Top Ten Scariest Fictional Monsters


Your worst nightmares, things that kept you awake at night, here are the ones that freak me out (feel free to add your own oogely boogely things) Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Donnie Pfaster from The X-Files
I don't care about that damn x-file but the monster really freak me...!
Zombies HAVE to be on here somewhere idc what number just somewhere, they are the scariest creatures ever, they eat you alive! I'm talking like Dawn of the Dead zombies, the runners you know? You have to admit the are hella scary!
I'm not a fan of the x-files but the damn monster freaks me out!


[Newest]I only watched the beginning and I freaked out!


2Slender Man
If you see him you will live in paranoia for weeks. He will be there every time you turn your back. He'll get closer and closer. He will follow you home. He will enter your room. You will finally make a last dash for escape but it is futile. He will get you. When he does he impales you on a tree and lets you take hours, possibly days to die.
Marble Hornets for the win! Most stuff like that doesn't scare me, but the Slender man did. Laugh out loud... Felt kinda lame though for being scared of something I know isn't real. :) still... Scary as all get out, and glad it isn't real!


Slender man is some pretty creepy stuff, although the videos aren't of the best quality, they are still pretty chilling. I'm just waiting for a legitimate movie about him, then I'll be happy.
[Newest]He is really scary even his game is scary!

3Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary
she is so scary and now I don't look in the mirror at night anymore!
ahhhhhhh!!!! not her again!!! she scared the snot out of me!!! i was crying with horor by the end of the movie. i made my boyfriend stay up until i went to sleep!!!!
Bloody Mary was actually just Queen Elizabeth's older sister. She was catholic and wanted a child, so she took people and she killed them as an offering. Once she died Queen Elizabeth became the next queen.

4Freddy Krueger
For nightmare on elm street, the makeup on Freddy Krueger's face is made out of pizza crust if that makes you feel better after watching it
GAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I keep freakin' out all because of this creepy guy. Goodness help me I hope I get over it.


I remember trying to sleep after watching any Nightmare on Elm Street and it was impossible.


5Jason Voorhees
Jason is so brutal and his way of killing is gross.. Since I saw one of his film when I was a kid I don't want to watch friday the 13th alone..
That creepy way he just looks at his victims then slices em up without a word is eerie
Although Hes Creepy Is Mom Is One Ugly Sucker


6The Boogeyman - Stephen King Adaption
EW when he killed all those kids FREAKOUT


7Tooms From The X-Files
This guy Is the soul reason why I'm terrified of slender man. Just, the way his arms stretch and.. Gives me the heeby jeebies!

8IT aka Pennywise the Dancing Clown aka Bob Gray
because of this film... i'm scared of clowns and i'm aracnophobic... well i did see it when i was about 7, but still... im terrified of it


Oooft....IT was the cause of many a nightmare for myself and my friends when we were young. We still get freaked out by it now!
The eater of worlds... He caused me many a sleepless night when I was younger


[Newest]It has caused so many nightmares I couldn't sleep without any nightmares for years when I was younger.

9Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill Movie
Obviously a cruel, vicious, terrifyingly awesome example of monster-ness. While I don't get nightmares from movies, if I did, they would probably be all about Pyramid Head. Ripping the girl's dress and skin off is just one example of what brings him well up to the top of the list of scariest monsters. Who wants to be skinned that easily?
Go look up a video of this guy somewhere, he is ridiculously creepy/scary. I think that he is brutal and should definitely be number one. He's about as scary as it gets for fictional monsters.
i have just been on the silent hill site this very instant and he was scary!!!!
[Newest]One of my friends keep talking about his abs... ? REALLY!? What.. ABS?!?!

10Michael Myers
I can't go to sleep without thinking: "What if he's here? " And at school, I swear, I hallucinated once, seeing him behind a car. I couldn't move. I almost went insane myself the first few times I watched it. I still, being the middle of spring, look outside thinking, "Is he there? " and half expecting him to be there.
What makes him scary is the fact that someone like him could actually exist. Its so chilling that he murdered his own sister when he was only about 7 years old, just because she had a boyfriend, and in later years would attempt to kill his whole family!
A few days b4 halloween, I put on a Michael Myers mask and scared my little brother and mom and made them scream for a whole minute.


The Contenders

11The Dead Girl - The Grudge
The Grudge is my opinion one of the scariest movies ever. THe way the dead girl spyders down the stairs or just her revolting face is disturbing.
The grudge is the scariest monster why the hell is it 20th it should be first seriously it has the scariest face in history plus it's extremely creepy how the way it crawls and it's eyes give me the NIGHTMARES
The grudge gives me the nightmares. That creepy face freaks me out and the way she crawls make me scream. I'm telling you if the dead girl was a real monster that existed right now I would wanna suicide.


13The Rake CreepyPasta
The only thing other than slenderman that scares me on this list... should be higher
The rake has always been more scary than SlenderMan to me. I don't know what it is about the Rake but it just sends chills up my spine every time I look at it. The Rake should be much higher on the list.
I was couldn't sleep last night thinking of it unless someone was in kitchen or the living room.

Satan is scarier than all of these monsters, but he's not fictional.


15Dr. Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs
No, I disagree. I don't even find the movie that scary... It really is just something to make you think. Even though the fact exists that I might get eaten in my sleep or that he'll tell me to rip my face off like in Hannibal... Brouhaha.
Wait, so this means I found the movie scary right? Yeah, I think so. Continuing along with my daily grind.
Silence of the Lambs is a great movie, one of the best, not very graphic just very psychologically scary how Hannibal gets into your head. Its Genius


[Newest]A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti

16Jeff the Killer
Holy crap... When I first saw the picture and was told the story... I couldn't sleep for months... His FACE is what's scary though...
He's scary because his smiley face
His face is what's scary...

17Seed Eater

O.M. G! How is this not on the top 10?

19Jane the Killer
The rival is jeff the killer


20The Mutants - I Am Legend
This movie was amazing and what really scared me was how vicious these creatures were. This movie never let you take a breather with all the jumping when you see the mutants gross face popping right out at you.
That movie is so scary at 12:00 at night in the basement, the screams get me everytime


21The Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth
I just recently watched Pan's Labyrinth for the first time, and the Pale Man is the creepiest thing I've ever seen in my life. What makes it even creepier is that it is so scary without being very gruesome in the scene it's depicted in. There is almost no blood shown, but the Pale Man himself is creepier than any movies I've ever seen with blood and gore.
The pictures on the wall of him impaling a children with swords... and then when he wakes up and sees with his hands oh no...
He has eyeballs in his hands and he impales children with swords. Yeah, Freddy Krueger who?

22The Zombies from The Night of the Living Dead

23Leather Face - Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Should be in top 3 I mean WHATS scarier than a huge, inbred, mask made of human flesh wearing, mentally retarded, psychotic, chainsaw weilding, cannibal?! Okay maybe spiders but LEATHERFACE is the scariest thing besides spiders. Even creepier LEATHERFACE WAS REAL (look up Ed Gein). So be careful taking a wrong turn in the southern outback you might just meet this guy and his equally psychotic inbred family. Same applies to West Virginia
If I saw this guy this is what I would do:

I would look at him and laugh because he's sorta a loser.
Then, I would run.
When I got home, I would call the cops on him
If he killed me, I'd watch him from Heaven and watch people be killed. Sorry guys.


Scary inbred, cannibalistic, skin wearing psycho! The scariest person since 1974. So be careful taking a wrong turn, you might wind up meeting this guy and his equally inbred, psychotic family

24Chucky from Child's Play
I used to have nightmares about this guy when I was a kid

25Weeping Angels from Doctor Who
I wasn't afraid of the dark before I knew of the Weeping Angels... I mean, before I was like, "why should stuff be more scary when it's dark? " then I saw this episode...
It gives you a real fright when the character blinks and its right up in your face.
My mom cried. It was so funny! But they are just creepy in Time of the Angels when Amy is in the ship and the weeping angel moves even though it is a recording! But the Angels were ruined in Flesh and Stone when you see them move.


26The Rapist Guy from The Hills Have Eyes
he is definately the most scariest of them all.
I was so scared I was in tears


He must've had warts on his penis, plus has herpies on his mouth.

My favorite monster and super strong

28Smile Dog from Creepypasta


30The Old Man From the Unborn
When his head goes upside down and he crawls up the stairs after the old lady I nearly died lol

31The "Go to Sleep" Creepypasta Guy
Isn't he Jeff the Killer?
He is by far the Creepypasta which scared me the most, especially his haunting looks *Shudders*
He would be scarier if he molested you in your sleep... Go To Sleep... รค
[Newest]That's Jeff the Killer...



34Regan from The Exorcist
Her demonic appearance is simply terrifying


Can anyone please unexorcise Regan now!

Lets see... creepy face-hugger which looks like an angry spider / vagina attaches itself to your face and lays an egg in your chest. This little fella then enters the world... through the hole it just burst through your chest. This then develops into the ultimate killing machine. Massive spear on its tail, razor sharp claws, razor sharp teeth PLUS a second retractable mouth inside its mouth, also with razor sharp teeth. Oh yes, concentrated acid for blood. Nough said.


Definitely should be at least in the Top 3. The Alien creature became iconic and very memorable fictional monster. Not to mention scary as hell


The Alien from Alien was truly terrifying.


[Newest]It's called a xenomorph.

36Voldemort from the Harry Potter Series
The books Voldemort used to scare the crap out of me... The movies Voldemort is a joke. Cruel.. Murderous... Savage... Had many nightmares featuring "You Know Who". The worst was in the 7th book where "You Know Who" turns up in Godric's Hollow and Harry Hermione jump out the window to escape him in the nick of time.
Spine-chilling... Brr...
In harry potter sorceres(sp? ) stone if you read the part about harry meeting the dark cloaked figure(Voldy) in the woods drinking the unicorns blood in the middle of the night in complete silence and you picture it... it scared me I almost cried... but then I am a wuss
His name means "flight of death" in french...

37Count Dracula


Uh, herobrine is NOT a thing to be afraid of.
Where are you herobrine! Where r u?


Herobrine isn't scary at all.

40Norman Bates from Psyco
Michael, I know who's bad. His name is Norman Bates.


41Predator from Predator
This thing will kill you without remorse in painfully BRUTAL ways, whether it be a bladed net that slowly cuts you up or blowing your head off with a plasma caster... Though I will say, it is comforting to know that they can be killed... But beings like slenderman can be avoided. Just don't go into the forest and tada! No slendy! Predators will hunt you anywhere!

Actually, this isn't my number one on this list, I'm just voting for the predator because they deserve a lot of attention. You're likely safe from a predator if you're not dangerous.
! When it takes off the mask it is as scary as hell! Can't even look at it. Bur

42The Aliens from Signs
Oh my God the birthday party scene!


Thanks guys now I'm gonna look out my window and see on of these pricks
sleeples nights


43The Doll - Dead Silence
Ventriloquist dolls just creep me out all the time.


45Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies
Someone got carried away with their acupuncture treatment...


46T-Bag - Prison Break
Holy (**^$ this guy is brutal. Kills everyone in his path.

An absolutely foul creature


Cannibal deer guy, Check!
Nightmares, Check!

48The Crawlers from The Descent
Anyone who's seen it will know what I mean

49Daleks from Doctor Who
I know they aren't that scary now but back in the 60s-80s they had everyone cowering behind their sofas.

50Samara from The Ring

51The Vampires from 30 Days of Night

52The Girl from The Grudge
her look
u don't know how she kills you
she makes that weird noise...


53Tamara from Tamara

54Large Marge from Peewee's Big Adventure
This was a kids movie. why would they put such a scary creature in a kids movie?


I know right?! :3
This is basiclly a "kids" pop out or screamer.


55ReDeads from Legend of Zelda
Yeah disturbed me for the rest of my life up til now obviously it's not like I'm a dead person talking Geez!

56Emily Rose - The Exorcism Of Emily Rose
she creeps the hell outta mee

57Mary Shaw from Dead Silence
That girl acted beautifully in that movie.

58Gage Creed from Pet Sematary

Its really scary how they talk and scream but worst of all they kill every thing and the dradon freaky

60Vashta Nerada from Doctor Who
They are LITERALY the shadows! At least the weeping angels can be stopped if you don't blink, but these guys? *shudders* lets just say that episode gave me nightmares.


The reason nearly every race in the Universe is afraid of the dark.

61The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers
8 years old when I first watched it, 8 years until I can sleep again.
I was 10 when I saw this movie and this movie make me shocking!
Hi your brain wouid be good for a sandwich is written on his face

62The "Phase Destructor" from Radiation's Halloween Hack
IT... Is similar to the original Phase Distorter from Earthbound. Only this time it resembles a robotic, man-eating, bloodshot-eyed, horrifically deformed Mr. Saturn with an ENORMOUS, bleeding, bloodshot eyeball tumor sticking out of it. Oh, and the eyeball shoots blood-stained lightning bolts at you while the Mr. Saturn tries to eat you.

This THING is apparently the mental image that Dr. Andonuts has of the Phase Distorter in this hack. THAT... Is pretty sad and disturbing.


63Hexadecimal from Reboot
Hex was scary. She was one of my first real nightmare givers. She freaked me out a lot how she had so many crazy powerful abilities.

64Morlocks from The Time Machine

65Mutants from Wrong Turn
What a bunch of freaks and come on why didn;t the lastone die and ther faces just plane ugly I coudnt look at ther faces the movie was very horafing I cann;t wait till the next

66The zombie crows from Resident Evil: Extinction
They were so scary when they pecked out those peoples eyes, until Alice burned them.

67Christine from Christine
Dude, this is a demonically possesed car that freaking RUNS OVER PEOPLE and DOESN'T DIE! The only thing that could make it scarier is if it played music by Miley Cyrus.


When I first saw this, I was like what the heck? Why is there a living car?

Pretty much the largest sea monster in the ocean, probably around 200 blue whales
Apocalipse big monster, sleeping speed and stronge fish, of water and fuji is Leviatan don, t rotating, Leviathan is cold monster.

69The Ghost Girl From Amityville Horror

70Tails Doll from The Tails Doll Curse
Noo! The Moon Is Smelly

71The Tall Man from Phantasm

72The Gnarl from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
This guy is freaky as, when he paraylises that girl and lifts her skin up his finger and eats it... I woke up in the night and thought he was on my bed. Scary stuff

73The Werewolf in Ginger Snaps
Scared the hell out of me

74Jennifer Check from Jennifer's Body
She can be sexy, but she can also eat people alive when going on a hunger strike!


76El Chupacabra
...why is this on the list at all?

77The Woman In Black

78HAL 9000
HAL has complete power over the crew. But doesn't always wield it. That way, you never can predict his moves. Despite having no emotion, he tries to play to the emotions of others. You can't outsmart him, reason with him and he's everywhere.
But he can be real sooner or later. And he will NOT open the pod bay doors. So Glados can go blow up again.

79The Thing from The Thing

80Lipstick-Face Demon from Insidious
It quite literally made me afraid of the dark again. The scene when they are siting in the dinning room and his face appears in broad daylight behind the father IT BUGS ME OUT SO BAD! I legit run through my house when it is dark because I can't help imaging him in the darkness! Only thing that saves me is I can't astral project THANK GOODNESS!

81Dover Demon

82Cornix from Beast Quest

I might name my CHEVY this.


85Smoke Monster - Lost

86Brundlefly from The Fly
Just imagine if it got loose.

87Peter Foley from Copycat

88Roz from Monsters, Inc.
She is not scary at all
she looks like one of my highschool's teachers

It's a killing machine and I HATE parasites!

90The Clown From Sarah Jane Adventures

91Reavers from Firefly

92Angle Bob from Doctor Who
The scariest thing is how the angels use him to communicate with the doctor.

93Bagul from Sinister

94Venom from Spider-Man

This thing has 2 scary things about it: 1, it is big as the Titanic, and lives in the open ocean. With its colossal tentacles makes it terrifying, and dangerous.

96"God" Sonic from Creepypasta
Wait, Sonic. Exe? Yeah, he's definitely freakier than 82.
Sonic E.X. E you suck
(notice:if you hate sonic E.X. E thumbs up
If you like sonic E.X. E thumbs down)


97Eyeless Jack
He will come to your bed and stare at you untill you wake up then he kills you
Yay the cutie one!


98Yurei from Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge
, she is so scary when she is in the mirror ahh

99Chandelure from Pokemon
It's not always apearance which scares me. It's what it does and Chandelures pokedex entry made me go what the hell game freak. Heres basically what Chandelure do they steal your spirit, burn it and leave your body too rot. If you don't believe me then look him up on bulbapedia.

Grendel was like the original demonic creature, and a lot of modern day "scary monsters" are modeled after him. Grendel actually represents horror itself.

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