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My Love

My Love
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Whenever I hear this song, makes me remember the girl from my past... Brings back lots of memories
This is THE Westlife song for me, probably because it's the first Westlife song that I listened to way back in 2008. Since then, I've been attached to the boyband and have followed all their latest albums as well as searching for and listening to all their old songs. Will miss the boys.
This song is just beautiful! It was the first westlife song I heard and I loved it at the first time itself. The combination of the voice with completely fantastic music just brings out the total beauty of this song. I would say it at leat deserves to be second or third if not first.
My first Westlife's song and My Love is one of my favorite songs of the others. This song made me a REALLY ADDICTED FAN OF WESTLIFE! One of the best love songs ever I've ever heard!
Best song ever! WAO I play it everytime! So sweet song, amazing song from an amazing boyband! WESTLIFE ROCK! but exactly I want to cry when I listen it, because is so romantic...
This song is AMAZING! FANTASTIC! It's so famous since 2000! Totally love it, it has a beautiful melody and meaningful lyrics~ Aww, such a nice songs! Many fans of Westlife "crush" with this song! BeautifuL!
love this song this song is awesome
it is the first song I have heard of westlife
this son g deserves to be no 1
this is the bestest song
it is the one of good
Really good song.
My favourite song.
Did I mention that it's really good?
I did... Too bad this song brings back lots of emotions...
Thanks 4 such alovely song guys...
Simply Awesome
I just wish that the band doesn't split
My favorite band...
Will miss it...
No alternate for the legends
The first time I heard this song was because of my elder brother. This was him favorite west life song, so am I. Seasons in the sun and Swear it again are also awesome, but I can only vote once. What a shame,
I love this songs so much... I remeber my childhood... I used to listen to this everyday... It also reminds me of my aunt... But she lives in Australia now... I miss her a lot... She first told me to listen to this...
A very beautiful song that I've ever heard..
i like this song because the sexy voice from westlife. , esp. Mark feehily and shane. I love westlife forever... Big Kiss for you guys...
beautiful! that's all... it just like a poem, they really can sing... Westlife is my favourite group of all time.. Korean groups are all sucks!
Awesome.. I got this song from my lover.. Because she said its good song and I downloaded.. I loved it its juz awesome.. And amzing. I learned lyrics.. It's juz romantic for me.. Good lines.. Good music.. Good guitar play.. I LOVE IT!
A very nice song, One of the best Westlife song.. Is Westlife still active this 2012? I hope they should still make more brilliant songs for our generation<3 LOVE THIS :>
I love this song...
Inspiring, annoying and heartbreaking songs ever of westlife
Unforgettable lyrics and romantic melody that I've ever heard. So, beautiful.
I never had someone to love I mean I'm just to young for it. But it really touches my soul and makes me feel about that someone who maybe will be my side forever in the future.
The Best Song in westlife. Can't believe when it took the 5th spot. But still it is the best song in my point of view. My Love :)
I just love this song, Westlife is srsly the best and this justin bieber, Rihanna, etc. All are flop.. Love my love song
It touched my heart and the song had full feelings. The lyrics are excellent and the video is wonderful and fantastic. It's the best song I've ever listened to.
There are very few songs which touch your heart every single time. This song one of them. I've been listening it since 2003. This song will be in my best 5 songs always.
Nice lyrics... This song renewed my old relation... Because this got a wonderful touchings in the song... The singers played a massive role in this son
The lyrics are really good. I can feel every word. Unforgettable song of my favorite band. And their song No more heroes. Love all their songs!
Can't cure my Last Song Syndrome. My God! Thanks for creating them because they have created such beautiful songs as this. Thank God!

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