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141Ashleigh Ball

Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Lyra Heartstrings, and Blythe Baxter in Littlest Pet Shop.

She's a great voice actress and a great singer!

Her voice work on My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop is awesome!

Applejack is my most favorite pony!

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142John Kricfalusi

This guy is both a great animator and a great voice actor.

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143Carolyn Lawrence
144Rino Romano

A multi-talented actor with a number of prominent roles, Rino Romano's smooth voice and skilled emotional range has brought him to a prominent place in the voice acting industry. He's one of several actors (including several on this list) to portray Batman in an animated series, taking on the role in "The Batman" on WB a few years back. He was the first and probably best Tuxedo Mask, portraying the character before leaving Canada to take on more voice acting opportunities in Los Angeles. He was outstanding as Luis Sera and the dark horse of the game, effecting a skilled accent and great comic timing to help make the character one of the series' best.

145Ray William Johnson
146Colleen Clinkenbeard
147Ellen McLain
148David Hayter
149Colin Fox
150Arthur Q. BryanV2 Comments
151Jeremy Shada
152Alicia Silverstone
153Stefano SibaldiV1 Comment
154Samuel L. JacksonSamuel Leroy Jackson is an American actor and film producer. He achieved prominence and critical acclaim in the early 1990s with films such as Jungle Fever, Patriot Games, Amos & Andrew, True Romance, Jurassic Park and his collaborations with director Quentin Tarantino including Pulp Fiction, Jackie more.
155Amy Poehler
156Dana Snyder
157Charles Martinet

He's Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi

158James Woods
159Jack BlackV1 Comment
160Joshua Seth

Love that voice. Husky yet like a rockstar. -

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