Top Ten Tina Turner Songs

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We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)
One of my favorite songs from the 80's. Tina showed brilliant performance and the song itself, is masterpiece. Should have won the Oscar as the Best Soundtrack Song


My personal favorite track from amazing Tina. Great lyrics, impressive vocal. Tina is special


Nice music and heart touching
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2The Best
Simply the best, good and professional concert facitily for tina turner in future, could be horsens musicart city in denmark.
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3What's Love Got to Do With It
'The Best' is not the best. What's Love Got To Do With It is just fantastic! It speaks the truth! I would say 'The Best' although it's used for sectarian celebrations in Scottish Football. (Rangers)
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Such an amazing song! The theme to one of the best James Bond movies created!
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5One of the Living
Tina's BEST song in my opinion. The "other" song from Mad Max. Tina at her best!
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6River Deep, Mountain High
How the *beep* is this not number one? This is obviously the best song Tina ever recorded. Listen to the power of her voice, it stops you dead in your tracks. One of the best songs ever recorded!
One of the greatest songs of all time! High energy, a wild arrangement, and one of the hugest sounds ever heard on a record, with a vocal that triumphs the massive sound and hits in all the right places. Hasn't aged one bit. Play it LOUD!
Tina's best song ever, so powerful. Hear it on the London 45 for maximum impact - it sounds like an earthquake, and Tina's voice burns through the enormous sound
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7Better Be Good to Me
AMAZING vocal here, One of Tina's BEST! Number two in my book.
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8Typical Male
Confidence, groove and right in the pocket. Absolutely a legend in full steam.
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9Break Every Rule
She is the best and always will be tks
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10Addicted to Love
Tina is the best
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The Contenders

11Steamy Windows
Fantastic Track, really gets you moving, if this don't get you rocking your dead. Tina at her best, the tracks official music video is also brill x
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12Overnight Sensation Listen to sample

13I Don't Wanna Lose You Listen to sample

14When the Heartache Is Over Listen to sample

15Proud Mary
I normally don't like remakes but this one is the best. I like it even better then the original.
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16Private Dancer
Private Dancer at #51? You guys must be trolling laugh out loud
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17I Don't Wanna Fight
So much beauty and emotion as expected from Tina Turner. A great track from the biopic "What's Love Got to Do With It". Throw in the memorable synth track, and you have a marvelous piece that really tugs on your heartstrings.


I don't care who's wrong or right
I don't really wanna fight no more
Holy crap, seriously underrated
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18Let's Stay Together
The best redo ever.
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19Cose Della Vita Listen to sample

20On Silent Wings Listen to sample

21Missing You
I can't belive this isn't the top ten! Love it's
I love this song! :))
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22Paradise Is Here
This song is so looked over...


I agree, such a great song, beautiful melody, and haunting vocals, I would place that in my top ten along with Afterglow x
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23Do What You Do Listen to sample

24Steele Claw Listen to sample

25I Might Have Been Queen Listen to sample

26It's Gonna Work Out Fine Listen to sample

27Something Beautiful Remains Listen to sample

28Why Must We Wait Until Tonight? Listen to sample

29Ask Me How I Feel Listen to sample

30A Fool In Love Listen to sample

31Disco Inferno Listen to sample

32What You Get Is What You See Listen to sample

33Afterglow Listen to sample

34Edith and the Kingpin Listen to sample

35Look Me In the Heart Listen to sample

36Complicated Disaster Listen to sample

37Girls Listen to sample

38Back Where You Started Listen to sample

39Show Some Respect Listen to sample

40Two People Listen to sample

41A Love Like Yours Listen to sample

42Bold Soul Sister Listen to sample

43Acid Queen Listen to sample

44Love Thing Listen to sample

45Way of the World Listen to sample

46Undercover Agent for the Blues Listen to sample

47Sexy Ida Listen to sample

48Stay Awhile Listen to sample

49In Your Wildest Dreams Listen to sample

50Whatever You Want Listen to sample

51Nutbush City Limit Listen to sample

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