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The Top Ten

Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold
Syn is the master in guitar...!
not only the best young guitarist he is by far the Greatest guitarist ever...! Krick, Slash, Dave Mustaine and all(period)... hands down to you guys... still love your talent and ever... but this guy got the talent...!
If you guys never listen to em,
Seize the day
Bat country
Secound heartbeat
So far away
Critical acclaim Or listen to any song cz in every solo he give his best,,,!
Personally my Faivorite guitarist ever...!
1. Synyster gates
2. Mark tremonti
3. Alexi laiho...


I was looking for a list like this, just made specially for Syn! I looked at the Greatest Guitarist Ever list, and I love Syn a lot, but I can't see him as the best guitarist ever yet, or 3rd or whatever he is. He's too young, we need to hear a lot more from him. But that doesn't take away from his immense talent! Keep going Syn, foREVer.


actually,29 IS young! there is going to be a future videogame called dragon elf and the faerys live up to 800! And remember, 29 IS NOT old.
A7X foREVERENDever! holy ravioli cherrybiscuits fizzledizzle syn and zacky are the best guitarists ever!
[Newest]He can do everything. I think he's better than slash.

2Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom
Amazing guitarist! Listen to Kissing the shadows, Bodom after midnight, We're not gonna fall, and I could keep going!


This guy should be number 1... He plays insane solos and sings at the same time... can any of these listed guitarists do any of that?
He should be no:2 right after Synyster Gates.. What is he doing over here? Who came up with this list anyway? >_<


3Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance
There is no guitarist that plays with more heart than frank! He cares so much and once he even performed hooked to an oxygen tank because he didn't want to let everybody down! He is just a true hero! Love you frankie
Proud member of the MCRmy
I think that he deserves all the credit he get, cause after all there is no one that plays with the kind of person that frank does. and because he is often sick but still performs many of the times and keeps fighting he deserves to be number one on this list
Frank is absolutely amazing and so dedicated to not only the fans, but also the band, I think he's the most inspirational guitar player there is, remember he'd play until his fingers literally bled? Plus he went onstage hooked up to an oxygen tank. He's the best.
[Newest]Frank iero is a god he should be number 1 he plays with all his heart and strength and he a true hero!

4Aoi of Gazette
I've never seen smth more beautiful...

5Ryan Ross of Panic! At The Disco
He's an amazing person in general, and awesome at guitar. He writes amazing lyrics and should have never left Panic! At The Disco.


6Michael Paget of Bullet for My Valentine
Both My Chemical Romance guitarists overdub their guitars way too much padge and matt are all you hear on guitars in bullet and for the love of God synyster is too overrated padge needs to be higher on this list he is a brilliant and emotional guitarist capable of many classic riffs that outmatch all these guitarists
He Really shreds his riffs, he carries the essence of old school metal that was the most original and talented guitaring, that the world ever experienced through the 70's and 80's, I'd say it's between him and the guitarist from Atreyu.
He just knows how to put it forth.. the best..


7Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day
He is the best... He does guitar & also vocals
He is not young but he looks young and he is a good guitarist
Come on guys! He is better than synyster gates!
[Newest]He's not young but he is one of my favorites

8Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy

9Mick Thomson of Slipknot

10Daron Malakian of System Of A Down
if only for the sheer fact that the above guitarist have no sense of artistic expression what so ever, ya their cool, but they have no weight to they music or the lyrics they associate themselves with

The Contenders

11Jake Pitts of the Black Veil Brides
Just listen their fallen angel once...

12Ray Toro of My Chemical Romance
Seriously, you have to check out the soloing he does on "I'm not okay" it's one of my favourite guitar solos that I've ever seen! Ray Toro should be a lot higher up this chart!
he is awesome rock guitarist

like dead solo and the sharpest lives

Ray toro the best


13John 5 of Marilyn Manson, David Lee Roth and Rob Zombie
I can't believe this guy isn't even on the list and two members of MCR are in the top ten (SRSLY GAIS, WTH. ) have you heard this guy's solo album? INSANE. very talented shredder. even designed a guitar himself for fender.

14Matt Heafy of Trivium
Good luck finding a guitarist that can play with such technicality and speed as Matt Heafy... Especially WHILE SINGING.

15Jack Barakat of All Time Low
Amazing guitarist and super funny and a great, down to earth person.

16Jack White of The White Stripes

17Josh Farro of Paramore

18Matt Tuck of Bullet For My Valentine

19Zacky Vengeange of Avenged Sevenfold
Wouldn't it be badass if the two top guitarists were from the same band? COME ON LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN!
Playing a lot of arpeggio and best riff
One of the best rhythm guitarist EVER. I mean, this man is amazing! Zacky Vengance for the win!

20Ryland Blackinton of Cobra Starship

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