Top Ten Worst T.V. Hosts


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The Top Ten

Dr. Phil
I agree - never knows when to shut his mouth!


Stupid host with a stupid show


Somebody shut this guy up


2Oprah Winfrey
Watch " A Million Little Fibers " on south park and then you will know why


Can she get anymore over bearing?!
It's like watching a train wreck... Good Grief. Midget wrestling, or monkeys flinging poo at eachother would be more entertaining.

3Ellen Degeneres
No Ellen is so so funny I put her 1# on best T.V. Show hosts
I like Ellen I think she is one of the better ones.

4Daniel Tosh

5Jerry Springer
What a vile & Immoral man, he is?!


He's pretty much a total idiot.

6Regis Philbin

7Rosie O'Donnell
just an angry, miserable bully


She needs some serious psychological evaluation.

8Ricki Lake

9Dominic Bowden
new zealand's answer to Ryan Seacrest


10Ryan Seacrest
Biggest camera hog in the country. Literally wants to host every show in America. I can't even name all the shows he has hosted. Also very annoying in general.
A complete toolbox. No likable qualities about this guy. Annoying, condescending, just a complete lack of humanity.
A Merv Griffin wannabe. He's a mouthy, no-talent smurf that has no lips for pity sake. As if that wasn't bad enough, he's always mugging the camera and trying to explain things to us because he thinks we're so stupid. Ughh!

The Contenders

11Jenny Jones
She was so bad you probably forgot she had a show.

12Bob Saget

13Bill O'Reilly
Why isn't he number 1? He doesn't even let his guests speak...
Should be #2. Piers Morgan should be on here as #1.
Mostly political and little factual.

14Nancy Grace
Rude screamer. Seems to think that yelling over the other person is winning
Can't stand her interrupting after she ask a question MISS Know it all

15Rachael Ray

16Maury Povich

17Rush Limbaugh

18Drew Carey

19Gabrielle Carteris

20Graham Norton

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