Top 10 The Prodigy Songs

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Best one. Second one has to be "thunder" love it. Pity, I think I'm the only one. Damned! I love the prodigy.

Very good song!

Only right this song is number 1. It's just awesome. Also completely bewildered that not only is 'thunder'not second place, but it's not even on this list... Anyway they're both awesome songs.
Bloody catchy as hell
very catchy bass tab but it can get a bit repetitive at times.
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Bloody weird video to this song. Great tune though. Probably one of their trademark songs.
This deserves 1st place, is by far 100 times better then omen
Best Prodigy song period.
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Been listening to this since I was 8. (I'm 21 now)

It hasn't got old yet


Firestarter is the bomb bro! It has a very catchy tune with a great rhythm and beat it is by far my favorite prodigy song as it never gets old and is always fresh and can be related from
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4Smack My B**** Up
The Prodigy's official anthem.
The Best!
Where is "Run with the Wolves"?
Since the video was rated ARE it didn't reach many fans out there.

My official ringtone by the way

What a song, they could have used another song and add another number 1 but no they went full on like they allways do they want sell out like other bands makeing good music plus liam is the best mixer in the world
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5Invaders Must Die
bad mood surrounded by a lot of people "INVADERS MUST DIE! " = smile
Love it! It was this song that brought me to The Prodigy. I like them all but for for me, this has to be their best song. I always join in and lip sinc "Invaders Must Die" whilst doing the worst robot dance known to man. CIAO 4 NOW ;)
Amazing! whack it on it the car and BOOM instant good mood! Just makes you wanna dance
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6Voodoo People
This is just MINDBLOWING!, everytime I listen to it I get SO HIGH! Hiper exhilarating!

And the vid! Oh well..
classic prodigy... the best: fat of the land, music for the jilted generation
This by far the most worked out track they ever made. The melodic harmony and the mood this brings you in really insane!
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7Take Me to the Hospital
I can't get why this isn't higher.
This song is simply Genial!
This should be much higher up the list. It's a classic
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Its just amazing the start is epic exspecialy when it comes on in forza 2 lol
It's between this and Omen for number one, I voted for this because it needs more votes.


Spitfire is just plain wicked bad and perfect for getting into a killer state of mind for destroying people at the poker tables!
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9Warrior's Dance
I just love it. It makes me dance even when I'm lying in my bed. Sound even better when performed live (i.e. Rock am Ring 2011) in my humble opinion it should be much higher in this list, but with so many fantastic Prodigy tracks on it I'm cool with that by the way, the female vocal it's a sample from an old school song TRUE FAITH - TAKE ME AWAY.
Excellent beat! Can't stop moving to this song. Those beats and woman voice just ughh!
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10Stand Up
The best 5 minutes of my highly eventful life

Slap this on at your house party
Purely amazing. I'm surprised this isn't one of the top ones. The tune is amazing, and possibly one of the most well known in the world, but doesn't have much commercialism. In total, I reckon this should be top.
A different, but an amazing song!
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The Contenders

11Diesel Power Listen to sample

this is on the 3rd place of my prodigy favourites.
awesome song. I honestly don't know how this isn't in the top 10 how the hell
Oh my god the bass in this song, it has to be in the top 5, Omen is so overplayed


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13Narayan Listen to sample

14Out of Space

It's really amazing rave tune!

Listen to sample

The remix version they performed at worlds on fire
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It's so funky, the top 10 doesn't contain any classics.
And where th hell is 'Out of space'?
The best Prodigy's songs are on Experience and Music For The Jilted Generation, unfortunately, there's no "Fire" in this list
... Can't believe this track's so low here... The most best underrated song... Got an old charm to it..
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17Fuel My Fire Listen to sample

It's incredible! That's the old prodigy and the best song with Narayan... It makes me completely in the beat and feel crazy.
This should be in top 10 with ghost town
Prodigy at its best!
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19Run With the Wolves
Great song. This, Piranha, Smack My B**** Up, Outta Space & Voodoo People are the best
Dude this should be the first on the list
Dude awesome song man
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20Baby's Got a Temper
The fact this was rated so poorly by critics just goes to prove critics don't know what they're talking about!

21World's on Fire Listen to sample

22No Good (Start the Dance)
Real rave classic! The one that made the Prodigy

23Funky S***

THE BEST EVER... How can you possibly hate on this song? The tempo, baseline, beat, and everything is awesome!

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24Hot Ride Listen to sample

25Their Law
What we are dealing with here is a total lack of respect for this track. The best.
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26Jericho Listen to sample

Original Old Skool- Only those who know the score will vote for this! Zo/
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28Piranha Listen to sample

29Colours Listen to sample

30Your Love
Early Prodigy, Liam's wizardy for multi layers loops beats & samples simply superb, so many happy memories!
A pioneering sound at the time, destroyed every rave when it dropped
Real oldskool anthem, but only in original version.
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31You'll Be Under My Wheels Listen to sample

32What Evil Lurks Listen to sample

33Rhythm of Life

34Wake Up Call Listen to sample

35Break and Enter
Prodigy's most underrated piece of work, almost haunting!
Listen to sample

36G Force (Energy Flow)

37Action Radar Listen to sample

38Wind It Up (Rewound) Listen to sample

39Back 2 Skool

40Full Throttle Listen to sample


42Climbatize Listen to sample

43Wild West Listen to sample

443 Kilos Listen to sample

45Pandemonium Listen to sample

46Everybody In the Place
I love the raw energy of this song, sends a chill down my spine. It takes me back to my teenage years. long live the running man!
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48Wake the F*** Up

49Memphis Bells Listen to sample

50Mindfields Listen to sample

51Hyperspeed Listen to sample



54First Warning Listen to sample

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