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July 2, 2015 - Listing of the top ten songs to put on your ipod and play when you feel like going for a run, or if your already a runner to give you extra motivation. (note I haven't included songs from any of the Rocky movies, to explore music beyond those soundtracks.) Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N Roses
The whole album makes a great running track list. "Paradise City" for the peak of your run.
Axl: You know where you are, you're in the jungle baby, you're gonna die!
Me: Well, I gonna die so I'm running from the jungle


This track is good when you want to speed up your running.


2Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger
Quite simply the best running song ever. It's got a great beat you can use as a metronome, and the lyrics inspire you to fight against the temptation to give in to any desire you might have to quit. I always put it at a critical spot in a playlist, like the part of the race where I typically don't feel I can push any more, and it gives me that extra gear.
Already tried it. It worked.
Just a man on the street and his will to survive...


3Clocks - Coldplay
The lyrics have no correlation with running; however, I guarantee this song will motivate you to keep running.


Laugh out loud I love how there are two Coldplay songs in the Top 10. No, but seriously, the melody on Clocks will make you want to keep running forever and ever.


4Where The Streets Have No Name - U2
This is my all-time favorite song and a great running song. Come on - the first line is "I wanna run! "
This track is great to be the first one played, it's ideal if you want to gradually build your stride.


Glad other people love listening to this song while running. Even though I don't listen to music while running. Good runners don't do that. They stay focused and push
[Newest]My All time favorite

5Reason to Believe - Dashboard Confessional
This track is great to play when you've nearly reached your physical limit, and are contemplating quitting. A great finishing track.


6Dream On - Aerosmith
This track has always made me want to run just the feeling of this song. It gives the feeling you can overcome anything.


7Creeping Death - Metallica
listen to it and you will see

8Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
Another great track to track to play when you to kick things up a notch


Best in my opinion, for running I need certain sounds, or a certain beat.
This has the power chords nessicary for my success in cc.

9Speed of Sound - Coldplay
This one made Chris run himself. (MTV Awards 2005)


10Way Away - Yellowcard
The lyrics greatly fit a runner's state of mind.


The Contenders

11Linkin Park - Runaway
I think the name says enough.


12Muse - Knights of Cydonia

13Give It Away - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Wanna gotcha wanna give it to Yo mama, papa, and daughter. Hell yes!

14Joker and the Thief - Wolfmother

15Grease - Frankie Valli
another great speed track.


16Sleep Now In the Fire - Rage Against the Machine

17Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You
This song has the perfect driving beat to run to. One of my absolute favorites.

18Kickstart My Heart - Motley Crue
Motley Crue... this is the best song for a quick 100 metre run... or play it at the end of your run to get you back on track!

19Who's Crying Now - Journey
great for a nice steady pace.


20Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop

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