Top 10 Wingers in International Rugby


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1Shane Williams

Shane great and no1 a good position for him on this list butt no jeff wilson or joe raff and no james small in the top 10 can't believe people overlooking them

How a person of his size can still score so many tries in big games shows how good he is. Best sidestep in world rugby!

It shows you a small guy has a place in rugby love to see him play sad to see him go. Respect dud

Not number one though

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2Bryan Habana

Considering that the Springboks are not most adventurous ball playing team Habana's numbers are phenomenal. Sheer pace, high work rate and second to no other winger on this list in defense as well. A real finisher when given a sniff. Always makes metres, always a threat.

man he's the fastest and he can put in the hits! and score the trys I'm a new zealander joe ant eny good

He is insanely fast and has the ability to complete incredible try's! No doubt about it he is my favourite rugby player and should be number one on this list.

I personally believe his the best winger of all Time, a true inspiration for me as a school rugby player

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3Chris Ashton

Scores numerous tries for England and takes risks that are worth it!

A usles peace of crap who can just run in a straight line and can't tackle what do u expect from a favorite in (English) rugby

4George North

He is an excellent player way better than Shane Williams

George north not a spec on the mighty shane williams

Not as good as shane Williams but he's a more destructive player

This guy is what you call brilliant, best winger in the world.

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5Rob Kearney
6Tommy Bowe

Tommy bowe is just better admit it

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7Israel Folau

Best in years, also goes well at fullback

From Aussie rules to the NRL and now union this guy is the real deal. Just watch YouTube!

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8Julian Savea

Would bump off shane williams like nothing

He is one of the smallest players but the biggest

Can compare him with Jonah Lomu He is a legend

Nobody can stop the bus.

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9Rupeni Caucaunibuca

You only need to see his YouTube clips. But if you area real fanatic you would know that this guy went up against great opponents and made them look silly. Speed, power, agility and very skilled rupeni was the ultimate threat.

No winger in history was so out of shape, yet was still quicker, more balanced and I think the only player that could change direction at full pace

One of the best wingers in the world


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10JP Pietersen

He does not look fast but he is most people says he's faster than Habana and he burd Drew and james easily

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11Joe Rokocoko

I just love the way that he speeds up a game and not only that he is fast, but strong too

17 tries in his debut season against quality opposition is proof that he belongs higher on this list.

Joe is a fast player he is always in support je is way better than shane williams

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12Jonah Lomu

This is just crap why is he here? He is number 1 he will smash Shane Williams like nothing (not that I hate him) and scored 8 tries and Shane Williams scored 6 tries so think about it.

He's the best in the world watch him on youtube he ran through 3 english men in the rugby world cup.

The best combination of strength and speed ever. A legend.

Best ever. Admit it.

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13Marland Yarde

Ridiculous talent! Best England winger - fact!

14Tonderai Chavanga

Fastest, most incredible multi talented God given rugby player

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15Shane Horgan
16Luke Fitzgerald

I think Luke Fitzgerald is a great winger because he scores fantastic tries and has got great passion and he plays for Ireland and he is a great part of the team he is number 2 after alesana tuilangi.

17Ben Smith

He is fast and play with he's mind and must be in the top 3

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18Chris Patterson

Chris Patterson is an awesome winger, I wonder how many International tries he has scored for scotland.

19David Strettle

Number 3 behind Tuilangi and Fitzgerald but is still a brilliant winger.

20Alesana Tuilagi

Great tigers player and has got great quality. Much better than shane williams. Great Samoan player

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