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July 28, 2015 - List of great time passer websites. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Providing you have a speedy connection (which I don't have here in Lebanon unfortunately) it is the most fun sight out there, imagine you can see whatever kind of video you want when you want it, it's worth it for me to wait hours for a video to buffer. I <3 Youtue
best way to watch anything you want
Feeling bored? Well, just type there you go! Trailers, music videos, funny videos, hilarious videos, gameplays, reviews, shows, movies...! The human life is too short to tell the whole list...
[Newest]It's the best way for time pass while watching videos, trailers and shows

This website is great you can just post your coments make friends and play games its just col
Always touch with my friends...
If you are time waster than you are in right place. This will ruined your life.

Random stuff, leading you to more random stuff at the bottom of the page... never ending fun
You don't even need an account to make a list or comment.


Fun, but hard to think of ideas for lists.
[Newest]Facebook... Yuck. TheTopTens is so much better.


4I Am Bored
Things what you do pass time

I love searching and surfing here. I can surf 4 the whhole day
It is just amazing. Today everything is Google or I can say that what are you googling (searching)
Google shows new designs in a occasional day


I hadn't heard about this website before today. I browsed it after seeing this list and I liked it very much.
Reddit is for more than bordum, its for life


Reddit has everything you could imagine.


I LOVE this website, especially the video cam mode. I like talking with people and to know about other cultures. (IT IS GOOD FOR SEX ALSO)
Good time pass and this web site. Meet all over country people
Very interesting site for timepass.. Had great fun..
[Newest]That's sex best site

Basically if you want to know about something it's on Wikipedia.
Good site to know every thing


9Yahoo! Answers
You can ask many of the stupid and lazy questions or just search the answers of other peoples question. its just amazing.

I could seriously use this site forever.
Nice. Thanks for sharing

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11Stumble Upon
Like flipping channels on T.V. , but every channel is great!
Nothing beats this great website, the ultimate time killer!
Must be in t10
A yeah boy a real time pass site... I m trully looking forward to continue visiting wwe. Com... Hey guys you also try this...

Very fun games, it's also fun to get the badges.

Great for having time along with your favorite movies actors, actress and movies directors, to see photos and wath movies.
You can log in with almost every social network.

15Stuff You Couldn't Make Up
Online blog featuring daily-updated articles - from funny to inspirational to beautiful to mind-blowing!
A new discovery for me - love it! Easiest way to pass 10 minutes!


Nice site for online games. All online game lover should one time visite this site


I don't know properly about twitter. But as a listen to others it is a very awesome and useful
With twitter you can actually update your daily activities and peek into the lives of celebrities! Its superb

20Question Monkey

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