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21Buttons Kaluhiokalani

I suppose I like this choice because it isn't just another dude with multiple worl championships. Plus, he really was (is) a freak talent. Perhaps the most innovative surfer ever in the water. I'd add Butch Van Artsdalen, Dane Kealoha and the entire Fletcher family to the list, along with Larry Bertleman. Kelly Slater is the most talented and the best in every condition though. Perhaps if Buttons had more focus and wasn't so far ahead of his time, he'd have ten world titles.

I lived and surfed northshore for 12 straight years, ask anyone who saw him in action (when he wasn't wasted)- the first driving backside 360, at pipe no less, the first real arial attack, vicious cutbacks, etc - yes bertleman was great but buttons was a the best ever for maybe 2 years... - 12ftgroundswell

The most innovative but sadly not well known surfer ever...
He gave a great contribute to develop surfing, and may be the surf today is what it is also thanks to him.

22Matt Archbold
23Mick Fanning

One of the greatest surfers ever amazing style him and joel are the two best ever

One of the only guys to beat Kelly

Mick is one of the best all time surfers

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24Damien Hobgood
25Nathan Fletcher

He has caught the biggest waves ever and is so rad!

26Mitchel Coleborn
27Stephanie Gilmore

Never been beaten on equal grounds

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28Julian Wilson

The future of modern day surfing. Combines progression with soul better than anybody.the Australian Kelly Slater. 2013 Hurley pro quarterfinal

29Wayne Bartholomew

He and Mike P. used to drive the east coast just looking for waves before money and politics ruined the sport.

30Mike Purpus

Mike was the pride of the South Bay in the seventies with an attacking style and knack for creativity which set him apart from all other surfers in So Cal.

31Malia Manuel
32Conner Coffin
33Chris Dennis
34Bruce Irons

Great surfer unbelievable he should be in the top 10

35Joel Parkinson

One of the top surfers today

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36Lisa Anderson

Pioneered women's modern surfing!

37Kai Lenny
38Carissa Moore
39Alana Blanchard

She's Beautiful, graceful and can power Surf

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40Lakey Peterson

I've seen lakey peterson 0 to 100 she rips

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