Top Ten TV Shows For Teenagers

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Pretty Little Liars
Way better show than any of the other ones on here. It might seem shallow when you first start off, but it actually has a startling amount of depth and mystique.
I love this show! I mean you can actually relate with all the other characters and start worrying about them. The main story line being a mystery and not just sex and getting pregnant makes it all the more fun to watch. I desperately wait for each and every episode to come out! It is full of drama, suspense, love, friendship, jealousy and much more! I totally love it! Go PLL!
I have to admit I read the books first and the tv show was way different to what I thought it would be. But after a few episodes I got in to it and it is a really amazing show, though the books were just a little better (:.
[Newest]Amazing! No words just Amazing!
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2The Vampire Diaries
I used to hear all my friends talk about vampire diaries and I never actually thought it would be good but then when I watched an episode of vampire diaries and I couldn't get off my computer. It is so addicting. I watched 3 whole seasons in 2 days. That's how amazing it is. And it always leaves you on a cliffhanger which makes you want to watch more and more. Now we all have to wait until october 11th to watch the fourth season and every time I think about how long I have to wait I think about Damon and I cry. BTWm Damon is the BEST character ever. At first you'll like Stefan but you'll see that near the end of season 1 you love Damon. He's hilarious. Man, why does it have to take so long to come out? Oh and my favorite episode is season 3 episode 19 - damon&elena.
I love the Vampire Diaries! It is always full of Humor, Drama, Mystery, Thrill, Horror, and ALWAYS leaves you with a cliffhanger, I think this T.V. show is the BEST one around because its magical )
I usually never watch American shows but TVD changed my life, I love it. There's this thing about TVD that other show don't ever have: TVD developed romantic relationships that I thought was impossible at the start of the show, but TVD has this magical thing that makes anything work, whether its shifting personalities of characters up a bit or making situations so that if these characters end up dating each other, it'll be so romantic even if you thought itd be weird at the start at the show. To be honest I've hated all characters on the show at least once, n I've loved them a thousand times back, all the antagonists who you wished never existed before, TVD later on always shows a soft side to them that makes you feel like every bad thing they did was reasonable. Villains can never exist in TVD without you loving them someday, no matter how bad they appear to be at the beginning or at some point of the show.
[Newest]TOTALLY AMAZED... Best show ever invented... you WILL love it
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3Teen Wolf
One of my favourites :) it should have a higher rating than this! Teen wolf is one of my 6 favourite shows :) which include the vampire diaries, the secret circle, awkward, the nine lives of chloe king (but they cancelled the show so... :( ), teen wolf (obviously) and pretty little liars :) definitely worth watching! Plus, its not even one of those shows that are for only girls (like the majority I have up there) but guys would really like it too... Plus the main character is a guy. And I just love how it has so many different genres like, horror, fantasy, romance, comedy and stuff
Its amazing.. I love it! Its not such a typical teen drama, the whole plot makes it just even more interesting than those shows like vampire diaries! Its definitely worth watching it.. So GUYS JUST WATCH IT!
Amazing show! It doesn't get as much credit as it deserves. It has really hot guys and a good plot.
[Newest]Definitely a close second if not tied for first. (To Pretty Little Liars) They are all so hot. 😍
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4Gossip Girls
Gossip girl is full of drama and excitement. It should stay at the top of this list?
I don't watch it that much anymore but when I did, It was really entertaining and I used to keep up with it and watch it almost everyday. I might start watching it again but I really don't have much time for it but it's a really interesting and dramatic show. I recommend it!
gossip girl is way better than any of this other shows I highly recommend it, it includes drama, love and I can assure you, you will love it
[Newest]Love love love it
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5The Secret Life Of The American Teenager
I love this show.. Made cry and feel young again.. I just want to react on too much used of the word "sex", really wish you could lessen it, it's irritating sometimes, the characters seems to say it every 5 mins so please lessen it. Thanks
I really like this show but I don't like how the characters are always talking about sex and are always in sexual situations. I too, think that they should lessen how much the characters are talking about it, I find it kind of annoying!
The Secret Life of the American Teenager is the best show I have ever seen! I watched all of the episodes on "w. Watchseries. Eu" in 2 months! The characters are great, with great personalities. You get attached to them very easily and just when you think nothing else can go wrong, another "dramatic" thing happens... I'm happy this show is rated #1 because I think it's incredibly good!
[Newest]I love this show! Wish it never ended

This show is like so underrated! Way better than many of them above. It's the actual teenage life and well so funny! Just love this one
I love this show because it shows the real life of a teenager in high school and I love all the drama. I hope that MTV will always keep this show going, it also gives good advice to teens about what they should do in any of those situations.
Its funny. It talks all about a teenage life and also all about high school drama. I really liked it. This show is funny, cool, and romantic. I also love the whole fight between Jake and Matty. I want her to stay with Matty they make a cute couple.
[Newest]Started watching it with my sister and got addicted.
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7Family Guy
Family Guy was born for the teenage audience, its sense of humor is made to make a teenager laugh. With so much sex talk and violence in this show its teenage heaven!
When you're a 40 year old mom who just got back from her run and had too much coffee
Family guy is the best! Stewie is the best character by far. I love almost all the characters except MEG! She is SO BORING! If I had to choose my 5 favorite characters it would go like this: Stewie, Peter, Herbert (pedifile), Quagmire, and then Consuela. If you do not already love Family Guy, I suggest you watch it.
Mad funny especially stewie without him everything on the show would suck
[Newest]NOPE! This show is trash!


8One Tree Hill
After three episodes you will spend the rest of the year looking for a show almost as good as this one. It is on net flicks too. You will like it if you also like life unexpected and psych, because those are my three favorite shows.
This show inspires me so much, and makes me believe in myself. Its funny, sort of realistic, displays all kinds of emotions, and all the characters are amazing. Best show I've come across all my life
After you watch a few episodes you can't let go, I fell in love with the characters and the storyline. When you've seen the whole series you'd wish its would had gone on forever, you'll try to find shows that are like this but you'll never find one just like it. If you'll watch it, you'll never regret it and your life will change forever.
[Newest]Best show I have ever seen. Brooke is the BOMB!

This show is so amazing, not one episode is boring. I've been watching it for years now and it's only gotten better and better. With every new generation the writers seem to be able to think of more story lines and they are never boring. You miss the old characters but also you learn to love the new even more.
It is a soap opera and soap operas are addicting to almost anyone, and they have adult content on them, Degrassi counts.


Before I actually started watching this show I thought it was stupid and lame, but after I started watching it, it was amazing. My favorite part is the drama and tension between the characters, and there is NEVER a boring episode. To me this is one of the best shows in the world. I hope you guys are able to see that too.
I personally love degrassi but the older episodes and the old characters now it just doesn't seem the same anymore. I love the drama and all but new characters change things sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way.

10Drake & Josh
its a cool show I'm sad they stopped airing though


Great show. This show is good for families, teens, and many more people.
Drake and Josh ar
How about Zoey 101, that was better because it had no laugh tracks distracting the show from it's viewers.
Drake and Josh is awesome. No denying it


[Newest]Drake and Josh is hilarious and it somehow is funny and awesome without having to show sex scenes and use foul language

The Contenders

Bloody amazing. Friends is a classic and always will be; filled with extensive and fully developed characters, Friends will never leave me or my childhood.
I can never get bored with this show although I've seen it millions of times, but I laugh hard whenever I watch it. It is entertaining, relaxing and extremely addictive!
8? seriously! who are you kidding its undoubtedly the best thing to ever be shown on television! a perfect example of an ensemble with each character just as good as the other! *divine*
[Newest]My favorite show... you'll see nothing like it... MUST SEE

12The Fosters
This show is one of the best new shows of 2013! It's really good & I recommend for anyone who enjoys sad, dramatic, loving setting. One of my new favorites along with One Tree Hill & Vampire Diaries
This show is definitely my favorite. Full of drama and romance, tons of emotions well up inside while watching this show. And every episode has a tear jerking ending or a curious cliffhanger.
This show is an amazing drama, I love it
A lot of love with weird ways to show it
[Newest]The fosters is just pure 100% amazing

13The Walking Dead
Best show on T.V.. The plot is amazing, the zombies are gross, and after a while you start to really care about the characters. Definitely a must watch for more than just teens.
How is this so down low? Most of the shows on here are TERRIBLE and made for kids, not teenagers. This is obviously the best show for teenagers. Putting Shake it Up, Jessie and Good Luck Charlie makes it seem like we have way too many preppy princesses in this world. Trust me, I'm a teen.
Should be a lot higher on this list.
[Newest]Great show but, not a "teen" show

14The Originals
Gotta love this show ♡
Love it so much!
And the guys are so hot
AMAZING can't wait till next season... I LOVE Haley! I wonder how the baby is going to look like when she's older.. !
[Newest]Love it it's so great and interesting

15Zoey 101
I miss it! It was such a good show, especially season 2. The plots were a bit stupid, but yet cute. You felt like you were sitting there with zoey. Best show!
Good show. Actors and actresses were brilliant I think they should have this show reinvited to T.V.. It was an excellent show made everyone smile. Interesting ideas etc.
! I remember this show! I can't believe they stopped showing this show. This was such an awesome show! I loved this show ever since I was 6 years old! I miss this show so much! I would put more exclamation marks but it would take up this whole page!

My Mom & Dad changed the channel since they told me not to watch the show because it's too inappropriate to watch.
[Newest]It was good, too bad it had to stop because she got pregnant.

16New Girl
So funny! I laugh every time that I watch this show! I think that it can appeal to people of all ages, so you should definitely check it out
So funny! It makes me laugh all the time. I would really recommend watching this because it is just so good for sad loner nights. Zooey Deschanel is really hilarious!
Love it! Such a funny show with likeable characters.

Best show ever! Makes you jump in your seat! Everyone will find a character that they can relate to. I recommend it to all teens!

It's not only about high school and singing, it reveals many hidden messages that deal with everyday teens. Very inspiring characters!
My favorite show of all time. I love most of the song selections and all of the characters are extremely talented. Every teen needs to watch this show. They deal with topics that teens need to be educated in. I am a huge fan of the show, but I will admit, the season that honored Finn's death, was complete crap. However the 6th and final season really brought the show back to its roots which I enjoyed.
Glee is a positive and upbeat show that has shaped our generation and will leave you wanting to be a star!

18The Carrie Diaries
The Carrie diaries is a spin off of Sex in the City, but this is in Carrie's earlier life. Now I know this is shown off as a very romantic series and girly but I usually hate shows like that, and I absoulty LOVE THIS SHOW TO PEICES! The main star Anna Sophia Robb is an amazing actor and I love this series every bit! It has love, loss, lying, friendship, sisterhood, teen problems and so much more to offer! It is a MUST WATCH SHOW! And I am pretty upset it's this low and the other shows above it are a heck of a lot worse!
It one of the shows I ha seen because it talk about a teenager how have a work a new work in NY and she is falling in love for gys that does not desser her.
Another thing that I really love about this show is that their frinds have also problems in love and they help her diced what guy will be the correct for her
In other word we can said that this show is kind of gossip girl but without all that gossip hahah
I hope it help you
I love the Carrie diaries. I can really relate to her problems that she go through
[Newest]I love the carrie diaries it is the best show ever

19South Park
South park is the best show ever and it is mega SWEET! All other shows do not compare because every episode there is something new and if it is not helping jesus and the league of best friends then it can go all the way to Cartman smuggling KFC or being a BEEF CAKE. So if you are not watching this so already then you should pick up the movie and you will be hooked forever.
South Park has one of the best characters of all time: Eric Cartman. He is so much better then Peter from Family Guy. He simply KICKS ASS!
This show kicks famiLy quys ass!
Its so funny =))


[Newest]This show achieves unrecognized levels of absolute hilarity!


20Once Upon a Time
This show is great whether your 12 or 20! All fairytale characters find themselves trapped in reality. Starring Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison!
This is the best show ever... I GET SO emotionally involved with this show! I hope this show continues FOREVER! I love how incorporates fairy tale characters and it rights a story for each one. It always wants you wanting more and more... :)))))) BEST SHOW EVER! This should be #1... I don't even watch pretty little liars... its boring
Each episode end wants you waiting for more. Even the previews give a dim but suspenseful review.
[Newest]Once Upon a Time is such a wonderful show to watch for everyone, no matter if you are 12 or 26.

21The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory is one of the funniest shows you could ever watch. It's one of the comedies that actually makes you laugh and I always want to watch more episodes after I've watched one. It really is one of the best comedies I've watched.
And I thought big bang would be first 27th place really!
The Big Bang Theory is totally an AWESOME show. It's Really Hilarious. I don't see a thing about it that do not make it One of the Best Sitcom Ever.

I think that iCarly is a very funny show. I'm really bummed that it's already the final season. I hope someone makes a T.V. show that's like iCarly. ICarly has a GREAT cast.
Making a show with the same plot as others is usually a rip off, this means a show like iCarly may be a ripoff of iCarly, not worth watching.
ICarly is amazing! Every time I watch it I crack up and everybody just looks at me like I'm insane. I have seen almost every single episode. My favorite part is always when Freddie and Sam are fighting. It is so funny!
Whoever likes iCarly really is insane, they are idiots who cannot act, they just do the alcoholic moves & talk about things that are not kid appropriate.
I think because it is really funny to see spencer do a lot of funny things
This is not funny, they think it's funny, but this is just a stupid show just like any other new show on Nick.
[Newest]This is a very funny show
If anyone's an idiot, it's not me, it's those who love dumb shows like iCarly, it has some of the worst acting on television as a matter of fact.

23Austin & Ally
While it's not the best show ever, there's just something about it that makes it so appealing! I love how the development between S1 and S2 is REALLY obvious and in a good way! I love how all the characters are unique in their own way, yet they find a common bond; this actually made me realize that even the unlikeliest of people can share something in common!

Love the relationship between Austin & Ally- it's so sincere and sweet, and it's the perfect relationship, in my opinion, since they're a couple that act like besties!
Austin and Ally sucks, It was supposed to be about MUSIC, but instead, it's now mainly romance that makes no sense whatsoever and the characters don't really love each other and they are just sick and gross, One of the worst Disney Channel shows ever.


Austin and Ally has one of the best actors and actresses. This show is suitable for adults. Pre teens, and people of all ages. They do a super job acting and the writers have great imaginations and are very creative

24Wizards of Waverly Place
How can this show not be in the list? This show is so funny. Every episode makes me laugh!
ARE YOU KIDDING ME PEOPLE... ? This is the best show I have ever seen for your information. Now its over but that's a different issue. You tube's still having the show's episodes and I'am downloading every episode I like come on man please bring it up at least in the top ten


Wizards of waverly place is the best show ever!
[Newest]This is one of the best shows ever and I hate that they ended it but we can not change that

Supernatural is the most amazing shows you will ever watch. It has the best actors and the best plot. Its not too fictional or too real. Its perfect for teenagers and older. I'm a 15 year old girla and I'm completly in love with it! You will never find a show as amazing as this one (: I also like shows like smallville, vampire diaries, teen wolf, heroes and pretty little liars. But supernatural will always be my favorite.
BEST DAMN T.V. sHOW EVER! I absolutly love the suspense and the hurt/fiction that they put into it. I have rewatched almost all of the episodes. It comes on Wednesdays at the CW. You can watch it for FREE at cokeandpopcorn. Ch. You can watch many T.V. shows here, just go to the top tab T.V. sHOWS and it will give you a list of all they have FOR FREE.
The actors are so amazing and if you OD end up watching it you should go o youtube and watch the bloopers!
Supernatural is an extremely realistic syfy show. Its made it for 7 seasons without being cancelled. Once you watch it you'll become completly obsessed with it. It starts off with 2 brothers who are trying to find there missing dad while hunting a demon that killed their mom.
[Newest]Best show in the world number one to me

26Make It or Break It
Make it or break it is my favorite T.V. series ever! Gets you so involved, and I usually cry every episode because there's so much drama and suspense! Will the girls make it, wont they!? I LOVE IT, love it love it! 5 million stars
Best show ever! I have re watched it a bunch of times because its that good! They should keep it going!
So great. I don't think I will be able to find a T.V. show as great as this one. Perfect amount of drama and competition. This is a great T.V. show if you're competitive with sports or school events.
[Newest]The best inspiring T.V. show!

27Full House
omg<33 I love this show with all of my heart <3333 its hilarious(: I love it<3 it needs to be back on air<33
I always love watching it, it shows great family values and always leaves you feeling inspired and happy after watching. It's sends a great message to kids of all ages and is funny to watch.
Full house is so awesome! it is my #1 favorite tv show!


[Newest]One of my favorite shows. It might have been made before I was born, but it's timeless.


I adore this show it hook you in from the very first episode and then you are addicted! This my most favourite show of all time apart from teen wolf. The thing that is different about reign and teen wolf is that the have great first episodes of the season to hook you in and then the episodes just get better and more drama filled and action packed! Reign is such a good series for anyone as it has the romantic side for the girls and then the action side for the boys and the the drama that follows with both! Definitely recommend that people watch it
I love this show. The characters and the acting is awesome. The show always leaves you wanting more.
Best show out there. Thought it was going to be dumb when I first started watching it. and, found myself addicted to it by the end of the first episode. Watch this show over and over again.

29The Lying Game
This show is amazing. I latterly stayed up 2 night in a row just to watch it. It's so awesome. You figure out things that you least expect and you will never get board. It's the best I'm telling you you have got to watch it. Its on Netflix now better hurry until its to late. And trust me you wont be sorry.
This show is the best show ever! Once I started watching it I couldn't stop.
Love this show it was very good and I just kept on watching it and it kept on getting better and better.
[Newest]Only two seasons yet so amazing and mysterious it's a MUST SEE

30Skins (UK)
This is the best show I have ever seen in my life and none of the other ones on this list can compare to its stellar writing, acting and directing. It's so real and depicts actual life of teenagers specifically in Bristol. It's also really funny, but also dramatic, sad, emotional and romantic at the exact right times. The cast of each season is also perfect, as well as quite good looking and well spoken in interviews. This is the best show ever hands down.
This show, shows what the possibilities in a teenage life can happen. This show reflects on teenagers, and there are different generations and each episode shows the story line of each character. It's really beautiful! Although, it hurts when you finish a generation and move on to the next. MUST WATCH!
The best show I have ever seen in my life. Hands down. It's so perfect in every way imaginable. I love it. Series 1 and 2 are by far the best. Absolutely brilliant. I highly suggest this show. I'd recommend this show to anyone. Fantastic. Beautifully written and stellar acting.
[Newest]It just changes you, BEST SHOW

317th Heaven
I just love 7th heaven one of my favorite show s till this day. I think some people can relate to the problems they go through and I think that's what makes it such a great show.
This show actually made me a better person and now I evaluate my family even more, loved it, sad it's over
Wish it were still on the air!
[Newest]My favorite show ever! ¡!

32True Blood
While True Blood may not be for teens, it is an AMAZING show! There are SO many great characters. The always leave you with a feeling of suspense. You'll probably find yourself saying "What the hell just happened" or " that dude is SUPER HOT! " Me being a teen myself enjoys this show, I think its amazing with all the romance, action, blood, VAMPIRES, WEREWOLVES, FAIRES (not the ones your thinking of either), etc. WATCH THE SHOW!
WHAT! How on earth can true blook be all the way downd here? Its such an amazing show. It has really hot characters, very suspenseful and really interesting! This is one of the best T.V. shows I have ever watched! I <3 sookie

33Switched at Birth
Best show I have ever watched along with Once Upon a Time! It is my favorite show out of all time- and lets just say I have seen a lot of shows!
I love this show it's so amazing -Sarah
It is so confusing to me. there is ginger that is definitely and has the worst life ever

34The O.C.
I don't know how The O. C isn't higher up on this list, it's incredible. This show has been my favourite T.V. series since I was 8 years old. Putting aside the rather trashy parties in season one and the underage drinking, the O. C always had good morals and shows how to go through relationships, heartbreak, and loss. ZING! And I think it's safe to say that Sandy Cohen had the best bushy eyebrows we've ever seen.
Love this show! It's got drama, romance and comedy
So here I'm writing, from Chile, in Latin America, Best series ever!

The music, the places, the characters, EVERYTHING is perfect, to season 1 to season 4! It helps me a lot for these teenage years!

Fully recomended.
[Newest]<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 one of the best shows I've ever seen!
All soap operas including this one are addicting to almost ANYONE!

35H2O: Just Add Water
It's such a cute show with a lot of adventure and messages of what true friendship/love means. It's a really good show and it used to be one of my top favourites when I was a teenager. I remember I was watching "H2O Just add water", "Charmed" and some other shows and I was totally addicted! My favorite character would probably be Rikki.
How old are you? We need to hang out! I love this show, and charmed is my favorite show of all time! Plus I go through shows so fast, so 8 seasons was perfect! Laugh out loud
I LOVED this show as a child. But now that I'm a little older I realize how corny it is. Its still an adorable show! I just wish the acting and the quality was better. Just a tiny bit. Coutos for how real and awesome they make the tails look though! This show is what started my mermaid obsession and what made me constantly bug my parents for a mermaid tail!
I'm crazy about H2O. It's addicting, and people should also check out the spin-off, Mako Mermaids, and the company that made both made another show called Lightning Point which is excellent as well.
[Newest]Best ever watch this before mako mermaids {spin off}its on netflix

36Doctor Who
HOW IS DOCTOR WHO SO LOW ON THIS LIST? 4/5 IS THE SHOWS ON THIS LIST HAVE NO MEANING OR EMOTION AT ALL. Doctor Who has been around for 50 years, so it couldn't be bad quality and still around. It has so many feelings and issues it covers, like loss, happiness, love, anger, family, and so much more.


Best British show ever.
For me Doctor Who has got to be the BEST show ever! My family and I have been obsessed with it for years and still will be for years to come! :) :) Can't wait for the next episodes to come!
[Newest]Best show on British T.V...

37The Simpsons
What this is the best totally beats all of em and family guys good too but the simpsons has always been my favorite. Plus it has its own movie unlike all these shows. In my opinion, this is the beatles in T.V.
I love simpsons and wish that they never end I have been watching this show for 10 years and I still love this. I have seen each episode a million times and I still love each and every episode
Awesomest show ever! I love how they mock stuff! I think the new episodes are equal with the old episodes, but I find that the season one episodes are harder to watch because the animation is so crude!
[Newest]I love this show

I like the story! It talks about families! Love relationships! And friends relationships! The characters are doing a very great job! And naomi clark is so fit in her rule, being a bitchy woman! Laugh out loud
This show has sexual content and it is a soap opera, it has new episodes every day, it got low ratings and it got cancelled.


Can't believe the shows over :(
90210 forever I like it
[Newest]This show is amazing! It deserves #1

39How I Met Your Mother
I LOVE IT! It's so awesome, especially that all the characters are HILARIOUS, and they share the stories of their lives from a perspective of them telling the stories to their kids in the future. (: AWESOME
Something about this show makes you feel your life will be relatable to the characters after your teens and together with the humour, you just get addicted, and I am writing this being a teen myself.
This show should be number one on here. I cannot have enough praise for How I Met Your Mother. this show is full of life, love and laughter & you will fall in love with the characters and their lives. how I met your mother will forever be my favorite show!
[Newest]I have watched all of the seasons and I hate that barney and robin got a divorce and I hate the way that season 9 ended

40The Office
It is the best show ever! I love everything about it, all the characters are funny and it is just an awesome show for everyone! :) Michael is awesome! I love Jim and Pam too
This show is so cool! If this was real life, I would be glad to work at some office.
This show should be on every day

41Buffy the Vampire Slayer
This is the most amazing series I've ever watched. Honestly, it's what got me interested in good, quality television. You fall in love with Buffy and the gang almost immediately. Every single episode makes you laugh and think. The action is amazing, Buffy Summers is not your typical teenage girl who thinks the world is over because of one tiny problem. Which is actually pretty amazing considering the fact that most of the time, it IS! I started watching this show when I was twelve and I still go back and watch some episodes sometimes because of how much I miss its brilliance. Definitely one of the coolest shows I've ever watched. It's worth your endless hours on the computer. Definitely. I sped through this in a week. Did I mention I'm only thirteen? Not the point. Even though it's SEVEN seasons long and I barely take the time to watch something like that, I don't regret a SECOND of watching this show. Amazing. Truly amazing.
This show is the most amazing thing I have ever watched. The characters, plot, themes, drama, they all come together to make one master (haha) piece of a show. Joss whedon spent a lot of time teaching the viewers about the character in the show, getting us emotionally invested in them, and then killing them. Buffy will make you laugh, cry, be really confused and really annoyed (buffy/angel drama). The people in the show grow and change so much that when you go back and watch their first episode, you don't recognize them. You would be a idiot to not watch this show. Sorry but it is really that epic. And warning watch out for season 5.
The best show with the BEST characters, acting, script, plot, everything. Got very deep themes and you just fall in love with the characters. Each episode has great action but AMAZING dialoge. Started watching this when I was 13, now I'm 26 and still love the show. The vampire diaries is not bad, but the wit and charm is just not there. BTVS is a cult classic and there is a reason why.
[Newest]I started watching this when I was 11 and never forgot about it, honestly, it is one of the best T.V. shows ever.

42My Mad Fat Diary
Amazing, so so funny and you can imagine what she's actually going through. X I love izzy and rae so so much. They are fantastic. This definitely should be on the list. Come on people watch it ;)x
If you like skins and misfits you'll love this show.
Recommend it to everyone. Fantastic!

43American Horror Story
Amazing show I love it so much I was strung in because I kind of like a horror type theme sometimes but the stories and charters are so amazing along with the chemistry I love season 1 because of violet and tate its just perfect even though its meant to be horror. It deals with a lot of life problems yet just so interesting I can't stop watching definitely recommend it to anyone I'm a teenager and you can really relate to the charters as there is so many and al there wonderful and creative stories
Season 3 is my favorite. Combines comedy and horror in a beautiful way. The cast has amazing chemistry and the show is just great!
This show literally makes you another person, it changes the way you think of everything.. the first season especially, the best cast

Very cute show! Perfect for young girls who enjoy stuff like this.
One mom banned this show from a kid's T.V. because it was too inappropriate.
Absolute LOVE this show! So mad they cancelled it. Keeps me laughing the whole time and I got so attached to every character but Cat by far was and is my favorite!
I'm glad they canceled it, the laugh tracks & lack of plot just made me want to change the channel.
Best best T.V. programmes for teens cause she is have many talented
[Newest]This is actually the best teen sitcom going around
If you like Victorious, which is garbage, then you should watch Every Witch Way, which is BEYOND AWESOME!

45Modern Family
So funny! Don't know why it's not higher up! Everyone I know who's watched it, LOVED IT! (The first season is the best though!
This show is hilarious. I love every character in the show, especially Gloria. You have to watch this show guys! Amazing!
We have watched it together with our 10 and 12 year old boys and they never get enough. All of us enjoy it! Helps to initiate discussions, too.
[Newest]I love this programme so much ❤️❤️

46Prison Break
Honestly this is the best show ever. I usually don't like this kind of shows but this one is so well done and loyal to the characters true development that it got me. This is not one of the series that get ruined just because it was successful and the producers wanted to get more profit from it. The entire story is meant to touch the audience and to deliver one of the best moral messages. I am so sad it is only 4 seasons (I've watched it like 5 times) but I understand that is way better this way, if it was longer the impact wouldn't be the same. You fall in love with every single character. You can't believe how talented and smart the writers are to develop these ideas. Everything look so cool and at the same time so realistic. It touches real and serious problems in the every day life while showing some of the most amazing and rare cases.
This show is very interesting. They put a lot of work into this show and they deserve all the credit they can get. This show is on my Top 5 list indeed.

47Spongebob Squarepants
Love this show more than life itself
There is a reason this show is number forty-four... It's utterly stupid.
It used to be the best, but now the seasons are getting worse & lame.
The best show for all ages

Love it I have watched all 10 seasons

Such a genius show. Sherlock is an inspiration (but certainly not a role model) for any teen who has ever felt they are different, stupid, or alone.
I have no idea why Sherlock is way down on this list it should be #1. This is sad. Sherlock is the best show ever...
The second most amazing show that has ever been created. So sad it's all the way down here..
[Newest]How is this down here?! Sherlock is just fantastic. It's brilliant.

! This show is beyond perfect. It changes what you would normally think of when you hear the name Merlin. If like Camelot and the whole story if Arthur than this show is a must watch. The writers make the story come to life in every way imaginable. I am only 13 and I love this show!
Merlin is an incredible show! The character development and the story line is both loyal to the main themes of legend but creative and amusing! I'm surprised it's so low and the list! The ending is such a cliff hanger, you're life will have seemed a lie and unlived until that moment.
Merlin was beyond perfect it had so many thrills and in the end of each episode it dragged you in so you would want to know more this should be at least 2 on the list
[Newest]Still remains my favourite show years after it has ended!

51The Secret Circle
Things like this h20 and nine lives of chloe king maintain their own holdings in te supernatural T.V. world. As of recently we've gotten rid of so many that teens like me and my friends are considering stopping watching T.V. all together. All of the whimsy that you've teased the public with is exactly what is needed. Instead of putting their faith in these awesome shows, they've almost all been cancelled after one season. That isn't enough time to gain a good amount of teenage, school attending, homework doing, teens. It's obvious. They need to air for a month or so then come back the same time next year. That way your audience isn't lost to academia and not so many amazing shows "seem" to lose popularity.
Good but it ended years ago yet its not finish like they r supposed 2 make a new season the way they ended it yet its supposedly finish but its not but other then that its wonderful, funny, sad, Scary, entertaining, all of that even leaves you in suspense
I think it should not have been cancelled because it was a really good show :(
[Newest]Amazing I love this show must watch

52Breaking Bad
Jesse is adorable! The main theme may not give teens give teens a goo idea, but the show is amazing. Once you finish season 1, you get hooked on the show.
Simply the best show ever! Excellent acting and a great and unique plot! Walter and Jesse have a great chemistry... (see what I did there )

53Family Matters
Love this show, it's so funny.. Highly recommend if you wanna laugh!

54Veronica Mars
AMAZING SHOW! No words to explain but I just love the whole Veronica Logan relationship!
Veronica Mars is amazing! I can not wait to see the movie!
It doesn't sound good but if they could make a movie for it after it ended 7 years ago, then I'm sure you'll like it if your into a teen being with the bad boy. It's so good so yall should watch it11

55George Lopez
I love George lopez it always puts a smile on my face I think it's a great show that shouldn't have ended

This show is amazing. It's filled with drama and it has an amazing plot. This show is definitely one of my favorites and I highly recommend it.
I love this show! Why on earth is it so low rating?
Oh my god I love this show. It not fair that this show is not among top 5. Best show ever. you always on your toes for next episode.
[Newest]It should be 2nd

57Dance Academy
Best show I have ever seen. I finished it it 3 days its addictive and you just fall in love with the characters. And Christian! He's so attractive and Lovable, a bad boy with a sweet side. Not to metion Tara & Christian are the cutest couple in the planet. When I finished this I spent an hour crying because it was over and I searched for days on a show better. I am still rewatching episodes and dreaming of Christian reed! I am not a dance but I'm still straight in love with this show. And Kat karamacof shes a sort of party girl and super fun but Tara Webster and Christians are interanly bonded. Christian and tara's love is so strong but it gets breaked many times. This show is About Love, Drama, Heartbreak, Dance, Passion, Mystery, life experiences, teen stuff, This is the best show on the planet. Christian is the hottest guy on the planet with the best personality any girl could dream of not to mention there accents! To die for Them aussies with abs. He can dance so beautifly. Abagail Armsstrong- Works so hard and causes so much drama. No matter what happens even if Tara is with ethan she still kisses Christian because she is in love with every little thing about him. he's amazing. Did I mention I fell in love with these charactars? (Christian<3)
AMAZING SHOW. Addicted to it and I'm not even a dancer. Not even close.
The cast is amazing and the story is really well thought out.
[Newest]Have loved this show forever

58The Cosby Show
The Cosby show is such a classic. It will be around for generations. It's hilarious and clean!
It's great no matter what they say about Cosby.
Its the show of a lifetime

59Top Gear (U.K.)
Awesome Show! The Cars are boss, so if you're a teen who likes cars, this is definitely the best show for you!
It may just look like a car show, but underneath there are only two words. Quirky and HILARIOUS. You have to watch it to understand, but it's so FUNNY. Very good show for teens.

60Melissa & Joey

61American Dad
This should be higher on the list near family guy

62Saved By The Bell
Awesome show I love & I wish they still played it on T.V. ! Everyone in my family watches it and we all love it! BEST SHOW EVER! This how is always full of humor I love Screech

63Big Time Rush
Big Time Rush is about 4 hockey players, who are also best friends, from Minnesota and each of them has a dream. Logan's dream was to become a doctor. Carlos' dream was to become a superhero (laugh out loud super cute). Kendall's dream was to play hockey as the center for the Minnesota Wild. And James' dream was to become a professional singer. All four of the guys went to audition for James' dream. Unfortunately, James did not made it, but surprisingly, Kendall did. But in order to make a deal with Kendall to go to Hollywood and produce a new record, Gustavo has to make a deal with Kendall's friends and make them a singing group. From there and on, they were all inseparable, even though they may had some disagreements. They rode on a crazy ride together, called life, and they made it through together. In the end, Kendall realized what his dream really was; it was to be on stage, performing with his three best buds.
Amazing love it and the band is cute
I LOVE Big Time Rush. The show is cool, they sing amazing and are so ' cute.

Really love this series! Suits really is such an inspiring show. Watching it makes you want to become a lawyer! I'm sure you wanna watch it! Haha, finished 2 seasons in 2 days! I surely like this uh

65House of Anubis
I'm so proud this show is on here I was starting to think I'd have to add it! I cry at every finale because I love it so much! I'm dead serious when I say if you're not already watching you must! Seriously haven't seen the first season yet started on second and I'm about to burst right now it's so amazing and I miss it so much and I wish every night for season 4. It's scary, drama filled just enough romance and always has romance and comedy reliefs. It's so suspenseful and I don't know where I'd be with shows to watch without House of Anubis. Thank you for giving me a very special and big part of my life. Please watch it and rate this up if not already-it's meant for anyone! I'm so happy because its kind of unpopular too. Thank you and Sibuna. I love you. Forever.
Best soap opera for teenagers to watch, perfect combination for the teen audience.
So amazing! The show reflects on 8 to 10 teenagers at an English boarding school dealing with drama, romance, betrayal, and having some laughs along the way. Besides the interesting plots and good actors, the script is phenomenal.
Did you know that House of Anubis counts as a soap opera? It is not for kids to watch.
This show is amazing! There has to be a season 4 I dream about all the time. They have great actors, singers, and a very interesting plots.
[Newest]If you love a good mystery, this show is a must watch
Except that it's a soap opera, not appropriate for kids, we must watch shows that are appropriate for all ages.

66Two and a Half Men

Heroes should definitely not be down here! It is my favorite T.V. show! If you like shows like misfits you should definitely watch this. People discover they have super powers and some use it for good some for evil. Really good T.V. show and I highly recomend it!
This is the best show ever!
Hiro Nakamura is bae

Love this show. It always makes me happy and it has a very good plot line. Should have kept the seasons goings. Iv watched them all like 20 times.
I am addicted to this. It's a little cheesy at first but then it gets really good. The ending is brilliant but so sad
! I <3 this show so much! It's so amazing just so you know I've watched all seasons at least 5 times each!


Amazing show. I watched all five seasons with my brothers and sisters, wish it didn't end. There should be a spin off series of somewhat.
Best show should be at least top 20. comedy, action, romance everything you can ask for
I absolutely loved that show, sad that it ended. But still, it should be definitely higher!

71Everybody Loves Raymond
This is such a good show. I watch it on T.V. land. I think it's a very good show that teenagers can enjoy. It has a great laugh track.

72Good Luck Charlie
I love this show! It's so cute. And not annoying at all like some other T.V. shows... It's funny and the characters are good. And Charlie is so sweet!
She makes me go 'aw' every episode, and I'm not a person that goes 'aw'
I saw it & I HATED it, it's more annoying than most of the others, it's bland, & there's racism on it, it's a good thing that it ended.
I love this show I absolutely adore it. I have been watching it for years and It never gets boring.
This is a great show for the whole family. My family lough a lot! No doubt to watch it.

The BBC1 quiz hosted by Alexander Armstrong assissted by his Pointless Friend Richard Osman.

All the questions on Pointless are put to 100 people before the show. In order to make it to the final the contestants have to come up with the obscure answers that hardly any of the 100 people knew. If the contestant gives a Pointless Answer, an answer none of the 100 people knew, £250 is added to the jackpot. The lower the score, the better you're doing.
The pre-eminant tea time game show of the moment shown on BBC1 in which the contestants have to find the obscure answers to various survey based questions. The goal is to score as few points as possible. A "Pointless Answer" is the best kind of answer in this game show.

74Sonny With a Chance
Best show demi rocks
Love Demi Lovato, hate it stopped after two seasons

Great show! Super suspenseful and has so many plot twists! It is so entertaining and has a really good plot full of suprises, romance, friendship... and murders. I watched the whole show in two days. Warning, the show isn't renewed for a second season, but the last episode is left off on a total cliffhanger that you will never solve :( so do not get too adictted!
! This show is the best! It's heartbreaking, loving, and much more! Everyone has to watch it

76Sam & Cat
What's this doing here? And Why do people like it, There's no plot and the scripting is bad, all that ever happens in this show is Sam & Cat babysits brats and annoys innocent kids, and there is torture, there are even laugh tracks, which almost EVERYBODY hates, the character behavior is bad and rude and they do stuff that's not even appropriate for a network like Nickelodeon, such as torturing people as well as toilet humor, the last episode was the most violent and considered the worst, anyone who loves this stuff is retarded and this is one reason why kids act immature in this era, it also shows you how bad our society has become.
Sam and cat is for preteens and Young Teens
That show is amazing I love it, it's so cool!
A show with NO plot, just a poor babysitting service with violent acts & innuendo.
[Newest]It's so good, you'd fall in love at first sight...
It's CRAPPY, I fell in love with Every Witch Way at first sight, much better than that STUPID Sam & Cat.

77Boy Meets World
A very great family show

78Alien Surf Girls (Lightning Point)

79Big Brother
It's the bomb and so interesting to keep watching and has a good plot. You can watch it with anyone too. You will always want to keep watching
I've watched every episode of every season I've been watching this show since I was in grade 2 I am now in 11th, and I am like a mega fan, if you like reality/game shows then you will definitely love this show.
You think you can watch it with anyone hey it is bad for anyone


[Newest]I'm a teenager and I love this show. It is my favorite show ever.

Okay, not very much for people younger than say, oh, 15 or say 16... But I still watch it. There are things from that show I learned most kids in my grade don't know. Ah, good times, nonetheless. And Kramer will always be the greatest.
Seinfeld is a great show with great humor and quotes you can slip very discreetly into any conversation, and it will instantly be recognized.
Not a teenager. But its still FRICKIN' EPIC!
(sorry for the word epic, I know you all hate it very much lol).


Good show I just wish it wasn't cancelled

82Malcolm In the Middle
It's amazing show! It's funny, so funny. Family is crazy, crazy mum, crazy dad, the oldest brother in boarding school, stupid and bully younger brother, Malcolm the genius, normal younger brother and the baby.
By far, the best T.V. show for teenagers that I have ever watched. None of the other shows even come close to expressing the angst and laughter of being a teenager.
This was my favourite show growing up my family and I would gather around the T.V. with popcorn and watch the middle is much alike

83Kickin' it
I think it is an amazing show because it has a little bit of romance, it is funny, it has great moral values, and you can really relate to the characters. I think everyone should try and give it a chance.
Literally the worst show ever
Kickin it is awesome mostly because of the karate style and wher can I watch it on iPad 2.


85My Wife and Kids
I love this show. On a scale from 1-10. I give it a 9. It's better than iCarly and Victorious. My favorite character is Claire te middle child. I also think Michael is a funny dad. My favorite episode is the season 2 episode rode trip. It's good quality for teenagers. I like his a little better than George Lopez.
I love this show I give it a 9 on a scale from 1-10. My favorite character is Claire the middle child. This is a good T.V. show for teens to watch with their parents.
Best show ever. I use to sit down and watch this with my Mum when I was younger.

86Kyle XY
It's a great show you will love the caracter Kyle and how the story line around his mystery and his past will be resolved.
Such an exciting series, I can't stop watching it

87Black Hole High
Amazing show 1 of my favorites adventure mystery enough said have a look


89Regular Show
Regular show is awesome show made for Teens
I'm thirteen years old and I love Regular show!


90Jane by Design
The best fashion movie, I admire the clothes they wear in the movie and the plot is INTERESTING. And I love this movie since the first episode: the pilot, its just amazing and actually fit in any gender and ages, me 15 and my brother 21 actually watch it together :D
Only had 1 season but it was so real and fun to watch. It's basically like the devil wears prada but the main character is a teen who's job at the top fashion company is a secret. -Olivia
This show is amazing! I don't think words could describe it! It's perfect for teens and the characters are flawless.

91Baby Daddy
I love this show! Who know a show could be this entertaining
I think this show is hilarious and musst be seen. Its about a guy who suddenly finds a three month old baby at his door whith a note saying its his baby

92Degrassi: The Next Generation
This has to be my favorite and the best show ever! I love it so much and also a good life lesson to teenagers
Genius love Drew and Claire
I love this show

93Life With Boys
I Love this show, Too Bad it is this below and I think that it really needs to be higher in the list.


Great show but it
Othis show is terrible it should be a crime to make a show this bad

94Adventure Time
Most people in my year love adventure time. It's the one thing, me & my worst enemy have in common! We both LOVE adventure time. It's hilarious! If you don't like it, try watching it. you'll be surprised because its MATHEMATICAL!
Most awesomest show EVER!
I love its random, funny, love the jokes it needs to have more then one season on netflix!
I'm 13 & addicted to Adventure Time! It's amazing because the jokes are hilarious & it's so cool
[Newest]I love my marcy with all my energy

95Gilmore Girls
So funny oh with the poodles already you will get a great laugh good for mums and daughters
This is an amazing T.V. series, it's about mother and daughter and their love lives in a small town- its absolutely hilarious. it's a must watch.

96Shake It Up
Funny and entertaining show. Great for younger children and even for older teenagers! Its a clean show that doesn't feel the need to talk about sexual things or swear. Great show, I highly recommend it!
Every Witch Way, on Nickelodeon, not Disney Channel, is SO MUCH BETTER! No laugh track & there's a great plot that will attract everybody, it is a serial, so each season has daily episodes, and each season is months apart, see it for yourself when the new season comes on.

How can this not be on the list! Miranda is so amazing, she's just so funny. Love stevie and miranda's mum, they are just so mental. Stevie has got to be my favourite character though. X
Miranda is the funniest thing on T.V. EVER!
This show is so funny you will die watching it no jks

98MTV Cribs

This show is so much better than all those teen shows because it shows you life after high school. I mean like ever teen drama show these days are all about high school stuff. I wish they made more shows like this.
I absolutely loved this series... You can totally relate to the characters in this. It's so refreshing to be in a college setting, shows how you develop great memories with great people, even when there are ups and downs! I would recommend this show to anybody!
I really loved this show, I was so sad when it ended I mean is refreshing that it wasnt all high school stuff. now that I am graduated I wish there were more shows like this one!

This T.V. show is my life! It's the last series in July, devastated, I am talking about the Uk version of course as the US is pure crap!
I love this show. The show is great, and shows a lot of realist stuff. First generation cast was the best.
Amaizing, I love it. It's great, you should watch that from the first episode. First two seasons are best.

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