I kicked Coke for Pepsi back in 1997 and really picked up the habit in 1999. Not a day has gone by where I haven't had a Pepsi. Goes great with almost any food, BUT... the TRUE best variant of Pepsi is the short-lived Pepsi Vanilla. Had a 2-liter a day throughout its entire market run back from 2003-2006. But Pepsi - any kind is a great choice. Love it. Best soda of all time. Pepsi - only my choice.

This is the best in the world I think. How is Dr. Pepper number 1. It should be at least number 3. Coke or Pepsi should always be in the top 2. I find it funny how all generic sodas taste like one or the other. I like Hill Country Fare. To me it taste like Pepsi. HEB taste like Coke. Even in the taste test proves that Pepsi is number one. - westofohio

Pepsi rules, only most Coca Cola drinkers out of pride would never truly admit they love Pepsi deep down in their hearts so they keep up their charade! Pepsi has that all around goes good with anything flavor, especially the throwback!

It just has the most awesome flavor and every time I drink it it makes me happy.
Pepsi cola is just awesome ad I love it!

Pepsi is much nicer than coca cola because coca cola is too sweet. I also hate dr pepper. It is absolutely disgusting. Also sprite is not as nice as it used to be because the sweetener makes it taste strange so I now prefer 7up but pepsi is still the best.

Taken over coke in my opinion since 2012 coke has tasted like its been watered down this is still sweet and as good as its always been and since coke doesn't taste like it did 10 years ago I would say this is now the top soda as of 2013

Best soda out there! Used to be a hardcore coke fan but then one day the gas station was out of the coke concentrate so I got a fountain pepsi... Been a pepsi drinker ever since! Has a great flavor! Coca cola is too bold

I love Pepsi. It is not too sweet and takes care of my thirst. Also gives me a pick me up. I am going to try the Pepsi with real sugar. This I am sure will be better for me to drink. Being 58 we worry about putting more healthy things in our body.

Pepsi is my all-time favorite soda. The taste is awesome, and to me, every time I have it, it just refreshes me. To me, Pepsi should definitely be #1 on the list and it doesn't sound ranked 4 soda to me. Pepsi is THE greatest soda of all-time.

Wait, this is real? This list I'm looking at right now is real? This list online that says Pepsi is #4 is real? I'm sorry, I have to process this right now.

Love my PEPSI for breakfast that's my (coffee) I just love my PEPSI. I have pulled away from drive thru fast food because they don't have PEPSI. PEPSI will always be #1. Need a recount no way it's #5. PEPSI forever!

Tastier than coca-cola and often sweeter without the cloying taste. Usually cheaper as well which is always an added benefit for those of us with limited funds.

Pepsi has a subtle yet sharp flavor that I look for in a soda product. Coke isn't sharp enough, and Dr. Pepper just has too much going on.

AMAZING TASTE! I LOVE THE TASTE OF IT and it also keeps me awake when I'm tired with its mouth watering fizz makes me fell good and alive LIVE PEPSI FOR NOW!

So much better than coke... (this is coming from an ex-coke fan). Great taste, always better out of a can or glass bottle.

Pepsi Makes Me CRAZAYY (er than usual) LOL :P I Love IT! Especially When I Get A Whole 2 Liter Bottle For Myself
Tee Hee!

Pepsi is the only soda I drink. It is the drink I would make everyone drink if I was the president. I seriously lobe it more than I love the Celtics or the Red Sox

My favorite soda EVER! It just absolutely refreshing and someday, it WILL be USA best, most popular & favorite soda. VOTE FOR PEPSI, THE TASTE OF HEAVEN!

Made in North Carolina, just like me! I grew up drinking Pepsi and has a far superior taste than coca cola. I love it!

Pepsi is delicious, it's the best soda ever, its just the perfect blend of flavor. Cherry Pepsi and Pepsi Throwback are amazing as well.

The best soda out there! Coke is too fizzy and Mountain Dew too sweet and sugary. Pepsi has the right balance.

Pepsi is the bomb! I drink it every week and right now I am drinking it. Dr. Peper is G-R-O-S-S gross. Why would anyone drink it?

Coke = Overrated.

Dr. Pepper = POINTLESS

MOUNTAIN DEW = LIAR (Sounds like water, people. THEY LIED TO ME! )


Pepsi just can't be under Mountain Dew!

It is doing great work up here in 4th place,
but it should be over Mountain Dew.

Pepsi is my number one favorite pop but I drink it in diet. I really can't taste the difference.