Top Ten Werewolf Movies

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1Dog SoldiersV3 Comments
3An American Werewolf in London

This is the best werewolf movie of all time!

Why in gods name is twilight above this! David could rip jacob to shreads!

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4Van Helsing

This movie is just sick.

P.S. man keep that twilight crap out of things like this, There are no werewolves in twilight. There obviously shape-shifters, turning completely into wolf form not, lycanthrapy at all. - TheCamoGhost

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5CursedV1 Comment
6The Howling
7The Twilight Saga: New Moon

What What WHAT! A twilight movie is No. 7 What sick Twilight fan added this abomination of Werewolf movies on here?

The jacob is the most powerful werewolf than any other werewolf in any movie. Though many try to argue on this, this is the truth and the FACT

9Blood & ChocolateV1 Comment
10Underworld Evolution

The Contenders

11An American Werewolf in Paris
12Silver Bullet

My favorite, number one in my book!

13Ginger Snaps

WHAT? This movie is way better than dog soldiers I don't know why people love dog soldiers - spodermanfan1000

In a just world this would be number one.

14The Wolf Man

Anybody that didn't vote for the original wolfman can just drop dead. It is the best werewolf movie period!

It is an awesome movie, probably the best of the golden age of universal monster movies.

15Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Michael Sheen as "Lucian" is a raw and powerful performance. A rebel, a hero, a leader of man and Lycan alike. Awesome.

16Werewolf: The Devil's Hound
17The Company of Wolves
18Red Riding Hood
19Underworld: Awakening
20Bad Moon
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