come on, they should be number 2. Ireland isn't even in the top 5, number 5 should be France. And Canada sucks ass.


[Newest]Ireland should be first we bet Australia

There the best team ever beating teams like wales Italy and Ireland seriously you can't get better than this amazing team plus this is my country
It's team is fantastic, the teams play is beautiful, one of the best teams around no-doubt
[Newest]They won the 6 nation and bet england

scotland are getting better by the day
before you know it we'll be #1
Go scotland! Son we �'ll gave beaten New Zealand

We did come number 4 in the world cup. So I think we should be at least 4. Also we have got a young team. I think the next world rugby cup we will be at least all the northern teams.

Also we bet England, Scotland and a lot more countries in the world cup
So come on, vote for wales
Wales should be in 4 because only sth Africa New Zealand and Australia are better than them and Wales beat England in the 2012 6 nations in fact they won the grand slam
We did come 4 in the world cup, so I think with more practicing the young team Wales has we should beat England and other countries and with a bit of luck New Zealand
[Newest]So when wales beats Scotland 54-3 and England 30-3 its in 7th

7South Africa
Ireland play like the sissy leprechauns they are! New Zealand are a bunch of people who have tatoos to make them look tough cause they are wusses! I watched Braveheart and he said " We fight for freedom ", yeh, with a rugby team like that, heck no, Scotland suck. On the other hand, SA is a team of people who can actually play Rugby. France sucks, they should go back to making crossiants.
You ratings are crap and inaccurate. South Africa should be 1, then New Zealand and Australia is a team of wimps (eg. Matt Giteu) and shouldn't be in the top 10000.
If you look at South Africa They are the most successful team in the world cup with only 3 losses and only 3 years after their sports boycott ended they won the world cup. And why is Canada even in the top 10 I would rather prefer USA over Canada
[Newest]Ireland are better then South Africa



I agree Canada should not be in the top ten, but they should be in the top 15. In the world rankings, they are above the USA.

The Contenders

Honestly people Ireland is the best well 2nd best
This team should be in Canada's spot. They beat Ireland and France in 2013

Best pacific islands team of all time. Some of the greatest players ever. Should be at least in the topten.




New Zealand is better than japan. Nah Japan is the best team in the world kids

At least 2nd in Africa
In my opinion they are 5th in the world
How is Zimbabwe behind South Africa?
Ahead of Zimbabwe are New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Tonga
They are all pacific islands.

18United States



Indian is trying is ways hard to get into the world rugby format. Army India is the best team of India.




Up coming team with plenty of power, speed and strength. This makes them hard to stop and solid in defense.

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