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Providing you have a speedy connection (which I don't have here in Lebanon unfortunately) it is the most fun sight out there, imagine you can see whatever kind of video you want when you want it, it's worth it for me to wait hours for a video to buffer. I <3 Youtue
best way to watch anything you want
Too good site we can learn anything from youtube. outube is the best way to pass time.
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This website is great you can just post your coments make friends and play games its just col
It's supper cool.. It's very good way to connet with our friends or other's...
It's a great way for time pass... ,
To share our, photos, pictures, video's and all that... ,
And we can also insert our status... ,
Always touch with my friends...
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3The Top Tens
Random stuff, leading you to more random stuff at the bottom of the page... never ending fun
You don't even need an account to make a list or comment.


Fun, but hard to think of ideas for lists.
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Flap flap flap 1 for me
Its a free porn site
Jerk off every time I'm there
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I love searching and surfing here. I can surf 4 the whhole day
It is just amazing. Today everything is Google or I can say that what are you googling (searching)
Like to do searching about whatever I want and getting good results
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I hadn't heard about this website before today. I browsed it after seeing this list and I liked it very much.
Reddit is for more than bordum, its for life


I LOVE this website, especially the video cam mode. I like talking with people and to know about other cultures. (IT IS GOOD FOR SEX ALSO)
Good time pass and this web site. Meet all over country people
Very interesting site for timepass.. Had great fun..
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The Contenders
It is good website for young genration

"This website is really good for listening variety of songs. You only need to put your favorite artist and a variety of songs are available..
Nice. Thanks for sharing
Visit Pandora Website

13Stumble Upon
Like flipping channels on T.V. , but every channel is great!
Nothing beats this great website, the ultimate time killer!
Must be in t10
Visit Stumble Upon Website
A yeah boy a real time pass site... I m trully looking forward to continue visiting wwe. Com... Hey guys you also try this...
That's the best website
Visit Website

Very fun games, it's also fun to get the badges.
Visit Kongregate Website

Great for having time along with your favorite movies actors, actress and movies directors, to see photos and wath movies.
You can log in with almost every social network.
Visit IMDB Website

Visit Quibblo Website

Visit TeenNick Website

Nice site for online games. All online game lover should one time visite this site

Visit Miniclip Website

Visit Pogo Website

21Question Monkey
Visit Question Monkey Website
Its awesome place to share your feelings and read about other people's feelings too
People who are depressed will find this site really helpful to get motivated
It always changes my mood and passes times to read about other's their life, finally making comments to make them smile
Visit Website

Visit Hulu Website

Visit Xpango Website

25SWFZone Online Games
An awesome free browser arcade games site with cool addictive premium games. Definitely a good website to pass your time.
Visit SWFZone Online Games Website

Visit Digg Website
Visit Website

28DamnFunnyS***.net has so many funny pictures and videos. I have used to pass many boring hours. It is like the collection of all the funniest stuff on the internet. Its amazing I love it! You guys should check it out! is one of the best time wasting websites there is. Has a lot of funny videos and funny pictures. It is a great way to waste some time.

With twitter you can actually update your daily activities and peek into the lives of celebrities! Its superb
I don't know properly about twitter. But as a listen to others it is a very awesome and useful
Visit Twitter Website

30TV Tropes
Visit TV Tropes Website

This should be at least in the top ten. It's a quick and fun way to gain knowledge. And some lists are so downright quirky, it's impossible to not be amused!
To knowingknowlede is very helpful
Visit Listverse Website
Many fun games and quizzes for girls.

33Fun Time Pass
It is a good website
Its all around fun website. Please check it also
And add it in your website's list
Visit Fun Time Pass Website

34Online World of Wrestling
Visit Online World of Wrestling Website

35Common Sense Media
Visit Common Sense Media Website

36Urban Dictionary
A very nice site indeed
Visit Urban Dictionary Website

Visit GameTsar Website

Visit Squidoo Website

39Dress Up Games
Visit Dress Up Games Website
Read fanfiction from scores of books, movies, T.V. shows and comics.
Very good site for casual reading and entertainment.
Visit Website

41South Park Studios
Visit South Park Studios Website

Visit MSN Website

Visit Stereomood Website
Visit Website
Visit Website

46Daily Motion

You can get all kind of videos...

Visit Daily Motion Website

Personal development, health, nutrition, fitness, career, personal finance, life tips and inspiration to help people live their best life

Visit Website
Visit Website

The best site for creating a music playlist, without a question
Visit Grooveshark Website

Visit Website

Visit Beemp3 Website
This site is good if your utorrent is not working, you can change torrent type files to downloadable types
Visit Website
Its fun because can you play 1000s of games!
Visit Website

Visit ImageChef Website

Just browse and you'll fall in love with this extraordinary website!
Visit Zazzle Website

Visit SparkNotes Website

58Movie Jit
Visit Movie Jit Website

Visit Yoox Website
I LOVE this site! It's so funny and the articoes are so interesting!
Visit Website

61Pure Online Gaming
Visit Pure Online Gaming Website
A funny cool website.. I'm having reading memes. Vote this please.
Visit Website

Visit Sodahead Website

Visit Shuhaaka Website

Visit ChatGig Website

Visit Newstudyhall Website

Visit Olaalaa Website

68I Can Has Cheezburger?
Visit I Can Has Cheezburger? Website
Its great just play their games. But beware of the gore!
Visit Website

70Games for Bored
Visit Games for Bored Website
Make colourful or animated words and phrases.
Visit Website

72Doll Divine
Visit Doll Divine Website
See astonishing digital art and illustrations.
Visit Website
Visit Website
Beautiful 3D fantasy art with imaginative captions.
Visit Website
Take quizzes on a whole range of subjects.
Visit Website
See lists of opinions about movies, T.V. shows and video games.
Visit Website

Visit Wattpad Website

80STAR Sports
Great Website For All When India Plays Cricket
Visit STAR Sports Website

A great website... To make frndds visit new places and play games... And dance too with your avatars no registration.
Visit ourWorld Website

Visit FMyLife Website

Visit 4chan Website

Visit TheCorner Website

Visit Shoescribe Website

Visit 20lines Website

It is SO awesome you can spend days on it
Visit Memebase Website

Definitely worth to pass the long, boring time. But I guess it can really pass time until you forget to do something...
Memebase is just a cheap rip of this awesome website. This is definitely the best web site for passing time.
Visit 9GAG Website
Visit Website

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