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81Harry Shearer

I love hearing him on The Simpsons! He's so awesome!

He was also great on Saturday Night Live, This Is Spinal Tap, and Wayne's World 2.

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82Shawn "Solo" Fonteno

He was cool as Franklin Clinton

83Alex Hirsch

A director and a voice actor. Also voice many characters in the great show Gravity Falls

84Travis Willingham
85Samuel Vincent

He's voiced multiple characters in animated series's and animes.

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86Audrey Wasilewski
87Carter Hayden
88Bruce Campbell

How has Bruce Campbell been ignored on this list? Probably 50% of major animated feature films in recent years have featured his talents, not to mention numerous video games!

89Christopher SabatV1 Comment
90Nancy Cartwright
91Yuki Kaji
92Ashley Johnson

Ellie from The Last of Us. Enough said.

93Charlie Adler

The most versatile voice actor of all time. He can imitate many, many voices and he can dub not just one character, but two. -

Seriously, Tara Strong over Charlie Adler? Buster Bunny below stupid Twilight Sparkle?!? That is so unfair!

Why is he so low on this list? At least bring him higher than 100!

I love this guy's crazy voices! It's awesome!

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94Rie Tanaka

She sings, and she dubs as well. -

95Greg Cipes

He played beast boy in teen titans and that voice he made he never thought he had and he now plays Danny in Ultimate Spider-Man.

This guy is awesome! He voiced kevin levin, beast boy and a lot more. Plus, his voice is extremely sexy

96Drake Bell

He plays Peter Parker in Ultimate Spider-Man and he is very funny he crakes me up in every episodes.

97Rob WiethoffRobert Allen "Rob" Wiethoff is an American actor. Wiethoff is best known for his role as voice actor and motion capture artist of John Marston in the 2010 video game Red Dead Redemption.
98Alan YoungV1 Comment
99Wayne Allwine

This man was the true voice of Mickey Mouse. What else can I say? Why is he even down this far on the list?

100Mae Questel
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